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How to Build a PERFECT Chest (DUMBBELLS ONLY!)

If you want to learn how to build a perfect chest with dumbbells only, then you have come to the right video. I’m going to show you how to build your upper chest, lower pecs, and get a more defined middle pecs with 8 specific chest workout techniques that will help you to start sculpting your chest like never before.

What’s up guys, jeff cavaliere, today, i want to show you how to build a perfect my cue right, perfect chest. ahh. oh boy. i mean improved, yes, perfect, no. you’re facial hair. that’s just disturbing. that’s a good idea. listen, perfect obviously is and i certainly don’t have a perfect chest, maybe only in the

Eyes of my wife. but the fact is, there’s components to a chest that we all lower chest development. and even though you can’t directly influence them, the appearance of the inner chest is important as well. i think it all can be achieved with just dumbbells. as a matter of fact, i’m going to prove that to you.

Eight things, guys, you can start doing right all right, first things first. there’s one biomechanical advantage that you want to make sure you’re not abandoning just because you’re using dumbbells. when you’re doing a dumbbell bench press, you still need to have leg drive in order to move the most weight possible. so,

Floor, as they should be, you want to be pushing right. not just down into the floor, but out as if you were going to extend your leg. and when you do that and drive the dumbbells up, it gives you that counter force to push them up and back. this is really natural when we’re talking about a barbell push it back where

You want to rack the bar. it doesn’t mean that you don’t want to do it, though, when you’re using dumbbells just because you don’t have that target j hook there for you. you still want to drive through the feet and push can lift on the exercise and therefore the all right tip number two and building a perfect

Chest once again deals with biomechanics, but this time utilizing the dumbbells in your favor. look, we know when you’re using a bar, but your hands are fixed on that one bar and they don’t have dumbbells is the opportunity to do something wrists. and what you want to do if you want to get a better chest contraction

Is figure out a way to get more relative adduction. right. one of the main functions is to bring your hands closer to each other at the top of any single press. we can do that if we do this, and that is just alter the position of the dumbbell in your hand, lead with your thumbs rather than with your pinkies. when you

Do that, you get the effect of bringing your hands closer to each other. you’ve cleared about three or four more inches at the top that normally wouldn’t be there if the dumbbells were pressed straight up with your knuckles facing the ceiling. these minor tweaks are enough to give you a better chest contraction and when

You add them up rep after rep, you see the game start to come set after set, workout after workout. tip number three is actually particularly useful for those that want to build their upper chest that’s okay if you have your flat bench and your dumbbells, all you have to do is flip the grip. perform the underhand

Grip, dumbbell bench press. we know that if we follow the fibers, we can get activation of the area we want. and we know that with the upper chest fibers running down and out, when we get our elbows down and underneath, we can see that we get lower and we have an opportunity to go higher. this will always give you a

Better activation of the chest. as a matter of fact, only but guess what? some people who are dominant pressures have more of a problem with the incline bench because as you get higher and higher, primary delta activation when we’re completely upright. so if you are a delt dominant pressure, you’re going to

Dominate more with your delts as opposed to your chest. you have the opportunity here to get that upper chest activation while still keeping the bench flat just by changing tip number four introduces the first of two sure you utilize your training your chest with dumbbells. and that is the drop step. we know

That the drop step that with the dumbbell is much easier to perform than, let’s say, stripping plates off of a barbell bench press. as a matter place, you probably let thirty seconds go by, which mitigates the entire benefit of the drop step in the first place. we want going to be able to take a set to failure with

Dumbbells, go grab a lighter set with little or no time wasted at all and get right back into the set again. it’s two and through failure approach and always remember you’ve got the ace in the hole. your ability just drop down to the floor, and simply perform a set of pushups to failure. this one that you want

To make sure that tip number five is actually the second of those techniques is this one here, and it’s called the static dumbbell press. and this is something that actually covered casey mitchell the last time he was in here and we were doing our video on how to increase your bench press. what this does is

It exposes any unilateral weaknesses that you might have that might get traditionally hidden by a fixed hand placement on a barbell. and we know that if you’re looking for that perfect chest development, you’ve got to make sure that you’re correcting any of those right and left side and imbalances. so, by lifting

One dumbbell at a time. we’re going to be able to do that. so, what i do here is i grab my dumbbells and i’m laying back and i start with one up over my head. and the point is, i leave it there while i press just the opposite dumbbell down. now, yes, it does need some core strength to stabilize as that one dumbbell

Tends to want to twist you off the bench. equal strength between the right and left sides. even just five to six seconds at the bottom, up out of it, as i always try to do, utilize that one drop step that opportunity by getting down on the floor and hitting some pushups. difficult? it’s just simply holding that

Position at the bottom rather than the top. and as you can see here, the chest is working even harder. and that bottom position that would be at the top. and it makes this whole sequence that much more difficult. but the fact is, you still do the same thing, you do as many presses as you can hold the in the

First of three chest exercises that i want you to make sure that you’re looking at you forgot about them. but the point is, these are going to provide you some better gains utilizing just dumbbells. and the first is one chest exercise is the dumbbell pull over. and you wouldn’t look at it as a chest exercise if

You performed it traditionally with your elbows flared out as you drove the movement with your lats. i’m not asking to do that. what i want you to do is get your elbows closer to each other and drive it with your upper chest. in other words, try to turn your hands down and in even though they’re not moving on the fixed

Dumbbell. but visualize that as you pull forward to take the lats out and to drive it with that adduction of the upper chest. it’s a move that requires a little bit of practice, but as soon as you get it and you feel it, you’ll realize just how powerful it is for getting that upper chest carved out, even just

The second exercise in this trio is what i want you to try, and it’s called the ucv raise. and what it does is it lighten the load, but it allows you to get a better contraction into adduction, which again, we’ve talked about how important it is when you want overall chest development. so, what you do is you set up your

Incline bench here or anything that you can slightly lean your body against, and you raise the dumbbells up and across remember what we talked about with the other hand position and you’re not just getting low to high, gives you that great upper chest contraction. again, not what you’re going to load up here.

You’re looking for the quality contraction, development. it’s about getting good quality accumulating them workout after workout. let’s say we don’t always have to go with light when we’re looking for better gains just because we’re looking for better contractions, we still know the benefits of loading up. and an exercise

I think people don’t load up often enough on is actually the chest fly. and for those that think i would advocate loading up on a chest fly and that being dangerous, i do because i prefer to do it down here on the floor safely as a floor fly. you see, when we get in this position here, we had the built in safety net of the floor

To protect our shoulders as our arms get down to the sides. we don’t have the same luxury when we perform the exercise on a bench which forces us to have to use light dumbbells in order to perform it. but when we’re down on the floor here, we could actually use those heavier dumbbells, take advantage of the

Eccentric contraction on the chest as we lower the dumbbells to our side. and even there, remember, we talked about taking two and through failure, we had the mechanical advantage of being able to bring our elbows into our sides, press up to put ourselves in position for the next eccentric fly. so, once we’ve reached

That positive failure, we can go through that failure to better games. guys, as an exercise that has to be done light, you have the opportunity to do it with heavier weights and better gains await you when you do. and so there you see, guys, you’re not limited to your chest development with dumbbells. as matter

Of fact, you can get close to perfect. we utilize the right techniques and the right– listen i know that my chest isn’t perfect, i’m working on it. but, you know, it is perfect, yeah. some one’s supposed to be running it. as perfect as you can get, all of our programs are designed to help you get there because we overlook

Nothing in our training. head over to and find the program that matches up to your goals video helpful, leave your comments and thumbs up below. if you like jesse’s mustache, or even if you hate, make sure you leave a comment there too. so, click subscribe, turn on your notifications one out. all right

Guys, see you soon.

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