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Hammerpreis unter 60 – Blink Video Doorbell (deutsch) im ersten Check inkl Sync Modul2 und Mini

Hammerpreis unter 60€ – Blink Video Doorbell (deutsch) im ersten Check inkl Sync Modul2 und der Mini als Klingel – viel Spass dabei!

That’s the band’s blinking video and it’s been available for a few days and that for just under 60 euros that’s of course a hammer price yes and is it all worth it yes i’ll put it that way there really is a lot of light but where there is light there is of course also shade that as a small spoiler in advance i will show you today as a small first review what all this

Can do that part you see i also have the south portal two here and here in the blink mini because you can actually work with them too act like i’ll show you it’s clear yes there will be a second review of course because it’s only been available for a few days so it thinks subscribing to the rheinkanal is definitely worth it don’t forget the bell yes and at the end of the

Video a thumbs up with it definitely google i also know that you liked the video, yes, i am amused, i would say, let’s just go for it, hd resolution with 1080p with up to 30 frames per second and an i infrared night vision plus a viewing angle of 135 degrees horizontally and 80 degrees vertically with the usual fisheye lens, i.e. the curvature on the outside, is that

Enough so that he can also see someone if you mount it instead of a bell we see here you mount the two aa batteries and you you can also see the connections here, which means that you can of course also mount it to your doorbell system instead of the batteries and the cables for it are also available here, you can see the same vol/a you can connect here as normal, but

There is a problem there too and we’ll talk about that in a moment so let’s get to the camera now, even if you only bought this camera and haven’t had a look yet either, download the app, scan the qr code and actually have the whole thing installed relatively quickly, i really think that’s it already a nice thing works relatively a top so how does it look then but now

T out that means you only have the thing here in battery mode there are parts after that yes there are of course and on the one hand of course to save the battery the thing logically goes into a so-called sleep mode after 60 seconds at the latest because otherwise they form relatively quickly unloading also means that the wifi is of course not set up at the moment and

You can imagine that it will take a certain amount of time, of course, yes, you either hate pressing the button here and want a notification i tested this with my iphone but i had to still credit him mostly it worked within two seconds or so so i had the notification and then you can also call up your video accordingly works a nice thing that works and i was really quite

Surprised yes is the motion detection that you too to switch that means if you use the motion detection then you get a notification there relatively quickly that a movement was detected, too, i really only have to say that it worked really well and the whole thing, as i said, in battery mode, yes, that is the so-called event response and much more is then possible not

Either of course you also need the cloud now there is the possibility that somehow with only three euros you book the whole thing accordingly you have klaus oktober at the moment the whole thing only for free to test which we are not so bad and costs not that much, yes, and for me it doesn’t really make any sense not to add the cloud unless you then buy the sync module 2,

But we’ll go into that in a moment, of course you also need the cloud for the babble here to be able to use cans i’ll show you that right away and in addition i’ll show you if you maybe already have a look mini that wi r that can also be used, well, it also works as a small bell, so from that point of view there are many possibilities, but as i said, the whole thing is of

Course somewhat limited in battery mode it’s different if you just use the south module 2 here are modules you can see that i’ve already planted a 16gb usb stick here to be able to save your videos locally and these are modules then also connects accordingly, of course, in advance here with a double so that the battery life is extended accordingly according to the silk

For almost two years, yes, i can’t quite imagine it, but it should definitely increase significantly, and i think that ‘s a cool thing, yes, of course, i ‘ll be able to say more about it in the second video, so it works from here ever top that ‘s the next thing that i then tested so you get more functionality you didn’t have it before you can now call up a live image

Yes and that unfortunately got stuck with me from time to time and it took longer it’s not quite what i like at the moment it sometimes takes a really long time funny thing but it works yes and otherwise you have the normal things accordingly also it can still take photo snapshots and the ads et cetera pp i found it a little strange however yes if you don’t go straight

Ahead as far as the app is concerned i have yes the whole project without my son module integrated i have it gone is not managed later these may then later be added to my are modules he no worries if you later buy such a are modules it seems to be no problem according to their website then would you bind the sync module 1 and asked accordingly oper dido 1 only if you do

The whole thing like i do then it’s probably a bit strange because of diet and i now have the doubles here in the tabs where i see that i should buy them even though i have them because now everything is divided into modules is a little strange but okay as long as it works otherwise with the normal prescribed reasons i shouldn’t care if i would say let ‘s take a little

Look at what’s available yes you have the battery check in the app of course you do you have the motion detection that i was talking about that you can activate you have zones these zones they don’t exist in battery mode on their own but you either need the modules here or you have connected them to your doorbell yes and there is the next problem we will have to talk

Because not everyone has this wolz do you have a 24 volt door handle or it works it starts at 16 volts, yes, many of you out there have a lower voltage and that’s where the problem starts, then it doesn’t work, i think that’s a small point of criticism, of course, you could also tinker with it and do it all differently, but i think so i’m really a bit unfortunate yes there

Is from me unfortunately short it’s just a thumb so let’s go further reactivation yes 10 to 60 seconds you can set a sensitivity how it looks yes the video length up to 30 seconds from the and that have the video stopped accordingly i left the night shift on the car at the moment, of course i’ll show them right away and the infrared brightness is also on low at the moment,

Which i will later turn to audio 2 league audio works is also relatively clear my wife has understood me in any case and the video recordings you would like to have the quality i have on standard gel eat like that and then we come to the bell setting and ossis animal flashes mini camera alstom use let’s go for it i did it too and you see the button button the app is still

A bit immature that’s what i mean as criticism but you can actually do that too and i would say let’s do it now let’s just click on it and yes we will hear several tones linklink linklink and a visitor will ring the bell yes that means several things will happen on the one hand here of course on the other hand i have the blinking mini here just used as a gong and at the

Same time i have already set that here with various egos should be notified that’s a nice thing works really great from that everything is cool as far as you can of course because you can also go here here the live video the line up accordingly with these are modules, that’s nice and i need to go from the outside, of course of course also the cloud if you want to display

The whole thing via a chattering box you just saw that it actually went relatively quickly or shall we do it again

Alex rang the bell and see now

Let’s see how long it takes 21 22 23 24 so alexa home yes you saw it it took 56 seconds before you could of course hear me but it just takes time and of course that’s always something that is relatively critical if somehow a visitors usually says dhl and we places don’t wait there and have already placed a package accordingly from that point of view that’s of course always

Something but almost all of the videos actually do it twice like that and i wanted to know if the height is right here my wife put it down again and rang the bell and as you can see it went away is super fast then i wanted to have the video pressed on it, bang there it is ch he had from that i’m excited and at the moment i have the sync module in the basement too, yes,

And it also looks very good, i like it very well, you can see it is scaled up, of course, that’s why it’s quite so good, but no problem you can see all short crisp conclusion you are in the amazon universe at home you should affect me eco shows at home yes and for almost 60 euros you can’t really do much wrong unless your expectations are different you think you were an

Rtsp streaming cetera and can do it of course, that is not possible somewhere, but if you otherwise have such devices and would like to be notified accordingly, it works relatively well and you can speak wonderfully two ways, everyone understands, the whole thing is then also via the cloud accordingly for the three euros or with this module 2, of which he could of course

Make 12 cosmetic changes ngen tolerated that’s true but overall i’m relatively satisfied and what can i say i ‘ll actually mount it now ergo for the second video yes but don’t forget and the bell that will definitely come when i ‘ve done the long-term test there are of course still appropriate accessories to mount the camera in a different way i also ordered something

That takes a week longer but you might get that either in the news or in the second video so overall i have to say that for this price i actually have one a thumbs up yes as i said if you expect something else home assistant i tried it unfortunately didn’t work yet the cloud is activated for me at the moment the blinking ministers are in accordingly in homies think that

Technically it’s not in there yet maybe that will come still or because it just runs on battery i can’t do that at the moment s agen do you have one and already know that write me down in the comments, otherwise yes, please write me what you think of this video village festival i really don’t think it’s bad for the price and that should have been it if you know

Something else we now also like to turn to the comments he’s very happy otherwise i’d be happy if we record ourselves he’ll have to see and i’ll say until then

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