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How to assemble the Sunny Magnetic Rowing Machine SF-RW5515

This thing is pretty easy to put together, though the instruction manual is a little intimidating with tiny illustrations and lots of part numbers.

Hey there uh i’m about to show you how easy it is to put together this sony magnetic rowing machine sf rw5515 uh i just did it myself in a little over an hour and i think i could have done it a lot quicker actually um they take you through several steps like seven steps but basically all the first step is is uh just putting these screws on to put the main part of

The machine onto this that’s pretty easy obvious second thing is you i think you put the seat on you just kind of slide it on then you got to put screws under here i’m trying to just position the camera here i don’t know if i’m getting it right or not and that’s easy so you’re just kind of putting this mount together and then the oh i left that apart basically

Just screwing in these bolts so you have the two uh the two uh whatever foot thingies it’s just a matter of putting the bolts through it couldn’t be any easier uh so that was easy and then the attaching this was like step five and six and uh you just put this main part in here and then you you put this big screw in and then you put this whatever this thing’s

Called in the hardest thing was kind of getting it to line up exactly i had to kind of manually lift this up just just get the holes to line up but basically you’re just locking it in place um and then screwing this thing on i’m not even really sure what that does but it’s all pretty straightforward that gets it all together actually the toughest part of the whole

Thing for me was getting the batteries in here what it’s going to tell you is to lift this latch up and then this is the last step and then once you lift it up as you can see it’s not that easy once you lift it up the computer comes out this computer’s just this little little thing and all you’re going to do is they’re going to give you separate batteries but when

They they tell you to put the batteries in they tell you to unattach these okay and that was the hardest part for me you can probably see it better now but um before you put the batteries it batteries in the two aaa batteries that come with the set you’ve got to detach these and on one of the wires you have to sort of reach around and pinch the top off so that

It comes off and if you pinch the top then you can pull this out i don’t want to do it because then i’ll have to drop the phone but the thing is on the second one which is on the left you pinch the bottom to pull it out so you can see that pinch so the pinch is on the bottom on this left wire but on the right wire it’s on the top there it is so it was hard for

Me to do it because i couldn’t see it in the dark looking interview just you just pitch that and then you pull it out you pinch the other one on the bottom and you pull it out and then once it’s unattached then you put the batteries in which you know pretty easy and then once you have it back together lining them up to put these back in is pretty straightforward

There’s just two pins and it’s pretty obvious it was just getting them off that was the hard part for me and hopefully by you watching this video won’t be so hard for you then all you got to do is just pop this back in like that and lift this latch and then you’re good to go i’m good to go i’m sorry i’m not wearing any shoes but uh um you know that’s pretty much

It yeah you can let’s say i did it for five minutes earlier you set the uh the tensions i had it on five that was pretty good for me and uh i’m not even sure what these do but you’ll be able to uh use it after that feels very good very smooth and as of this moment just a couple hours into having put together i’m quite happy with it i hope that helps a little bit

It’s really easier than it looks when you open the instructions you may be a little crazed when you see that diagram don’t worry about it it’s not really what you got to do what you have to do is a lot easier it just involves a lot of hardware last thing i’ll say is if you got an x-acto knife it’s really good for getting the packaging off and get off to a good

Start otherwise you’re going to be stressing out pulling off all the tape and styrofoam and that’s it hope you enjoy your rolling machine it is a great exercise apparatus and thanks for watching my video

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How to assemble the Sunny Magnetic Rowing Machine SF-RW5515 By Jorge Bernardo