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HATCHING Tamagotchi Horror Game by FAITH Dev Based Off A Film & Lighthouse Horror Game With Water

Video has 2 horror games, first is HATCHING a game by Airdorf of FAITH fame made to promote the movie HATCHING about a girl finding a Tamagotchi egg & Lighthouse a game where you need help at sea and approach a strange lighthouse.

Hey everyone this is mainly badass here and i’m here playing two different horror games the first of which is hatching which is a short tamagotchi horror game created by erdog for fei fame which is made to promote an upcoming tamagotchi horror movie hatching i found an egg good for you continue it’s a good egg i take egg home okay day one time for practice

Gymnastics or hide egg gymnastics no time for egg day two eggs getting a little bigger while we’re trying to hide the egg maybe we’re not supposed to have the egg egg is growing keep egg warm i think we just murdered a teddy bear egg is warm we just did the star wars style they triple how’s that egg doing in that bear could the egg bear it egg is huge what’s

The gymnastics option there every time stay with egg the egg is mine okay what’s this what do you want person i think you’re a person anyway mother is angry continue you must win day four and when what when against your mom that’s not possible i hear a sound oh it’s hatching i name her ally you’re one ugly baby well i kind of spilled my ears too ouch we’re

Just supposed to evolve into a digimon ally seems sad bay valley gymnastics why don’t we keep having gymnastics ali’s purring okay i mean it’s kind of like a ditchy modern in all honesty i’m actually it kind of looks like one reality we just end up growing an ostrich ellie’s hungry feed ally ellie seems happy okay how you doing there ellie loves me i mean her

Mother day eight i feel like our protag is reassuring themselves lover is angry oh no you’re a loser what is it dead his mom got angry i think we’re supposed to do gymnastics found beak continue where is ally um did you evolve into a person are you revealing what’s gonna happen in the movie ally she looks like me hatching is a finnish horror film directed

By hannah bergholm twelve-year-old gymnast tinges desperate to please her mother a woman obsessed with the presenting the image of a perfect family so yeah one night tinto finds a strange egg with hatchets is beyond a leaf this looks like some straight up shlock so the second game will be playing is lighthouse which is a horror game where you go to a lighthouse

For help and by help i mean we’re going to die most likely because it’s a horror game there’s never help in the end oh god the entire world is pencil sketch no signal now you can find a signal at the lighthouse assuming yeah we’re starting on a ship i feel like that name means something hey hey hey no weird noises hello anyone here someone here i need help

There’s a storm i’m at the port i’m in need of assistance with money you give me 50 bucks interestingly uh it’s like a flooded forest kind of lake huh you think i see fangs why don’t just trees get in once opposed dead end well like sam he is waiting maybe watching watching weird ooh hey hey hey hey look the crates are gone now we can truly experience

A dead end anyone here what the hell is happening right now someone was here keyboard was no one behind me must be the lighthouse up over here this place is really like flooded out what was that oh no it was like a house of some kind hello i’m in need of assistance there is spooky stuff going on outside and i am not very much of appreciative of it as locked

Okay someone’s here not alone the chairs the furniture it’s all been moved kevin doesn’t want us to leave i guess we are in the white house see there’s a stairway there’s a lot um it is flooded don’t you have me this is a bad storm i don’t see her anyway hello is anyone here lot still don’t see anyone i mean i see the lighthouse itself what the oh bird

Got a key at least we’re nice up and high and safe what’s that oh man the water is already up here what the wait are we underwater um so i guess that’s it for the lighthouse so going over the two games because i didn’t talk about the first game much um so the first game is erdog has done a um i think about three different kind of short movie trailer horror

Games so being that the creator of faith um they do you know they always have a lot of style to their stuff and they make it um but their movie trailer horror games have essentially been movie trailers actually i’m a little very curious about this it looks like pure schlock which i don’t necessarily mind um and then lighthouse is uh i’d say pretty atmospheric

It’s an atmospheric-style horror game i’m not sure what the the monster and the the flooding kind of has to do necessarily with the island because i think this is actual island by the way um it was part of a fairly old game jam from quite some time i think last year where you uh had to make a game based on its cover and you know this one was this black and white

Lighthouse so going off just an image of a lighthouse that’s black and white and kind of grainy um this is exactly like what their muse in the sense was but good use of like sound i actually said i could use that i if you kind of notice the sound then i feel like you’re doing a good job on like the sound design because i can kind of tell like they’re using you

Know atmosphere and sound design to make up some limitations for the style of the game a little bit because there’s a little bit of a minimalistic aspect going on everything’s just kind of a little bit out of view or just kind of like kind of hidden so you’re you gotta like lay on like the sound noises stuff like that and they did which is smart but yeah anyway

So hopefully go for once you play these two different horror games i’ll see you guys later and take it easy you

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HATCHING Tamagotchi Horror Game by FAITH Dev Based Off A Film & Lighthouse Horror Game With Water By ManlyBadassHero