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Home Office Leather Desk Pad

PRE-ORDER CLOSED! However, I do have one Large Desk Pad available for purchase! Head here to snag it!:

Hi my name is ted with legacy brand leather you caught my coffee i’m all jazzed up and ready to go got my coffee we’re doing things a bit differently this week so let’s get right to it over a year ago i crafted a love their desk pad for my buddy tim and since then i’ve had quite a few people asked me where they can get one his desk pads now i wasn’t super receptive

To doing these because since then i sold off my sewing machine while i was moving and at the same time didn’t have enough of the particular leather in stock i recently decided that i want to still try and offer these desk pads but it’s difficult to know exactly what kind of demand there will be so from now until july 20th i’m doing a pre-order for three unique

Sizes of these desk pads small 12 inches by 20 inches medium 15 inches by 24 inches and large 17 inches by 30 inches i had just enough material left to do the small desk pad which you can see me building here the leather is a six to seven ounce chestnut skirting leather from wickham craig the wicket and craig tannery out of kerwin ville pennsylvania has been

Around for over a hundred and fifty years and they consistently provide excellent leather the desk pad is hand-stitched together using venom omb t number five white thread and the edges are furnished with beeswax paraffin wax and coconut clear edge dressing to protect the edges and for a professional look i love using smith’s all-natural leather balm on

Something like this it smells great and helps rejuvenate the leather here i’m applying it to the leather and then letting it set for a few hours and then hand buffing with a horsehair brush to a nice sheen and that’s pretty much it but let’s check out the b-roll thank you so much for watching this video these desc pads can quickly be added to any

Existing home office setup and immediately class up the place i also like to think that you can use it while working on small electronics or even lego builds these desk pads are currently available for pre-order head to legacy brown leather comm ford / shop or hit the link in the description below the pre-order ends july 20th with the orders expecting to ship the

Week of august 10th after the pre-order closes on july 20th i have no guarantee when these will be back in stock after my first supply run thank you again and please follow my instagram at legacy brand leather i post daily please like and subscribe and i’ll see you next week with the new video stay safe you

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Home Office Leather Desk Pad By Legacy Brand Leather