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How Good are Microfiber Sheets? (2019)

What is a Microfiber sheet set? Are Microfiber sheet sets good?

What do you want to start with first well i would say we start with talking about microfiber sheet okay microfiber are the most common sheet i would say that people can recognize you can buy that pretty much anywhere but there are some great points to think about whenever you’re picking at your sheet for your body temperature for instance or texture women also

Pay attention to colors because we like to color code our our bedroom or themes and microfiber just happens to come in a boatload of colors yes it’s our most common one because of the amount of colors that are optional for it too there’s a gray and there’s a pretty blue which i think the blue is what i have here yeah yeah and then there’s a ground yeah and black

And white and ivory and recently have you noticed we’ve sold salt i don’t know what the deal is but recently we’ve been selling a lot of black i don’t know what the deal is so yeah people are kinking their color scheme but i guess well i think what it’s coming to is people are looking more for that offset of black and white being added into rooms so they can just

Accentuate with color instead of making a bold color accentuated black and white yeah okay so tell us about the properties of this fabric okay the nice thing about microfiber number one if you’re a texture person is it it has a nice velvety feel microfiber is also brushed on both sides so it’s not that you’re gonna be filling one side softer than the other that it’s

Actually brushed on both sides and that’s important because what you feel on the top of a sheet needs to feel just as good under because that’s the part that touches you okay another thing is first women back in the day i know it used to be a popular thing that people actually used to iron their sheets or they would make a really big deal about having a nice crisp

Clean sheet and right microfiber is another one of those that are wrinkle resistant doesn’t mean that if you crumble it in a ball and stick it in the dryer crumble in the ball that’s not gonna come out wrinkles it means when you pull it fresh out of the dryer and you make your bed with it it’s gonna stay nice and smooth a little bit of input on this one though we

Have actually left these dryer believe it was like for a couple of hours and they come out a little bit wrinkly but as soon as you put them on the bed the wrinkles go away super cool microfiber another great thing is their stain resistant so if you’re one that likes to read and drink your coffee in bed first thing in the morning or you know we tend to eat food

In bed nowadays i mean it’s unbelievable these are also stain resistant so the material is great for that and i can’t highly speak enough about that part just in general if you have children right microfiber is great for children or fur babies for her babies exactly yes baby don’t get fast on a daily basis like us i don’t want to go to detail because they’re too

Cute and that’s just a gross topic but yes oils dirt everything um it’s good being steam resistant another thing about it is there’s no shrinking yeah yeah and and really with all three fabrics that we’re gonna introduce you to shrinking is not an issue with either of those and there’s a good reason behind it even we think they’re cut but it’s important to know

That this is not going to shrink so when you go to put that fitted sheet on you don’t have to pull out your ninja skills and you don’t have to race your husband to that last corner have you ever played tug-of-war with your set of sheets yes we do yes we do complement and we do race across the bed because we don’t want to be the last one it has to go like this to

Basically get the sheet over so yeah well i have to say since we’ve gone to our split mattresses cuz we have 10 cells now we actually cheat because you can fold the mattress up in that banana shape so it makes the mattress that much smaller so you can put it on easy and then you hit the button and it flattens out it does that work for you but for those of you who

Stop a single mat and what you can do is you can raise that last corner up on your knee i always put my foot on the boxspring with the mattress on top of my knees so it what does that mattress up and i can pull it over comfortably yep um a nice another thing about these all three of these is they are deep pocketed the microfiber sheets actually can fit up to a 20

Inch mattress so if you get a really thick mattress you don’t have to worry about it not fitting so a little a little bit of history on why we chose all deep pocket sheets is because our mattresses now the average that we have here in the store is 15 inches right we even have one that goes as far as what 17 or 18 yes so yeah it’s um they put a lot of specialty

Foams in there for the support it’s no longer just springs and one slice of foam and it is a whole lot of specialty phones and that does add up and that’s why your beds last longer now but yeah okay keep going um the construction as far as our beds being moveable now for adjustable bases is another huge thing and this company also does one solid elastic band around

The bottom instead of just on the corners following your way around right yeah so when you’re flexing your mattress it still stays hugging to that mattress there’s not gonna be any gavage so okay so on the on the microfiber what i’ve seen is the elastic on that one is a quarter inch all the way around right okay alright and that’s a big because that way it doesn’t

Slide up or fall off the mattress right wait and to top it off excuse me and i would like to say the last thing that i really love about him is going to be the fact that their warranty this company warranties their sheets and the microfiber does have a three year warranty on them yep yep

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