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How to Completely Get Rid of Dark Thighs and Bikini Line | No bumps , No Hyperpigmentation


Hello my friends what’s up and welcome back to my channel today we are going to be doing something very unusual so i made a video about how to completely get rid of dark armpits i think a month ago and i was reviewing the comments um earlier last week and you guys actually mentioned that i should do something about um dark thighs the first thing you need to know

Is this there is a progression to the issues that you have it is first of all ingrown hairs that turn into bombs that now turn into hyperpigmentation it is ingrown hairs that turn into bombs that then turn into hyperpigmentation let me break it down for you what are some of the major causes and major reasons why this happens to you often first of all you need

To know that the skin there is extra sensitive so if you keep doing or shaving or you keep doing anything that is aggressive that irritates you or that trigger allergic reaction your main learning is going to go into overdrive and we covered in the last topic that went melanin goes into overdrive it makes that particular area darker than the skin it makes that

Particular area darker than the skin so what you really want to do is to ensure that first of all you are not irritating your skin now what causes ingrown hairs ingrown hair happens when the hair is trapped in the follicle so your hair is trying to grow out in this whatever region or direction take for example this is a very rough towel you can see that this tower

Has heads there is a direction that the hair on this towel is following the hair on this towel is falling a direction now when that air is trying to grow and it gets trapped in the follicle follicle just means that that part of the gland on your skin that allows air to grow out when it gets trapped that is what is called ingrown hair now ingrown hair turns into

Bones when bacteria or allergic reaction is triggered on that same area where we do it there is an ingrown hair angle hair turns into a bomb when bacteria gets trapped on that same area where there is an ingrown hair now that place turns from ingrown hair into a bone but what you need to know is this if the skin feels the need to heal itself one of the major things

That happens is that it will go into melanin production overdrive that causes that spot that dark bumpy area to now turn dark do you get what i’m saying now if that is not your concern you don’t have bumps you don’t have ingrown heads you’ve just noticed that that area is completely or very very dark compared to every other part of your skin we are also going to

Cover that now huge disclaimer you guys in my last video i told you guys that i’m not here to tell you do this and in three days you will get any action no i give you realistic tips that if you follow you would actually get swift easy easy to progress results okay so let’s create the air now secondly it is absolutely no about that if your complexion is dark for that

Area to be one to two shades darker than your skin it is absolutely normal for that area to be one to two shades darker than your actual complexion why because anyway that there is excess air secreting the hair is growing in that area hair is growing in that area it is absolutely normal for that place to be darker it’s a sign of poverty do you get what i’m saying

So let’s just slide the air on that area so the kind of change that you should be expecting to see if you follow some of the things that i’ll be telling you today is that you will see a significant brighter pigmentation on that area am i telling you that your skin is going to start looking like my own no because we don’t have the same complexion okay so let’s be

Realistic with the goals that we want to achieve now the next thing that we need to talk about is the processes and the steps and the routine that you follow when you are trying to clean up that area shave and do all the good stuff now step one your shaving hair removal routine your shaving hair removal routine now a lot of people use shaving blades i covered in

My last video that if you’re using shaving blade and you’re not using the one that has three to five blade uh slides that’s if you count it like this one for example one two three this is a shaving stick this is the one that i use if you count it one two three it should be either three or five and that’s because shaving blades are built to ensure that the air is

Removed without irritation or allergic reaction to the skin most people usually use men’s shaving blade i use a female shaving blade as long as the blade slides is three to five i know it’s going to get the job done without me having to apply aggression on that skin it is the aggression that causes that area to get triggered by an inflammation that then turns

That place into a place where the skin says okay let’s go there and fix inflammation there because this is a sign that this place is is inflamed so the skin cells go there and they start producing what excess melanin that turns that place darker than usual so you want to make sure that you’re going in with a shaving blade that is easy for you to remove your

Hair okay something that is easy and i always tell you guys to use something that is what as three to five blade flights okay and then you will shape in the direction that the air is growing some people shave like this they do this no sis you have to be shaving in the direction where the air is growing like this so that the air is falling downward if your wound

Is growing downward or is for going upward if your own grows upward depending on you now now next tip is this you don’t want to use your shaving blade one two three four five six seven eight times no when you use your shaving blade one to two times or even three times it’s okay remove it and put it in the dustbin because the more you use your shaving blade the

Higher the chances that bacteria is going to get stuck on those blade slides and then trigger an inflammation on the surface of your skin waxing is very very good actually it is just more expensive but it even gets the job done very very good like it gets the job done better than whether you shape or not do you get what i’m saying because working up they apply

A wax on this surface okay now not just on this surface by the time they are removing the wax they are removing the hair that is also growing deep down inside your skin so they are not just removing the hair that you can see this tower now this is surface hair there is air that is still inside that is inside the follicle waxing removes that one out so that means

That if you want to get long-lasting results with hair remover waxing is probably the best option it is more expensive but i recommend it if your skin is especially dry step two you want to now cleanse now i had an issue with a lot of people in my comment section in the last video telling me that should i not cleanse first before i start removing the hair now

This is the thing order down there clings to her first step is to first of all remove the hair make it as barren as a desert land okay make it as barren as a desert land before you now go in with cleansing now how you cleanse is very very important i bet a lot of people tell me that ah okay may i only use water good for you sis i use a feminine intimate wash or

An unscented soap so you want to get the job done as effective as possible with minimal invasion with minimal invasion so the first thing you want to do is to get a soft fiber cloth okay that looks like this is a soft towel very very soft and smooth and gentle on the skin remember it is irritation that causes that area to get triggered by bumps by bacteria and

Then the information leads to what darkening so you want to use something that is very very soft on the skin okay you will apply the feminine wash onto the cloth not on the skin this is the issue some people put it on the skin and then you start washing inside inside nobody sends you on that errand sister so you put that feminine wash onto the soft cloth and

Then you will not take this is the soft cloth this is the cloth that has what you need for cleansing you put your water there you will not go in on the what on that area is that you’ve already shaved you will not start gently massaging it do you see what i’m doing you will start massaging that area like this downward do not get it into the v-line don’t do that

Don’t do that okay because that is just going to irritate you and make your skin extremely sensitive and then it can distort your ph balance you don’t want to distort your ph balance okay otherwise it can lead to infection you just keep it here around the thigh area you see the tie area tie area left to right thigh area and then the watch surface area where the

Desert is now because you’ve already shaped where there’s a desert you will shave you will use the um fiber towel on that area now some people say you can use a soft sponge i don’t agree that you should use a soft sponge because a sponge can be too um uh harsh on that skin surface okay so after doing that you will rinse with lukewarm water now if you actually use

A soft fiber cloth like this you can also rinse it in that water dip it inside it to further what you will not use this fiber tower that is clean and free of soap to go into the crevices listen to me this is where the odor is you will go into the crevices this is what i’ve done with my finger okay you will go into the crevices and make sure that you get anything

That can trigger odor from that area have you ever sat on beside somebody in the bus and you just feel like you don’t know where this terrible stench is coming from i hate it with passion by just paying extra attention to the little things and the little details since you’re going to be confident you will feel good and you’ll feel your absolute best without any

Irritation or any infection so you go into the crevices okay get it done and then you will rinse with water three is to what exfoliate now this is where your scrub comes into play now don’t don’t hear me wrong don’t hear me wrong there’s no issue with using a scrub provided this is why people are always misguided provided you are not taking it inside that area

Where there is a lot of sloppiness and them juices okay do not take any product any external products down that area because it is bad for your ph okay so you will go in with a scrub now off the bat since you’re trying to lighten up that area i encourage you that you go in with a sugar skull this is the one i’ve been using for the past one month now okay because

My video finished i go in with a sugar scrub one of the benefits of using a sugar scrub is because sugar is a form of glycolic acid that helps that place to get lighter sugar is a form of glycolic acid that helps that place to get lighter so it is not only going to be exfoliating and removing dead skin cells that causes that place to get darker okay it is also

Going to help to brighten up that area of course you want to go in with your fiber cloth again you rinse it inside water you will scoop a little bit of this scrub onto it and then you will also do the same thing over that area this time around we are just focusing on the surface if you are just scrubbing everywhere like this your skin is going to get irritated if

Your skin is extremely sensitive just even completely skip exhalation and go to a waxed ceiling working go to a wax clinic where they can do it very well for you but if your skin is not sensitive my skin is not sensitive this is what i do you will go in with the cloth and then you will massage it massage it very very well okay now the difference between using

A salt scrub and a sugar scrub is this salt is very acidic and there’s a tendency that it can irritate your skin salt is also very peppery it can sometimes give a peppery sensation on the surface of your skin so all together just avoid using a salt scrub on that area sugar scrub is very friendly for the skin it gets the exhalation done and it also lightens the

Skin that is why i highly encourage any variant of tree heart works because it is a plain sugar scrub not that exfoliation is done so you do have bumps okay let’s come to the reality now you do have bumps what do you do now and then i have bumps i understand what you’ve said so far you will go in with a benzoyl peroxide oil means listen to me ointment i read

Online that some people were using salicylic acid i would not encourage that you do that okay use a burning salt peroxide ointment now do not attempt to put it on your hand now rub it all over the area no only spot treats on the area where the bombs are listening to me benzoyl peroxide is a very strong arctic now the reason why you are using it in the first place

Is because of the inflammation on those areas with the bumps you are going to spot rate so let’s say this is where the bump is you put a little bit like this on your hand scoop it okay you will not take it like a stuff like this and then put it gently on that area where the bump is bump one bump two if you have two pumps and pump three do you see what i’ve done

Did i rub it all over six no rubbing no rubbing because benzoyl peroxide cannot be saturated all over the areas where that place is okay only put it on the area of concern and after probably once or twice and you’ve noticed a change discontinue immediately okay discontinue immediately benzo parameter is good it will suck out any inflammation that is there and it

Will keep your place perfectly stabilized provided you only use it on the air as with the issue let’s not talk about the last thing which is moisturizing that place and keeping it beautiful soft and what smooth soft and smooth we’ve cleansed we’ve maxed with x-related we’ve treated we’ve removed the hair now less moisturized what i’ve been using is this amela

Shea butter this is it and i only go in with a thin layer some people just shave and they call it a day like since you have to do better because that place is also a skin so what i like to do is to go in with a thin layer of what see so it’s almost done safe and it’s and it’s about another one a thin layer this is even too much this is even too much you only need

A little bit i go in with a thin layer that looks like this and massage this into my hands first all right see it has turned into that shin that my skin need and then i just going on that surface and then i dab dab dab i am not rubbing all over sis no but don’t do that just dab dab dab on that area okay do you see what i’m doing dab no rubbing just dab dab on

That area like i try to massage something okay and smooth easy motions all right do not be aggressive on that area now somebody is asking oh should i use the treatment and then moisturize to no the days when you use the treatment on that area there’s no need to moisturize wait till the next day when you know you’re not going to be using the treatment before

You moisturize that area do you get what i’m saying you only need a thin layer do not go in with any moisturizer that you’ve been using on your body on that place the reason why we are using shea butter is because it is natural hundred percent organic has no additives no preservatives want to keep that place as what pampered careful you have to be careful with

Everything you do there otherwise things can just escalate okay you want to keep that place pampered and properly taken care of that is it i hope you guys enjoyed today’s video let me know your thoughts in the comment section all the products that i’ve talked about will be in the description box please drop your questions if you enjoyed today’s tutorial thank

You so much for always watching my video please remember to subscribe to the youtube channel our goal is 50 000 subscribers share this content with your friend thank you so much for watching and i’ll see you in the very next time

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How to Completely Get Rid of Dark Thighs and Bikini Line | No bumps , No Hyperpigmentation By Eniola Adebola