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How To Cut Jeans For BEST Boot Fit

Today I want to share the process I use to cut my jeans for the best boot fit. Reasons you might want to consider cutting jeans is for best boot fit, sometimes jeans tend to be a little tight on the bottom of your jeans this will help loosen them up just a little. Also it will help jeans extended more when jeans are bunched up. This cut is called a scissor tail cut because it looks similar to a Scissor Tail Bird tail. Some of the things that you will need are scissors or sharp knife, ruler or tape measure, lighter, needle and sewing sting and brain lol. Hope this video helps some of you guys out. If you have any questions please make sure to leave them down in the comments down below.

What’s going on guys thanks for clicking back on my channel so as you can see by the name of the title guys i’m going to show you how to operate surgery on your jeans i know this is one of those you know things that you don’t want to do especially if their new pair of jeans and you just are kind of hesitant to you know cut air you don’t want to mess your jeans up

Especially you know if they’re they’re jeans that are you know over 60 bucks 70 bucks you’re just like you’re a little bit more intimidated about you know operating you but you just have to have still hands look at that like first things first you mark it down like i did like i did show you i don’t know if i showed you but anyways let me just make sure yeah

So the incision is going to be at three inches and i’ll tell you why even though it might seem a little steep trust me on this one you’re gonna need a scalpel in my case i’m using a um i’m using a pocket knife which in this case this is mine right here yeah that’s how the tip is supposed to be and again this is going to be your guideline lip don’t cut in between

Like i know how some people want to do that habit of opening it up like this and cutting in here but don’t do that because you’re going to cause a bunch of chaos there and it’s just going to be too much of a mess you’re going to cut straight down it straight down it with scissors and knife whatever you have that’s sharp enough to cut that you’re going to cut

All the way down to your mark i’m going to show you how it does first is first cut right here let me zoom in for you guys all right for me look i’m going straight down it i’m going straight down that cut i’m not going to the angle i’m going as straight as i can 90 degree angle all the way down to that to the needle so and then after you get that first cut you

Don’t want you want to make sure going straight down that you don’t want to go at an angle like i’m saying and i know this might look confusing but just just kind of stay with me right here so right here scissors and then i want i’m going to use this flat edge right here oh you can’t see it i’m gonna use this flat edge right here on my finger and my thumb to

Open that bottom part so you can see that either that or your thumb however you feel comfortable about i’m already explaining too much you grab both of them like that that’s how you wanna go about that right there now we’re not done yet hold on now i’m gonna show you i’m gonna speed up the process and i’m gonna get i’m gonna get to more explain to the next step

All right guys so one thing i forgot to mention is you will need a lighter and reason why is because you’ll start to get these little and i know that there’s natural ones these don’t look natural you could tell that these have been like you know been cut that’s why it looks like that watch just watch this is exactly what you’re gonna do damn that starts kind of

Good look right here just kind of hit it down hit it down tap it down with the with lighter come on just like that come on now it’s hurt yes hurt just like that yep just like that it’s gonna look just like that nice and clean mine was a three inch cut and i’m gonna reduce half of it half of an inch look at me right here look i don’t know if you can see that

I don’t know if that’s too thin but i’m going i’m going from this right here and i’m gonna even amount back over here then after you get both of them in you give it a knot and if you don’t know how to make a knot i don’t know i don’t know what to tell you bro now i’m gonna post a video on here to show you how to do it just in case you didn’t see what the hell i

Was doing you could take a look at this video and then you won’t come underneath of it in case you got a little needle and you can’t push it through get you something hard and then push it with it you know there you go just like that you see about that just like you saw on a damn video just exactly the same thing guys but instead instead of having that plier

That that guy had you have your two fingers these are going to be your pliers okay so what you’re going to want to do wrap it around your fingers two times oh gosh try to pay attention to the camera and here all right wrap it around two times and then get you that you see what i’m doing after i wrapped it two times this is my this is my second time right here

I closed it it’s going into my third but you wanna you wanna grab that little piece i don’t know if you can see that little piece you wanna grab with your two fingers right here you see grab it and pull that some oh oh just like that pull it pull it and again guys this is not really necessary it’s just i mean you barely brush your jeans you don’t want them to

Ruin that’s why you want to cut it because if not then you don’t have to cut that extra half an inch but this is only if you’re going to sew it back up like half of it not this is the reason why look take a look at this now that’s exactly why you want to sew in it if you have that extra time and patience i recommend you do that or find someone to do it for you

And yeah guys just like that you know same thing over and over now now that that was probably the hardest part right there after you sew that together you give it one more last time but you want to go from the inside watch watch what i’m doing you want to get in the inside now you want to do this right here watch and then you pull just with two of those you’ll

Be good give it a nice good tug right there you just chop it off right there dude you won’t even be able to tell but it looks nice gives it a nice little look to it but um yeah guys that’s what you do on both sides i’m gonna go ahead and i’m gonna speed up the process so y’all can see it and there you have it guys so if you have any questions about this process

Please make sure to leave them down in the comments below or if there’s anything else i could help you with guys or give you some type of advice please make sure to leave it down in the comments below and like i say in the other video guys thanks for watching and see y’all till next time peace out

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