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How I Organize My Small Closet | Closet Organization Part 2 | KristinaCC

Hello Lovelies, I was inspired by Marie Kondo. Watched all the episodes on Netflix and so here we are… I’m in the mood to organize and declutter.

Hi guys christine here welcome to my channel so for today i am gonna show you how i organize my small closet so i’ve done a video which i’m gonna name part one i’ll edit the title but that’s my part one of my closet organization so so in that video i’ve organized my underwear socks in bronze drawer i linked it down in the description box just in case you’re gonna

See that or watch it now in this video i will show you guys how i organize my small closet it’s really a small closet so we have a closet in our bedroom that has two parts two sections basically so we have to slide the door was it the worst to go to one section and the other and you used to occupy i would say 3/4 of the closet and i’ve done this time is i basically

Just divide it into 50/50 so bobbi has the 50% and i have the 50 so just imagine that cut but i am so happy i was able to do that and this is what this video is all about aside from that i have also put all my bags in that closet so i’ve let go of a lot of things anyway here in australia we have different seasons so right now over summer i have there are my summer

And autumn clothes because we’re transitioning into autumn next month those are the clothes in my closet right now and once winter comes i’m gonna replace my summer clothes and replace them with winter clothes come on so yeah talk to me about three days i didn’t do it like you know non-abelian i had to like go out or do things so i did my clothes first and then

After i’ve done my clothes get the bad portion of it so it took me about three days but not entire day just like a few hours of three days oh and in case you’re wondering why i look like this i don’t have any makeup on only my key light and thin this is the end of my face after this video i am gonna go in you know wash clean my face and i’m actually in my pajamas

Now oh yeah anyway without further ado this is how i organize my small corner guys so today i am gonna organize my closet so i will show you the before and after so this is the closet so you can see currently the situation so most of these are hobby stuff so that’s all from here down there let yank a hobby got pushing him on up on me waiting for that my bed sheet

Naaman and then these are my dresses so my long dresses and short dresses just put them there and then and this is my section so i have to set in again so as you can see porno palooza and what i plan to do really is so there hopefully i can i don’t know declutter most of those are winter stuff yeah not the end what’s going on that and then this these are also

Made with their stuff that was my jacket school and then you ma ups that was my pants manjong at ohio howl lucia and then three drovers here one for mice sleepwear then upon my t-shirts tapas up a baboon on you and asha 100 on so yeah that is my clothes alright so again i’m gonna do the same so remove everything i have in the closet for them on my bed and then

Go through each one of them my goal really is to reduce the amount of stuff i have and be able to fit my bags as well so here i come on a door i plan on sign up at in accessories you my ipad or something and then latimer clothes 42 superb hour-and-a-half tagging and hopefully matching pasha now as you can see nothing’s there and then i got this letter

But i can reach i’m gonna hide like this come on so these are everything so far from the cab at the closet we still have some stuff it goes under the bed but since abby’s not here so we won’t be able to help me lift that so i’ll do that do that later and then these are my winter stuff i’m on a winter somehow i was able to declutter them some of them but still i’m

Gonna go through them again i still have to i think my little coats i’m gonna set dry clean yeah dry cleaning say push up with egg wash here i use my ninja texture anyway now i’m gonna go ahead and clean that i’m gonna go ahead and go through each one of these it’s gonna take me a while long hangers so i bought these stayin velvet hangers from kmart and they

Just help me save space i love it so i changed all my hangers two days so so far it works sparrow it’s a bit on alone if heavy means the man or like poet meta-analytic i omega c renowned human is no pharaoh oh yeah so if it’s like very lightweight of loads it works so can you go i have cleared everything back it’s gone now and i now have these that i

Am either donating or selling so i still have to sort that out and then my winter stuff are here so far this is how it looks there you go all right so i have with every doctor is down just get it out of the way and i asked how people would lift up the back yep messy so i put my winter clothes in these like 20 call things like ziploc vacuum sealed plastic bag

Although there’s not super seals but still it does the job so and there’s quite a few of them have big ones and then stir just small ones and then some of the bags these are like puppies like bag backpack yeah and then some cardboard and then my wedding dress wedding outfit salmon in there and then over there are some album old albums from like when i was young

That was phenomenal but elementary high school college so yeah all my pictures are there so i can’t also swim that out and then tomorrow i will other ones for the bag so to be continued hello guys the next day so i am gonna continue my closet organization just quickly showing you what i have currently here these are all my belts my small other goods and my bad

And i am gonna try to fit them there so good luck socket anyway shh right i’m gonna do this hi guys i’m back and today it’s finally reveal day so it’s been a few days since i started organizing my closet my small closet so i’m finally finally done and it’s the reveal day so i’m gonna show you guys how it looks after of reorganizing everything so now i’m just

Applying one side of the closet in our bedroom and that’s my only closet but as i’ve mentioned before i have some winter clothes here under the bed which i am still gonna sort out when i have but anyway without further ado here’s my reorganized closet all right so as you can see guys i still put my coat on top of the closet because at the moment we’re still

Summer here so once winter starts i’m gonna bring all those down because i’m gonna be using them but for now i just store them there and then on top i have one of my bags there if i don’t really have space down here anymore so i just put it there and then this is how i organized my dresses so half of these are my dresses so i just folded them into half basically

And i use the felt a what do you call this felt hanger or something but anyway i got these from kmart it was pretty cheap actually um i’ll put the price down in the description box for you guys and then i have some of my pants these are the pants that needs ironing so i also put them here so it just fits perfectly and then down here are my jacket blazer and some

Top these are the tops that needs ironing so that’s why not hang ursula those that doesn’t require iron ii might normally just hold them but these they’re fabric are different so i had to put them there and then let’s start here the bottom this is now where i store my sleepwear there you go so once it gets cold i replace these and then store these under the bed

And then replace these with my winter sleepwear but right now these are my summer and autumn sleepwear and then as you guys have seen this is how my underwear drawer were looks and it still looks really organized i’m really so happy with how it turned out because i am able to keep it organized even you know using it every day organized potential this one is where

I store all my pants so my jeans and then my skirts and then some of my leggings there so this where i store them and then some shorts over here so i have let go a lot of stuff um i’m gonna go ahead and short those out i just put them in a bag last drawer are my top so these are my t-shirt tank tops singlet and other blouses so i just put them here i folded them

Differently this time so i can fit like byron corner section sha in the line but before that so so i can fit a lot more and i’ve also let go of some t-shirts now i don’t really use anymore because they’re the old so yeah that’s how the chore look there you go and then here is where i store all my bags so this top shelf is where i store my foot bags or bigger bags

It just fits perfectly and these shelves you can actually adjust them so this one i just it it made it bigger so the bigger your bags will fit and then some middle are just my smaller bags and then down here i put my luxury handbags and then myself there and then my small leather good so yeah this is how it looks now and i’m really happy with the end result i think

For a small closet and being able to fit everything i have i mean for the season it’s really something i’m so proud so yeah so for those of you with smaller closets this is an idea i hope you find this helpful all right guys so that’s how my closet looks now and i am actually super happy with how it looks now because in terms of accessibility it’s just easier

For me now to decide what i want to wear because it’s just in one section so everything is just there and i don’t have to like slide the door the the closet door just to get to the other you know my header clothes so yeah it’s just more convenient this way i know other people would have a bigger way bigger closet than what i have um i’m just happy with the size

Of my closet of course in the future i would like a bigger one but now that’s it i’m happy with it i was able to fit the stuff that i need in that closet and the reason i organize my closet is through get rid of a lot of those things that i don’t really use anymore i just realized that i’m dommy dommy stuff but luckily got me i’m gonna donate some of them and those

That are super old now i i’m just gonna throw them away so and also 2019 is gonna be all about making the right choices i’m gonna be smarter in terms of my purchases because i used to be what you call that impulse buyer and i am way way better now compared to when i was younger but i think they’re still really for improvement so each year i try to be better at you

Know deciding what i really need versus what i just want so yeah and for those of you with a small closet like mine i hope you’re able to get some ideas and find this video helpful if you did please give me a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t already okay you

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How I Organize My Small Closet | Closet Organization Part 2 | KristinaCC By Kristina CC