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How To Clean Your Air Conditioner Condenser

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Hi i’m shannon from and in this video today i want to show you how to clean your air conditioner condenser coil so if you’ve got central air conditioning somewhere outside you’re going to have a large unit like this sitting outside your home and the cooling fins inside the unit get plugged up with fuzz and debris and dust and need to be

Cleaned periodically i’d recommend depending on your conditions if it’s fairly clean area and you don’t have a lot of dust and that sort of thing you could probably do it every couple years but if if it’s a little dirtier area you should probably do it every year i’ve neglected mine so it’s pretty dirty so it’s a good time to show you how to do it because mine

Needs to be cleaned we’re going to use a foaming product i’m not sponsored by these guys but this was one that was ready readily available in my area so we’re going to use this and it basically sprays into the coils we let it work for a little bit and then we simply rinse out with uh with a hose first thing you want to do before you do anything is you want to

Disconnect the power to your unit so by code you there really should be a disconnect right close by your air conditioning unit the cover pops right off and uh it’s as simple as pulling out this this plug right here so now this has killed all the power to your air conditioner if you don’t have this for some reason maybe it’s an older setup or for some reason they

Haven’t done it to code you would have to go to your circuit breaker box in the home and turn off the main circuit or the breaker to this unit so kill your power that’s the number one thing you want to do next thing i’m going to do is i’m going to remove this fan unit so this condenser works by this fan drawing air from the outside in and back out and that’s what

Cools your uh your coolant in the system so i’m going to remove the fan to get access to inside different air conditioners are going to be slightly different so whether you take your fan off or the whole top off or whatever it’s just going to depend on your unit so on mine i can just pull this up carefully without catching the blades of the fan and there’s

A there’s a wire conduit over here usually there’s enough slack to just take your fan and set it upside down and it’ll kind of balance there and you can usually work around it you can move it as you as you need to so we’ve got our power off we’ve got our fan out and we’re just about ready to start but the next thing we want to do is we want to look down inside

And see how dirty it is and clean it out if it’s full of leaves or dirt or that sort of thing so we’ll move the camera so you can have a look at mine so you can see down in below here i’ve got all this debris i’ve got some pine needles i got some leaves different things like that and most times you’re going to you’re the top’s usually open where your fan is so

Stuff like this is just naturally going to fall in there over time so i’m just going to take a shot vac and vacuum it out and that’s the first place we’re going to start okay so we got the bulk of it out of there now something i want to point out too that i thought of while i was cleaning it out most of these units will have a a metal pan or even a plastic pan

In the bottom which is this part down here now with rain and stuff falling in there needs to be a way to drain it so there’s going to be some little drains minor liner in these areas it’s important when you’re cleaning it out to just try to vacuum those out as well so that they stay clear and they’re still draining when you do get water in here even when we’re

Cleaning it today so just give that a little extra a little extra attention it’s not needed to get it completely clean like you can still see up in some of the corners and that if i took some more time i could get it completely clean but for right now it’s a lot better than it was and i think we’ll be all right with the way it is now so next thing i’m going to do

I’m going to show you with a flashlight shining through the coil or through the through the the fins uh we’re going to kind of do a before and after so we’ll show you what it looks like before and then we’re going to do our spray and start our cleaning so i’ve taken one of the outside panels off just so you can see the outside here of the of the fins and you can

See how dirty it is i’ve got a lot of fuzz and stuff here from trees and and who knows animals i don’t know but anyways you can see how dirty it is here i’m gonna take a flashlight i’m going to go from the inside and shine it through and we’ll zoom in with the camera here so you can kind of get an idea how how uh dirty those fins are and then we’ll do it again

After we’ve cleaned it so you can kind of compare side by side okay so we’re going to take our spray and ideally i want to work from the inside out so since i can get decent access at mine that’s what i’m going to do if you had to do it from the outside because you didn’t want to take off your fan then you could do it that way so i’m going to spray the entire

Thin area all the way around with the foam it’s going to foam up up after a few seconds and we want to let it sit for i think they recommend up to 10 minutes 10-15 minutes i don’t think longer is going to hurt anything but that’s what they’re recommending so it just gives a chance for the foam to work its way into the fins and work loose some of that debris and

Dust and everything so that when we rinse it with water we can hopefully evacuate most of it okay so hopefully we can get a decent angle here when you’re doing this too the fins are very straight like it’s a straight through path so the straighter straighter on that you can angle your fluid the more that it’s going to shoot into the cavity of the fan if you’re on

An angle it’s not going to go in there where it needs to work so try to stay as straight to the fins as you can so you can see it foaming in there i’m just gonna go around and get it all done and then we’ll get ready to rinse it out okay so we’ve sprayed it all on the inside i had a little bit left in the can i actually gave that a shot on the outside it’s been

Sitting about 10 minutes so we’re gonna give it a rinse and i’m gonna start kind of from the top down you don’t want to use too much pressure too close to the fins if you have high pressure you could damage the fins you can see here how my fins are a little damaged from something and you want them to look more like this where they’re nicely spread out as opposed

To those folded ones there that are tight some of this fuzz all along the edges there i’ll just peel that out by hand since it’s easy to get a hold of you can see the stuff all uh kind of coming out of there you can see the water is kind of dirty down there too and just like with the foam the straighter on you spray the better because it’ll spray through the fins

So i’ll go around and rinse the whole thing from the outs or from the inside and then i’ll spray it off from the outside and then probably again once more from the from the inside just to get it cleaned up and then we’ll come back and have a look with the light probably when it’s this dirty with that fuzz it’d be a good idea to take the whole cover off the outside

Okay so we’ve rinsed this all out inside and out a few times it’s looking pretty good i’ll probably spend a little more time on it after the video but uh i want to do the flashlight test here just to show you the difference we’re in the same spot and you can see i mean i can you can absolutely see the light way better now than you could before so we definitely

Made a huge difference on on the amount of crud inside of there you know we don’t have that fuzz anymore on the on the outside of the coil mine was dirty enough to the point where i think if i was going to do it again and it was that dirty i would actually remove all these shrouds on the outside that protect the fins and really be able to get in there because

I can see down in here you probably you won’t see it on the camera but there’s still some stuff caught up kind of down in this bottom and i might be able to get it out with the hose with a little more work but i think if we took this completely off which is just a matter of a few screws it would give it much more access but if you do this a little more regularly

Than i’ve been you’ll have a little better luck too once you’ve got it cleaned out good also the foam i was expecting to see it foam up a little more than that that can was actually uh at least a couple years old because i had intended to do this while ago so it’s been sitting in the garage for a bit so maybe it wasn’t quite as effective at foaming as uh it

Maybe would have been if it was a fresh can so but anyways it uh it definitely definitely did its job because we got a lot of stuff out of there just flushing it out so i think we’ll be all right something else that the cameraman pointed out as i started spraying water everywhere is that it’s probably a good idea to put this at least put the cover back on once

You’ve pulled that once you pulled this off to kill the power because it’s still live wiring inside of there so good job cameraman he also mentioned the safety glasses still on my hat after i was spraying the foam says on the can to protect your eyes just in case i obviously didn’t so wear safety glasses and i did notice when i had my head kind of right down

In there the fumes are fairly strong so just be aware of that too so okay so if you want to have a quick look inside maybe you can see i’m gonna do some more rinsing and stuff yet because i’ve still got some dirt in the bottom and i’m gonna run some water through my drains you know through these drains a little more because they’re obviously clogged up a little

Bit still uh but i’m going to do a little more rinsing just to get some more of that mud out but you can see you know you can see how much cleaner it really is so kind of just to finish things up what you’ll want to do is take your fan unit be mindful of the wires over there and be mindful of the blades as well you don’t want to bend them if you can avoid it so

You just want to set it all back in place put your screws back in put your panels all back on and the very last step would be to open up your electrical shut off here and put this connection back in i’m leaving it out because i am going to just do a little more hosing and cleaning on this unit but this is the very first thing you take out and the very last thing

You put in okay and it might even be recommended that you let it sit for a couple hours and just dry out a little better before you even throw the power connection back together so hopefully you found this video good and informative as far as cleaning your air conditioner you can check out our channel and see lots of other videos on diy home improvements and

General maintenance like this there’s a there’ll be always a link below in the description and we just appreciate that you watch also if you like the video click the thumbs up subscribe to the channel and you’ll be able to see even more of our stuff every time we put it out so thanks a lot for watching

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