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Not only can the wrong hangers damage your clothes • having a mix match of hangers can make your wardrobe feel like a cluttered, unhappy place • in this IGTV I will tell you which hangers to avoid and why • and some alternatives that will not only transform your wardrobe into a place of joy, but also save you oodles of space and protect your precious garments • –

Say i’m to talk to you a little bit about ham is really important we spend a lot of money on clothes so we want to look after them and actually when you’re storing them they can get damaged and i’ve only good because have wardrobes i’m one of the biggest mistakes is they’ve got big mishmash of different hangers some of which are actually causing damage after another

Happen i earned my top by the way so yeah so huge mishmash of different hangers and actually they’re causing damage to love their clothes so we should all see the buying clothes you want them to last us a really long time so by having the right hand is we can elongate their life and nothing more so first our i’m going to talk to you a little bit about the hangers

Not to have in your wardrobe first of all it’s free be hanger so the hang of it you get asked if you want when you go to sit when you go to the shops do you um hang with that just say no it’s a blessing they’re plastic but also they are usually fairly chunky and most of them aren’t massively strong so will break quite easily and they tend to not be particular smooth

So they’ll have a little sort of sharp edges that can catch on your clothes and so just don’t have them in your wardrobe leave them with the shop save a bit plastic someone else and don’t have them in your house so invest your own hangers and try not to have these ones second up is my husband’s favorite is the really chunky hanger and he seems to always have these

Nice wardrobe i think he gets in suits off the argument and look how many items you would be able to get in there gaps in line they take up so much space so if you buy something and it comes with this you leave the hanger with the shop and get your own hangers if you get some hangers that i’ve been recommends then actually we don’t need a massive hanger like this

To take the weight of it the government even fits a jacket so further is when this is the metal hanger it’s so bad your clothes they will and i’ll show you on a on a jump especially or knitwear they will give you marks on your clothes where the corners are because they’re really pointy but you will struggle to get out so when you wear your your jumpers you will end

Up with that little kind of pointy bit on the shoulder there just on your clothes yes they’re strong yes they seem pretty slim line but they’re really angular and they’re not very smooth they’re not non-slip either so things kind of tend to fall off them and just don’t have them in your wardrobe please and please please please also don’t feel hangers that you don’t

Want in a dustbin please recycle them so the other one which one’s patron of hanging wardrobe is the moon wooden so i know these wooden just brilliant for the environment but they’re really chunky so you might your clothes will be all squished together you won’t get actually get that many clothes in your wardrobe and if you’ve got all that fit of these um so yes so

Toilets have them and again you can recycle these or get them back to the shop or a chap in shock or something they can reuse them so that it won’t your hangers so the types of hangers that i recommend you have there are two options one option is slightly more expensive knee other two obviously my favorite my reference in my wardrobe so if there is first of all the

Velvet slimline hanger which are actually they’re actually brilliant and they’re not as hard-wearing as the other highness i’m gonna recommend but they were all lost hunan time to look after them and they’re actually really recently price so it’s about 18 pounds or 50 of these and forget the same hangers in your whole wardrobe it would look nicer be more pleasing

When you go into your wardrobe each morning but also this really do save you a ton of space we get ones with a swivel hook as well that’s really important because when you put your items on you can then just make sure everything’s facing in the same direction so these ones you can put your scarf so on there non-slip so you put your dresses on they’ll protect the

Shape of your jumpers in your jackets as well so they’re a bit slim line and really good reasonably priced and yes they are plastic and selves it coated but again if you have these in the whole of your wardrobe they will last you they’re not single-use so they will last you a long time home and also get some ems college ones all the way as well if you double go and

The second one which is my favorite is plastic coated metal hangers so these are really strong and they will last you so i know them expensive these cost about 80 people on our and so i’m gradually changing my or my kindness to these but once you’ve done it you’ve got your hangers that’s it these will last you a long time won’t be getting mostly be horrible hangers

From shops when you go to any – and these will really protect check your garment so there are a few different types these are knitwear hangers and as you can see they’re curved so what it means is it protects the shape of the shoulders in knitwear because if you’re not folding your knitwear um it’s actually really impression of also if you have them on the run

Hang out for too long it will damage your new wear what you ain’t got to get straight back to show you on that’s for hanging up already so yeah um as you can see you’re not gonna get that point in your shoulder with this hanger they’re non-slip so again nothing’s gonna fall off them and your water and end up down the bottom with your shoes yeah they’re really

Good so that’s some knitwear hanger with other two so these are my ultimate favorite these are the slim line they’re so thin and it’s so strong you can get so many clothes in your wardrobe with these and then non-slip so again you know with the plastic ones you get from the socks you’ve got this film that you then sort of try to hook your straps onto and hope they

Don’t fall off none of that these yeah it’s just they’re really good and they are really strong and they’ll actually take us up or jump see on this one i’ll take a lot of weights and they’ll save you so much space so those those and then finally there is a slightly thick version of that which is stronger so potentially for your jackets probably the items that you

Were putting on this bad boy they’re gone these which are slightly slightly thicker yeah really strong and again that they are six out but they still thin in comparison to the other hangers and again once you’ve got so so for example you decide actually gonna spend a bit more money and you’re going to go for they’re plastic coated metal hangers it just looks so

Much nicer on you open your wardrobe when you’ve got them you’ve got the same type of hanger to write your wardrobe you know that one’s again really thin so yes so those are two types of hangers that other words recommends the also comes in there so in summary i would say just try and have the same type of hanger to a whole wardrobe that would make you feel a lot

Nicer making wardrobe you look a lot nicer but also once you chosen type of hanger that you want just keep reusing the hangers and just say nose all the ones that kind of come with garments or someone lend you something gives you something it comes with a hang on you shop in your wardrobe just give them back to the person or recycle them but don’t never mind they

Way back in jewelry though because giving this kind of mishmash but hey it’s not only doesn’t look very nice but it is actually something same a sock i mentioned are damaging the clothes and then finally if you are getting rid of hangers pieces please don’t throw them in dustbin and recycle them so there’s some fantastic places that you can take your hangers to or

They’ll come and collect them from your house and they’ll recycle them so a good option if you’re getting rid of hangers and all and put names off from those places in in my into our major they’re helpful and i hope you found that useful thank you bye

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