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How To Apply: Olaplex no.0 and no.3


Good morning everyone it’s danica here and today i want to show you how i use the aldoplex number zero and the olaplex number three quite a few of you guys come into a zenkai location and you say that the olaplex is the only thing you’ve been hearing about for anyone who has any type of damaged hair but you’re not sure how to use it or how it works so i will be

Showing you guys today how to apply both number zero and the number three let’s start off with the number zero you’re just gonna start off with dry dirty hair that’s fine what you’re gonna do is basically saturate your hair from roots to ends this will stay on for 10 minutes before we apply number three now that we’ve saturated the hair enough with the number

Zero i’m just gonna take a wide tooth comb and i’m just gonna make sure that the hair is fully saturated with this guy and evenly distributed so again you guys we’re just gonna wait 10 minutes before applying the mask so i will see you guys in 10. it’s been 10 minutes that the number zero has been on my hair and now we want to apply the number three so let’s

Go ahead and do that so again we’re just gonna take your white tooth comb and just again make sure that the product is evenly distributed now the waiting part starts as recommended on the back of the box it does say to leave it on for 10 minutes and then you would rinse off with shampoo and conditioner but this is where my tip comes in i like to leave it for

A minimum of three to four hours or even overnight if you guys just want to do 10 minutes that’s totally fine but you might not feel or see the best results as you would if you were to leave everything on for a few hours that’s what we’re gonna do today i’m gonna come back in a few hours here and show you guys what my hair looks like and the final result once

It’s all done and styled in the meantime i’m just going to tie my hair up with my gummy hair tie i will see you guys in a few hours i’ve used olaplex a number three before but you guys every single time i use it i’m seriously obsessed like can you just see how naturally shiny this is how bouncy and if you could only feel how buttery silky soft my hair feels ugh

You guys this is good stuff now that i’m done admiring my own hair i hope that this video was helpful on how to use the olaplex kits with a number zero and a number three if you guys do want to purchase your own they are 38 before taxes and you can purchase this online on our website or you can head over into your nearest zenkai location and we can help you pick it out

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How To Apply: Olaplex no.0 and no.3 By Zennkai OFFICIAL CHANNEL