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Yer a meghead, Harry.

You’re a wizard harry it’s bats dude those are the priests those are owls nah dude big ass bats oh i’m justin rouge is a bat i know what a bat looks like paisley bandana rest in peace hagrid bro real dude hagrid’s a turf bro what are you talking about he defended jk rowling he did and her and her uh anti-trans agenda did he really that’s him on his way to to

Say what is a woman and he said and he said this generation wouldn’t be winning wars he didn’t really say that did he oh yeah i’d like to see him go fight in a war it’s a bit like but harry potter didn’t say it so crazy hagrid’s burning in hell right now i know all right people fresh in the grave no you can still be anti-trans and believe in god just ugly ass

Look at that what’s harry potter’s middle name james how’d you know i said that was a while actually james i feel like it would be james that’s his dad’s name this is me pulling up to the function this is me pulling up to the function justin when you pull up to the lag cave yeah dude this is justin’s new apartment this is my butler dude i love these graphics

Man that little kid that just ran by do you like dude yeah dude he’s got his gunners on yeah he’s got the rtx and like back in his man cave he’s got the soldier boy gonna glass dumble cave what i said donna glasses by accident welcome back to dumble games that’s like some like 1920s racial slurs that’s a wizard he nitwit blubber can i smack people dude this

Game sucks you just started the movement justin relax judging a book by its cover the great foyer is locked let me in yo let me know the common room um what was that the password does it change often i don’t remember that being the password i don’t think that’s the password bro oh dude cutscene never mind oh look a little different what they do to my king

What’s the lightning bolt represent my uh magic okay yeah i got a magic johnson for you baby girl that’s kind of that would imply that i have aids probably so who the is like your he played basketball roll please dude he looks horrifying what do you mean dude he’s just a ginger bro this is me this is this is what the world looks like to me after one mike’s

Lemonade should have never smoked that ps1 bro i never should have smoked that that blunt lace with mike’s hard lemonade did ron lock the door behind you yeah man he’s he’s planted something oh it’s draco why is his hair orange dude imagine pro jared at hogwarts like like like they’re all there like as sixth graders and then pro jared’s just with them like in

His robes wait i can make my wand fart look at this wait wait that’s aaron hanson dude that is literally erin hanson look at that that’s aaron and there’s danny right there next to him let’s see if it actually honestly i see it it kind of looks like danny they have the same hair y all i’m saying is all lives matter this guy’s it’s like edgar allan poe nearly

Knight i was about to say nearly pewdiepie um saddam you yo those snails up dude burnt it dude i like instead of like returning the snails to like the classroom it’s like isom dude just just kill them from existence okay you can use your animal too and is that it looks like oh that does look like michael jackson he went to hogwarts no wonder why he was so

Strange so that’s why he was hanging out with all those kids dude he was trying to teach him he’s teaching them magic yeah dude they should be making me feel horny honestly justin i’m just yeah i’m just kidding too it takes place at an elementary school hogwarts is not an elementary school it’s the school of which goes from elementary to high school right no it

Goes from like middle school to high school which still is no better like that saves it at any look it’s gryffindor’s lion yeah it’s it’s godric gryffindor it’s aslan from no he’s an he was dude he was a i’m not much of a harry potter nerd so i don’t really oh about about this i’ve seen all the movies if you ever read it uh no i don’t know how to read i forgot

About that i mean have you not been practicing what i’ve been mad but no we’ve been working on it together a lot of people dude he looks up oh dude he looks like theodore from alvin and the chipmunks just pulled him out of the grave what the can we make a game where we’re all in it like this i would love it he’s like blown out audio welcome to the super welcome

To the supermarket plugs super mega’s haunted castle oh dude that’d be awesome like a massive like our haunted manner dude this sucks what the this was up pigeon i got bonked with a frying pan like face on looks like if you gotta do a car accident a cartoon um sorry i had to go on sorry man i can’t stand on uh british people yeah dude it’s my bird you can

Receive mail now i had to send it if you want harry doesn’t have too many people to send mail to nobody actually wait we let the bird go and then it just flew into the thing there was a house i love those gloves they look comfortable as they do look pretty comfy man bro her eyes were red as hell i know she smokes some good spliffy when i get my hands stuck in a

Traffic we gotta fly through i threw all her smoke rings how the do i go oh the camera’s actually pretty insane how do i dude looks like harry’s not wearing any pants yeah he’s straight up naked it’s inverted dude why is it inverted yo dude almost no actually not almost well oh you still she looks like she like stuck a fork in electrical socket and just like

House points slow down to turn tighter all right what am i doing that’s a winner did you harry potter actually flying like this in the movies he kind of did well actually he was perfect right off the bat why does anybody like harry potter he’s just good at everything the first time that that’s why they don’t like him yeah he’s like rich as hell he’s a little

Know-it-all it really does look like he’s not wearing any pants is nuts are just hanging down flapping in the wind what is this i don’t know dude this is harry potter for playstation one yeah oh my god you ordered soup and didn’t tell me you were ordering some i i said out loud i was ordering did say out loud he was ordering panera soup thank you i was probably

In the bathroom right now no you were in here i didn’t know you were actually ordering why would i why would i was it do you think it would be a joke i’m gonna order myself some soup i thought that was one of your classic pranks can i have a bite of that of course but not the first oh dude bro why the is it like the tutorial was like all right 40 of them go okay

I got one i’m gonna get this one wait did you get 30 wait is she gonna make me oh you have to get 40 in that and that sucks but he gets more time when he goes through a circle correctly right no no oh how the you spot what dude there’s no i can’t do this i i flat out just cannot do this um shoe screen let me look a little different well in a in like a meme

Way not in like oh my god dude you almost you made him almost spit his soup on himself saying things like that would really upset me yeah look at you you just got me saying it now um don’t say it again i won’t no i’m saying justin don’t say it again justin are you texting your ex youth pastor again yes i am who told you to stop texting him like that’s it’s not

It’s not cool it’s weird for him like you’re the victim in all this i’m just getting my magic beans i know that’s what he calls them they’re those aren’t men yeah isn’t it obvious i have to walk through them okay get those beans brother oh come on it’s the bean level it’s justin’s bean quest hmm oh you got it dude oh justin oh you didn’t do anything are you

Doing it man you’re doing it potter’s greatest adventure yet who the harry they’ve shrunk me harry i got bonked with an anvil dude that’s double dude i dropped an anvil on on dumbledore mushroom head ass oh dude we got rhythm game aspects okay so it’s x triangle square okay down up left right get ready okay he’s putting his head in his hands am i doing

Good professor good little justin have the rest of that there’s a there’s a good solid justin the spoonful and offer you some soup if you i don’t want any anyways it’s okay you sure it’s from panera bread dude i gotta go leviosa some ryan tell him what’s in the soup oh geez i’d have to go to the menu but justin waits i don’t want to hear about your soup dude what

Why not justin potter time bro justin’s also soup time i guarantee harry potter likes soup keep the x button depressed stupid hold on a second let me bro i’m about to eat some soup ready to open the door dude if you if you seriously start reading out the ingredients in the soup justin it’s a rich blend a butternut squash shut the up i have something important to

Tell you your friend you’re going to see hagrid i’ve got something to tell you about hermione laughs she’s black harry entrance hall that sounds like because where there’s an entrance there’s an exit that’s true man that is absolutely what they say man where there’s an entrance must go down well there’s an entrance blames his tools what’s this kid’s problem he’s

Just a little man get his ass can i beat the out of you you ugly god beat his ass is guys drop it on his head his intestinal just blow out oh no i just have to unlock it dude he just like literally knocked all his teeth out and broke his jaw wizard crackers i’m looking at two of them yeah dude did he just call him like um i’ve had it with you wizard crackers

Why do you say crackers she’s throwing explosives dude he’s throwing sticky bombs at you what do i do can you can you use the spells that you’ve learned no can you like throw it back the buttons aren’t doing anything you just run up and deck him in the jaw hey you i wish i just punch him that’s more effective than magic to be honest what do i do dude throw the

Wizard crackers back dude what the catch it dude he’s got a concussion though harry potter oh he’s pretty dude the crackers are coming out it yo dude his eyes are dude he looks like that painting that woman restorative jesus we could go to the zoo and honestly like like a hundred firecracker string and throw it into the monkey like they like they have never

Seen anything remote like they can’t even imagine something like that like that would that would change them for the rest of their little monkey lives the rest of their lives do they would just be terrified and scarred oh they’d have to go to like monkey therapy for like ptsd from monkey therapy no dude and then i was really talking about over there what the just

Our plans for saturday okay i also just want to mention i’m sitting on the right side of the couch usually i sit in the middle but when i ask to sit in the middle of the couch matt visibly got upset because he wanted to lay with rice it’s our boy that’s like a big orangutan to attend your homology class dude he literally looks like the blobfish justin he just

Passed yeah more like he just passed gas you know he’s got some doors dude he’s got some gorilla gas love to get up there in his goose and see what it smells like not now that he’s dead but i bet you uh uh i bet you his ball smell like uh poop he’s going along with the gym guys come on i bet his balls smell like poop see you get it yeah incending sendio what

Oh this is sick dude justin you gotta get it when it justin what matt what oh is gonna catch it on fire all right here we go it’s not the fire spell maybe not oh it’s speeding up yeah just you gotta do this man off yeah you dude yeah dude guys come on this works for a better dynamic if there’s 2v1 who the are you man hell no and so fast i hear you’re

Pretty good on a broomstick dude why you’re not me justin no reason okay yeah i’d love to play an mmo in this like i’m they should make a modern mmo that has graphics like this well brother how about have you have you heard about the new hogwarts experience brother who goes there falling down the well is he a discord admin fairy can you go to the bottom of the

Well because i dropped a baby animal down there oh you can hear the cat just let it just leave it that’s his message to clean up abandon need a kitten welcome i don’t want to do quit his training i want to find hagrid again i’m sorry first secret i don’t want to do this i hate the way she looks catch the golden snitch who played her jane lynch no all right potter

Melissa mccarthy dude grab the snitch dude i mean when there’s a prison riot take him to the smith shelves can dude i want someone that knows how to make ps1 models to do uh like sliding in dude please someone make a ps1 model of us in this style now right now can you a fetch me some fire your seeds from a rare fires it sounds like an ai sure i’ll get you some

Some very strange going sorry i’m sorry i’ll go get some fire seeds are those fire seeds is that a fire seed that’s a that’s a chocolate frog dude oh chocolate frogs oh yo the fire seeds yo it’s uh it’s monster time oh that’s a dark wizard for sure fight a big monster the is that thing a flying pig oh get his ass turn into bacon justin good at this thanks dude

You get him in that ark yeah justin whoa wait i killed him fast actually yeah it’s called skill gifted hands justin skill issue you and you and dr ben carson have something in common skill issue kelly always said whenever i met at the game kelly he says it’s a skill issue never mind i could say something am i but kelly would have my head does it involve the gold

Curse on seafood he’s not even continue this okay i would never say anything bad about bro how the hell are you supposed to eat those jelly beans kelly you know that kelly’s a very near and dear friend and has done a lot of really good work for for super mega in the past and currently that’s all i have to say i’m not scared of kelly you’re not scared of kelly’s no

Of course not kelly’s just a very awesome cool person who i have no problems with and i’m not scared of and i have no reason to be scared i’m not i’m not scared of kelly either good and she does great work i’m scared of no woman thumbnails whoa whoa dude see this is what should have been in the beginning we’re going to fight bowser can i just jump in it oh what the was that thank you

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