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How to correctly apply sunscreen & ZINC OXIDE sunblock products | Cancer Ed & Res Inst

In this episode we describe some sunscreen products and demonstrate how to correctly apply sunscreen.

So now let’s talk about our products that i mentioned also before so and i will demonstrate how to put on and the amount of sunscreens so as i said here i have this product that i’ve used before and it since these have absorbers rather than reflectors in as ingredients i tend now not to use this even though it’s an spf 85 but what about this is it’s great because

When you apply it on a apply it right now i don’t wear any makeup so on my skin a little bit on the eyes but it’s when you apply it on it applies very smoothly and does a very light and creamy finish and it absorbs as you can see very quickly very brief very quickly and and also give you a little bit of shine just very very light it’s just this very creamy and

Nice it’s like a lightweight feel as also say in the front that’s really true the downside of this is also please make sure you wash your hands after you put some sunscreen on from this product because when it gets into your when you do your makeup afterwards and it gets you in your eye it burns like hell so please be careful for that so what i’m using now is

Actually the baby version of the neutrogena and has a broad spectrum and its base be at 60 and this contains a sun blocker which are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide and what’s great about this is when universities has a harder way of actually absorbing and which makes sense because of sun blocker right from the outside but also it gives a nice nutty finish and

I’m gonna apply this also you can see the difference so it’s a longer time to actually tells orb so now i’m going to show you how you would put on and how much you’ll put on sun cream so i’m gonna show you here so there’s like a lot going down so i’m just doing this with around my eyes and then go down to the chest i’m not using as i said because if it goes into

Your eyes can burn i have not tried this one yet out because i know we’re not gonna try on if this goes into i what happened because i’m gonna wash my hands after this anyway so but i’m trying to keep it out just around my eyes so when when i’m wearing sunglasses anyway will protected me there so i have that all on so and then i go down to chest of course if you

Have a larger area you will cover that and for the man i highly highly encourage of many people forget that please also protect your ears right particular man because the ears are more open and also for man the neck the neck is very important just make sure that your neck is protected also and what also burns a lot as you can see with this it gives you like a

White kind of lighter finish but make sure you just make sure that it really absorbs well and then you’re good to go and what really burns a lot also are the shoulders particularly from me so i definitely put on the shoulders i’m gonna show you like how i do this here thank you so much and make sure you don’t forget your hands many people tend to forget their

Hands and those are the places that you can really burn a lot and you want to get it so as you can see here it really takes a time to you have to really rub in a lot to make sure and also make sure you cover the back of your shoulders and the inside and those are and there you go you have really absorbed it a lot okay if you prefer a organic version of all this

Products there’s one i can recommend to you is from bajor and i have here the sports version i have used as also last year this has completely organic actually nineteen ninety-four percent of our ingredients are organic and that has a uncoded zinc oxide as ingredients as a sunblock or two they are also broad-spectrum sunscreen but they only sell the spf factors

From 30 to 35 maximum 35 and i have used this not the sport version but the normal version of the exact the same last year but analysis and the beach and what i have comment here for this is you have to reapply it more often and perhaps is not such a great idea to use it at the beach because it has only natural ingredients such as sunflower oil juice olive oil

Beeswax and some full vitamin e and it’s very oily so when you put it on it just it’s very oily in your hands on all these sticks everywhere but it’s a great protection also sunblock to because it’s also a very organic but if you are for daily use i highly recommend this but for beach probably you have to reapply very very often because gives me a feeling that

After a while it kind of i feel like i’m burning so maybe it was also because the spf factor is 35 only instead of having you know 70 or 80 and so for the beach i’m not really sure if you really under the sun so much then maybe it’s not a good idea exactly but oh well and one thing is also that i you need to be aware of with this product is that you need to

Shake this before you use it because it’s very oily and it tends when it sits for a while it tends to the oil separates from the sunscreen and then when you put it on just the oil comes out so make sure you shake this well before you use it so now i’m going to apply this on my arm and one side of my arm as you can see i’ve used little from this product because

You will see that it is so heavy and greasy as you can see so we will take also time to really absorb into your skin don’t forget your hands so as you can see will need to be rub a lot and last the product last year have used had a lot of nutty smell this one is unscented and it really doesn’t smell at all and this is great for daily use as i mentioned before

So it really takes a little time but it’s actually a great texture on your skin but and also make sure as i mentioned before use the back of your shoulder and also definitely use on your chest as well in the chest area on your back of course so as you can see it really takes a little time to get absorbed but it is all natural all organic 100% natural 94% organic

Product so if you use this also on your face you will need to rub in a lot but i’m also not sure about if it plucks the pore or not but it is great for your body but as i mentioned before you will need to reapply this more often definitely i would recommend to apply it after you come out from this to see if you use it at the beach or if for daily use it’s great

I will encourage you to rear that as well but again exactly as you see you can have still have to rub in but it’s a it’s a great product because it’s all organic you so i hope this was helpful to you thank you so much for watching and if you like this video please share them with others and don’t forget to subscribe and if you have any comments right down below

And thank you so much have a nice summer and i see you in the next episode take care so we hope this was helpful to you thanks for watching if you like this video please give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel for more cancer videos and once you subscribe don’t forget to hit the bell so that you can be informed when you publish our new video thanks

Again for watching and we will see you in the next episode take care

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How to correctly apply sunscreen & ZINC OXIDE sunblock products | Cancer Ed & Res Inst By CancerEdInstitute