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Hobbycraft haul from Ruths crafting Haven

Hi everyone welcome back to my page at ruth’s crafty nathan and yes i am on as well i wanted to start today with the lovely haul that i got with him limp the lovely linda norman’s donation to my stock and i just wanted to show this just like a part they do say that a pair of this is a pair of scissors but no i don’t agree if you’re doing certain class

And your multimedia crafter like i and then you you need differences for different crafts i use these and i like good quality scissors altered it will rust and corrode i did get these from the blacksmith for 650 and couple years ago now from double h this they’re probably a lot more than that now and and they’re the export and hobby crafts do sell them and what i

Like is that they do have a protective change chief not just for your protection when they’re all creative work box or anything what they do help to protect the blade from rust and corrosion or there was only one make of multipurpose shears or scissors that once you’ve got them you’re going for life they are 11 pound at a hobby craft you’re not going to get them

Cheaper anywhere else it doesn’t matter what website you go to they are tim hope they will never ever rust or corrode because not only of super see they’ve got the protective sheath as well what they have got and their tonic and they have got a titanium stripping them that detects on for life so once your bottom you’re going for life so they are an investment and

I’ve been wanting need for a long time i keep going into our peak after every month for the past three months thick enamel with a mineral basket nothing you know can’t we afford opening them back down and the following month doing the same thing or thanks to linda norman i can now for these i know got himself and gillian for that i’ve also got something because

I related crystal tap because i have been making a lot of necklaces and i’ve run native christmas at 0.8 i have a christmas that point by biographer deployed a or i treated myself to this beadle and super max and with public laugh you do get bit facility where you can actually feel the texture so you know if it’s going to be strong enough to hold your bead so she

Pulls i also have got to join limbs and two boxes of their soul fills for 1088 and that is a cheap is that you will get for fall pills and these actually got from the flying tiger plastic pearls that it would retail it to pounds but there’s a 30 percent sale within it it’s amazing in the flying tiger so these are axiom and that amount but they are limited on the

Stock they didn’t have any of the white pills which i was after and how purposefully we’re going to learn with the flying tiger because it is to the brilliant craft shop glue guns that was five-pound and every pound fifty and they’re part of eight glue sticks and there were instead of a two pound in there one pound for eight glue sticks i can tell you that a packet

Of twelve glue sticks or watercraft detective pound so if you have got a going good and you want to pack of glue sticks just at the moment take advantage of the the flying tiger and 30% sale and that’s why i also bought these wrote bars as well flynn’s money not with this dish from hobby shop and it gorgeous gorgeous me there is lacey arrive using you’ve seen

In several my products this is just one meter i use it for trim and picture frames cushion covers and cushions or you can do this with a lot of things i also got this gorgeous eyelet lace which i call shabby chic because the limitations on this is endless this is the first time i found it in white plain white i have bought purple before i thought pink i’ll make

Flowers with these as well flower centers to go on my hair accessories and that is actually a two meter strip see the difference between two one easy and i usually offer to neatest because i like us a lot to play with i love her up too much because i can cut down there not enough that i’ve run out of later i feel project the same of light of my friend and this

Is the first time ever i found it in baby blue family and baby pink before and they’ve related baby pink but now they’ve got in baby blue and i do believe the craft shop in madeley authors got this gorgeous lace someone has a crusty up down there next time i get semi-formal races there was a problem with the silver see before the monday morning like if they the

Cables up in 20 morning busy use with the girl only laughter she said if i could really want to receipt i could go pop out some land pop back and five minutes which wasn’t a problem seen as a next door to parent stretcher and they would do till receipt for me and they actually didn’t just do it till receipt they did it actual printed which i had made over there as

I’ve said that i do do craft stalls and very often or not i get people coming up to my store as they in a bit pricey look well no it isn’t when we take into consideration every single thing you buy there for jewelry making for read which is home decor that i’ve done and for the hair accessories which i’m going to continue to do because my hair assessor is actually

One of my best sellers and i’ve got all added time on top the time and effort that it goes into it it’s my price did i think a reasonable so i’m going to put this on my next door which will be at the winking rocket ship nor and with louise jenks for cancer research on the 28th of may sun due to 28th and may as the winking frog a chieftain or and i should probably be

There from 12 o’clock and onwards but that is actually the printer and i was really pleased to put it the quantity as well under there as well as the price and it came to 2875 in hobby craft alone that’s not on news more for me because then i can spend about 30 to 50 pound in our be cuffed i do know now what i’m going in for what if something else takes my eye and

I know i’ve got the money my first of all getting jewelry making and crafting in dirt in general and especially when my hair is this we’re taking off it’s extremely addictive so i will i will continue and also i’ve got a keeps stocked up on glue sticks and before i leave it today i’m just gonna leave it was a problem remember that book of garden of happiness from

And i got some the work out in the garden her happiness and this is for all my friends who i know are struggling at the moment you get angry you get stressed you worry but never let these feeding to consume your life you are wit to yourself not to burden your soul with sorrows you have to leave the past behind and strive forward happiness there are times when you

Must cross the bridge and there are times when you must burn it or keep building on and never ever lose faith in life that’s for all my friends especially for the friends who i know are really struggling at the moment and like mandy stevens shannon cleary might cry and need to robert g mumford and my booth and that that is special for you and also wendy knowlton –

And carroll campbell i’m donna keeping you guys to the end is not because you at the end of my forte’s trust me anyway from there on this dismal and dark telford day but it’s still very humid and i’m going to close this video now i’m hoping to the limit it so them to get it onto up to youtube and if it is on youtube please please subscribe i do appreciate each

And every one of you and i appreciate your comments and your likes and so and if it does get on youtube please give me a bit of support on that we put is subscribers to help the date for youtube users to get on i am on godaddy calm as well and i’m open to put this video through onto their as onto their site as well so all comments are appreciated until the next

Time we talk god bless you all take care and keep safe most importantly – ow

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Hobbycraft haul from Ruth's crafting Haven By Ruth Hanley