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Houston Chiropractor Dr Gregory Johnson Helps Man From Oklahoma With Dowagers Hump-FHP Posture

Houston Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Johnson Helps Big Man From Oklahoma With Dowagers Hump due to Forward Head Posture (FHP) which is Important for biomechanical integrity and stability at Advanced Chiropractic Relief in Houston Texas. If you notice spine surgeons telling their patients that the only answer to their spine condition is spine surgery. It’s a recurring theme that we see often in our practice but surgery should be a last resort unless you have bladder and/or bowel dysfunction or foot drop. A good orthopedic/neurological exam can rule out these things so it is safe and effective for the patient to receive conservative Chiropractic adjustments at Advanced Chiropractic Relief in Houston Texas.

Hi this is your houston chiropractor dr gregory johnson we got gilbert in here with us this afternoon and gilbert and his mother came all the way down here from oklahoma and what is that about six seven hour drive six six hour 47 minutes yeah there you go and uh gilbert’s here because he has been told that he needs to have spine surgery down his lumbar spine and

He has low back pain and sciatica all the way down into his left leg into his calf which is the s1 dermatome uh he gets left leg pain down especially to his uh hamstring down into his calf and his left knee he also has numbness and tingling on the left lateral thigh and posterior thigh in the hamstring region that’s called paresthesia and then he’s got some

Mid-thoracic and upper thoracic tightness but the biggest thing that i found with gilbert right now his number one issue is his head’s way way forward when they come to the side over here you’re going to be a good pre and post posture patient galbraith see how far his head’s forward up here here’s your ear out here gilbert it’s supposed to be back here that’s why

Your hands are riding out in front of you and that’s why you’re getting this dowager’s hump right here as well okay and that’s really the main source of all the stress all the way down your spine so we get your head up over your spine yeah that’ll lessen the load on these discs and they’ll heal okay after i decompress you right now you’re compressed and impressed

So this is gilbert’s very first uh visit here to advanced chiropractic relief i’ve already done his history which was quite detailed in his examination was that detailed for you how’d that compare with what your medical doctor did to you i was just like oh here you know this is what’s wrong with you some pain medicine surgery surgery surgery oh yeah you know we’ve

Got a lot of patients here this week that have been told the only thing that was going to fix them is surgery yeah nothing else will fix them well i’ve got news for you we see patients here all the time that have herniated discs and radiculopathies and sciatica that are able to avoid having surgery and heal up on their own when they get adjusted three-dimensionally

So we’re gonna hope that’s the case with gilbert too i mean they came a long ways to get this today we’re gonna give him what he came for yeah all right gilbert let’s show them your posture here again okay oh please you get it forward and backwards for me get your hand out of your hand yeah there you go he’s heading way forward just automatically jumps out there

That’s what’s causing this big old lump here which is called a dowager’s hump okay so that’s that’s really your number one issue that’s causing most of this stuff so since this is your first adjustment here i’m to lay you back on your stomach your face down in here we’re going to start off adjusting his side joints he had a positive knockless and deer filled on

The left his left sides off the most so i’m going to start with that one so see that’s where i get my old man streets gilbert justin big guys like you okay keep breathing okay i might just have to jump up and down look at there see how his legs are even right now look at there i bet you that felt a little easier that time again oh yeah so well you put wd-40

There you go it knows all your lines there you go we’re good okay let’s train you on your back now get over here okay slide down just ted there you go you got a heavy head you must have a lot on your mind right now a little bit there we go okay now put both arms out like this for me and give you my jesus jesus you gonna test the limits of my table there we go

Yes sir have you noticed your posture getting more slumped over time yes that head being forward and kind of rolling forward yes sir so i’m going to open up these ribs and your shoulders that’ll help that yep okay you can relax your hands right there in the tummy set you up wait for your mom for saying let me help you upside down there you go where i get my

Strength okay but you haven’t been able to exercise or do anything since all this been going on have you not as much as i wanted to but a little here a little there there we go well you got hurt lifting weight yes yeah and let me let me just share with you at this point in time i am not completely anti-surgery if the right indications are there we always check

The patients and make sure they haven’t had any loss of control their bladder bowel function and that they can stand on their tiptoes and their heels and walk correctly so that’s foot drop if you can’t do that he doesn’t have foot drop he doesn’t have a bladder bowel dysfunction as far as i can tell from his examination he doesn’t have a fragment of the disc laying

On the nerve too so i can’t correct someone that has a fragmented herniated disc like she kind of had we work with neurosurgeons and do those referrals when necessary but really your treatment it comes down to your choice so you know surgery really should be your last resort on anything and i would encourage you to try some conservative chiropractic adjustments

Before you have surgery to to mitigate the damage as much as you can because you can always still get the surgery yeah you can’t come and undo the surgery once you got it done you know let’s come around this table next gilbert that’s right okay but here heading up that way yep just like that okay just rest your hands right there let your legs just relax

Gilbert’s gonna lift him up all right see the table’s got enough power to lift him up if you don’t bounce the legs cuz you got some tree trunks for legs okay slide down just about an inch for me this way gilbert keep going there we go okay these are gonna feel really tight gilbert and they should slide down underneath that just until there you go perfect okay

This is going to feel tight don’t don’t tilt though i’m getting in from the side there you go you’re not going to get away now gilbert okay now on this one gilbert you want to keep your teeth together do not bite your tongue breathe through your nose for me i want you to wiggle your right big toe there it is yes sir now you should have felt that go oh my god

You’re fine yes sir because i felt that one all the way down and look at your reflexes now you see how they improved from what they were over there that’s about double what they were over there that’s immediate change neurologically okay relax this crack addicts i think i checked your reflexes to make sure patients aren’t there i did that as a follow-up to my

Neurological examination reflexes because you saw the improvement that was about double what you were over there yes let me help you up sideways gilbert there we go now we’re gonna stand you over here in front of the mirror oh look you already see where his head is now you see yourself come take a look from the side renee and i ain’t done yet we’ll stretch these

Guys out and bounce this good okay so here’s your homework gilbert you gotta do this 15 reps three times a day pull your shoulders up and back flare these guys back like this okay your head’s way forward so we’re going to bring it straight back and then look at the wall behind you so that’s the ceiling the wall’s back here oh there you go there you go all right

There you go now relax yeah your head forward backwards again and then back to neutral with your eyes closed back to neutral okay take a look from the side i am on the side no you’re not straight with it i’m x y z get up on your x axis okay see still forward z but it’s not near as bad as it was his ear was all the way out here from his clavicle now at least back

Over his clavicle we still got about an inch and a half to go but if you do this exercise 45 times a day at home you’ll help yourself get your head up over your spine that will take a lot of that compressive stress off the disc and off the muscles and off the joints and that’ll heal up better so do this guy 15 reps in the morning 15 round lunch and 15 afternoon

Early evening okay you’re gonna be sore for about 72 hours so put crushed ice in a little ziploc freezer baggie right on the skin for 20 minutes and when you leave here before you guys sit in your car go back to oklahoma do a 20 or 10 minute brisk walk like a fast walker race yeah you’ve heard me been watching my videos that’ll help you hold your adjustment better

That’ll re uh teach your cerebellum okay how to hold this new biomechanical configuration now he lets his head drop down a lot too so if you see him doing that you got my information so just remember it’s important that you keep your head and chin up hit back shoulders squared off yes and that will put less stress on your spine gilbert and these discs will heal up

Quicker that way so this should be a first step rather than jumping into spine surgery which gilbert has intelligently made that decision on his own because he was told by the spine surgeon that that’s the only thing that was going to help him we don’t ever promise results here but if he doesn’t get better i’ll be the first to tell him he needs to go have surgery

Yeah but also i’m not going to expect him to not get better we do expect all of our patients to get better in fact relay and i pray for our patients healing every single morning together it’s awesome first thing in the morning what questions do you have for me gilbert no none really this is what i expected and i got what i expected especially the ring dinger so

Is it worth the trip to come all this driver down here and do this yes sir six and a half hour almost seven hour drive and we made it worth our wall and we got worth our while so good yeah and we don’t bill insurance companies these patients are paying me 550 dollars for their very first visit do you think it was worth that amount of money to come here definitely

Yes yeah the beautiful well we’re not the cheapest but we do a really thorough job on people so you know we we hope to give people what they pay for every time they come in this is your houston chiropractor dr gregory johnson coming to you from advanced chiropractic relief in houston texas we’ll see y’all soon

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Houston Chiropractor Dr Gregory Johnson Helps Man From Oklahoma With Dowagers Hump-FHP Posture By Advanced Chiropractic Relief LLC