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Hey guys thought i gave a huge side of that intro there so um anyways i’m gonna be playing some more hangers today sorry i haven’t been active for last place i’ll tried to stay active which i’m just busy in the summertime so yeah it’s kind of hard to get videos done so dad you killed me ok oh that felt really good ok come on not sure if it’s saved anything we did

Thank you know what stupid ball sack it’s not working there we go okay so it did work good save say what the fan guys then you got me killed sorry there’s gonna be a lot of singing this because i like these soundtracks ah nailed it oh i just swung with my arm that was pretty awesome i had was gone though oh who’s that ah what the heck man we’re here haha i’ll

Maybe do like two episodes today if i can like finish a little uh oh what was that i can grab on anything the grapple hook it didn’t work oh yeah you should probably someone so fast i said we should probably stop going so fast aah what aah same thing happened that’s a grich glitch that’s a bug and ain’t no glitch all might be if i just be how it works what hate

It when you’re playing games like this and freakin fly goes on your finger what oh happen again so da bun bun you is that you bump on here are you under swing up on you yeah that’s me i’m papania whole do you do red hey tape upon it in the same upon yay i was i gay i smoking it every day and you know he’s don’t even think so why do you not get so it’s like the only

Thing i’m good at why would you think i coughs broke mother father shh ethan stop kick just shut up gosh nobody cares oh thank you mother day stop its of it ah oh no ok chef god’s up what why is that happen to me why why does this happen why is this a real thing why are you so serious gosh why don’t you just be silly like me wait ah so dad ethan stop talking

Okay seeing bad words oh let this level on the original hangar right on the phone also shocked but you it’s kind of fun i think this is kind of different my way i sewed it spilled all over my mic ok i’ll better just a little okay hahaha you have a funny word i like this music oh i like what great okay what level is this back oh well tends to this one then we’re

Done all right lydia oh gosh yeah this is my workout even don’t you’re ruining the video yes you did that lady did that oh lawyer nailed it only two parts lost i did it i did it again and i’ll do it again from a turn right would ya night see you guys in the next video hope you enjoyed this episode and hope you like my accent excuse me i think i need a cup of tea

To calm pets alright see you guys there maybe it was prescribed

Transcribed from video
Hanger #2 – THE SLIPPERY CAVE By TylerTimeGaming