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Home Shoppie 17oz PowerSip Sport Water Bottle with Built in LED & Hook


All right so this was something that just intrigued me i guess it’s just an interesting and unusual to me i think typeof a.item but that’s part of the fun of shopping on amazon coming across things that are kind of unique so what we have here is a 20 led sports water bottle / lantern of sorts and it holds seventeen ounces of fluid has a 1200 milliamp battery

And because there’s different modes the led can go through as far as brightness levels there’s high and low and flashing it go anywhere from 2 to 6 hours depending upon exactly which one of those choices you make it takes somewhere between an hour and two hours to charge roughly there is a red light that shows up down on the bottom when it’s charging and then

When it’s fully charged it will eliminate green which makes it really nice and i guess it depends exactly how much you deplete it of course how much it takes there’s this little rubber piece here you can remove it but the cool thing is it makes it very easy to get a nice grip on this and if you happen to be someone who’s hiking or walking you can actually clip

This on into your backpack or whatever you know and you of course have the flip top now i will say this i’m not gonna turn this upside down because it does leak but it’s not a lot it’s a very very small amount that seems to want to dribble out through this and i suspect it’s probably related to the fact that this thing has to have some kind of air as you’re

Drinking it as to not create a vacuum so that’s probably where that you know situation occurs on the bottom i don’t know how well you’ll be able to see it you see if i can shine a light on it so you can see it better well if you can see that but there is a microusb charging for it and there’s a switch it’s just a push button and there’s two screws and then of

Course the name i can’t believe this all the way over but i’m going to push this button and i’m gonna turn the light off here so i just want to make sure you’re aware that this may seem bright and there is gonna be flashing i don’t know how many people are susceptible to seizures in a situation like that so kind of a heads-up before hand so overhead light off

So that is bright dim here’s the flashing coming up and back off again so i’m also going to show you this outdoors just to kind of try to give you some idea of the range i would say it projects somewhere in the between 10 and 15 feet and it does a pretty good job as far as the brightness goes it actually more so than i expected so i can see this being useful for

Camping and like i say hiking or if you’re just a runner who wants the added benefit of you know some lighting to make yourself more visible during your run if you happen to do that either late at night or early in the morning when it’s cooler and it’s a little darker so if you like though they do have as you can see and that’s why this box is here multitude

Of different colors available to choose from so you can choose whatever color you like the best but overall i mean it’s just have a neat little thing it comes with little user manual those are the microusb cable i use my own obviously so this is still closed but no leaks but i will say this i would be a little concerned if this were to be maybe stuffed in a

Bag or somewhere we’re gonna get a really abusive amount of force applied to it and the reason for that is its i don’t know how much you can tell i don’t know if you can see the flex in that or not but there’s some flex to the bottle but it also may mean that if you drop it it’s gonna bounce right just shatter so that flex may not be necessarily a bad thing

Just be aware if you’re stuffing it like in a gym bag and you’re throwing a bunch of heavy stuff on top of it somehow in your car in the trunk or something you might want to take that into account the size pretty much how think will fit most cup holder standard cup holders and vehicles so that’s kind of nice so i guess it would also double as a security device

In the situation where you’re driving in an emergency situation that came up or you need a light for whatever purpose so that’s pretty much it i just want to kind of give you that will check out what it looks like outside and if you want to find out more read more about it look at the other colors and just read other reviews and see other pictures from other

People you can check out the link below the video and hopefully that will give you more information okay so that’s a quick example of the different brightness levels so you can see it’s pretty much just completely dark out here if i go over here a little closer to the fence and it gives you a little bit of an idea of distance maybe i’m a tentacle feet or

Something like that so this thing reaches a pretty good distance even in low you can kind of see the fence still and then if you had an emergency situation and you need to alert someone you could do so so pretty cool for camping or hiking or if you’re jogging i guess you know things of that nature that’s kind of the main things that come to mind and this would

Give you hydration as well as the lighting aspect in a couple of different modes which is pretty cool okay so if you want to find out more obviously there is a link below check it out thanks

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Home Shoppie 17oz PowerSip Sport Water Bottle with Built in LED & Hook By Tw3akst3r’s Reviews