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HOW TO CLEAN Revlon One Step Dryer Brush EASY (Yes you can wet it)

HOW TO CLEAN Revlon One Step Dryer Brush EASY and Yes you can wet it in water. Please follow the steps VERY CAREFULLY.

So one of the questions that usually pops up when you have a revlon one step hair dryer is how the frick do you clean this thing and i’ve not got a tutorial that gives you a straightforward answer well this is only 34 bucks and i’m gonna bite the bullet and show you guys what nobody else is showing how to freaking clean this thing actually clean now there’s two

Ways you can do it if you’re brave want to submerge it i would do so by dipping it in up to this point because i believe the motor is up here but i did it the more proactive way that’s all over i’ll show you the first thing you want to do is make sure that your dryer is unplugged and make sure that the plug is far away from water as possible so you can put it off

To the side you know wrap it up in something or just put it on the floor just make sure it’s away from water the next thing is to make sure that you’re wearing gloves surely you don’t have to but it’s easier for the last step and make sure when you’re washing it you hold the hairbrush dryer in this position if you hold it like this or hold it like this that is

Bad because water can get down in the motor and that is a problem i already washed this to try it and i turned it on afterwards and it works perfectly fine you’re gonna need some shampoo toothbrush and a special tool for uh taking out your hair and i’m not gonna do the full thing like the full scrubbing you guys can do that because i already wash this but i’m to

Show you what i do use hot water really hot water as hot as you can possibly bear with your glove as well i said use the gloves turn on your hot water you’re going to hold the brush in the upside down position and always be mindful that water does not go back in here kind of like you’re washing a chair so you hold it under the water and i discovered this because

I looked inside of it i didn’t see any coils or anything so i’m like they wouldn’t make this and not give you the ability to wash it okay so now once it’s saturated a little bit wet the bristles are wet you’re going to take a shampoo that lathers very well and you’re going to put it around like this on each side of the brush wet it a little bit you’re going

To use your toothbrush or the cleaning brush and move downward this way don’t do like that i’ve seen some people doing that if you’re holding it over the water you want to make sure that everything is going down that way same way you would wash your hair make sure that you use something like this though to take the hair out before you start washing it so as you

Can see and it is flattering a little bit and this will ensure that the water and the debris and everything uh goes off in this direction always keep it away from the motor going in this direction now after i lather that you can also use the gloves as well to just squeeze the bristles try and get some of that grease off again going in that direction all right

And now this is much easier also for the sprayer you can put it under the water like this keeping it angled this way i have to keep reiterating that because i don’t want anyone to electrocute themselves or you can use a sprayer like i have and spray downward it looks so much better if you really want to be nitpicky you can take over q-tip and go around but you

Don’t really need to because what you’re really doing is getting the grease from your hair and the products off of it all right now after you’ve done this is important don’t set the brush down don’t set it down if you have to set it down put it in like a dish tray or something or a bowl so it’s always standing upward so you can prevent the water from going back in

The mode now you’re going to help the plug start to get out any excess water okay now the next step is very very important you can see my brush is clean there’s no hair there’s no debris as you can see here it’s not plugged in do not plug this in after you wash it please you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take another blow dryer if you don’t have another blow dryer

And for some reason this is your only one let it sit overnight now i know i’ve gotten enough water out of it so it’s not gonna there’s no danger of it going back into the motor still putting a flat surface and i wouldn’t hold it upside you know right side up keep it either angled or flat after you flashed all the water out of it and leave it on a towel overnight

Uh you can leave it in a heated room you can just leave it until you’re sure it’s dry enough and let’s say you left it for a day make sure that you you flash it to make sure there’s no water in it keep your gloves on keep your rubber gloves up and get another hair dryer if you want this to go faster i’m going to use the hair dryer this is my other hair dryer this

Is the plug for that hair dryer i’m going to plug in the revlon dryer is still unplugged i just want you guys to see that and remove that put your other hair dryer if you’re using hair dryer on the highest heat setting and the highest hair setting put your wrap on upside down and start to blow through now even after i’ve dried it i’m going to flash it out make

Sure it’s the water droplet and i’m going to keep my gloves on sure the gloves you’re using are rubber gloves take the plug for the revlon dryer plug it in and then to test it in off position right now i’m gonna put it on the cool setting just to move anything out of it i’m gonna put it on the low heat setting and the high working perfectly fine you don’t

Have to sit there for hours spraying shampoo on it and afraid to get it wet i think they were smart enough to design the dryer in a way that there’s nothing inside of it that can damage it so if you even wanted you could soak your brush like a regular brush like your regular hair brush and get a bowl and soak it so long as the water doesn’t go up to the motor you

Can soak your brush i don’t want to tell you that’s your decision and make sure that it’s unplugged when you do that clearly i think the reason they don’t tell people that is because they don’t want to get sued if something happened as you can see i was able to put water completely through it i figured look it’s 34 if it breaks it breaks but i want to experiment

And i looked through the little holes and i could not see anything that was mechanical inside of it and i figured even if there’s like coils inside of it they would dry out after so let me just bite the bullet if it breaks by another 34. there you go

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HOW TO CLEAN Revlon One Step Dryer Brush EASY (Yes you can wet it) By QUICKandEASY