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How To Do The Hair Chalk Trend | Kandee Johnson


Because i’m gonna show you a really fun way to color your hair so whether you have a corporate job and you can’t dye your hair crazy colors or you just want to permanently dye your hair just try it out for a few days or just over the weekend and then you can wash it out i’m going to show you how to do that with hair chalking it’s just using like curricular chalk

Pastels from art supply store to color your hair i feel blonde hair it may work a little better but i’m show you how to do it on my dog hair because that’s all of that guy this is not new it’s been around for a long time i just wanted to show you guys how to do it because i think it’s really fun soft pastels you don’t want to use the oil pastels that will stain

Your hair and make a huge big mess so just these soft pastels which are pretty much just like chalk i think i got these for like 5 bucks and my goals craft supplies a spray bottle with just water inside or you could just get water from the sink – you’re also going to need a pair of gloves so that you don’t get your hands all crazy and messy and we’re going to seal

It with a flat iron or curling iron and probably a shirt that you don’t care if you get stuff all over it so look at all the colors we have to choose from these are like pull it along see is like around our hair colored colors that’s not fun but these are amazing and what i’m thinking is gonna pop really well on darker hair is going to be the bright reds and and

These turquoise teal and who’s maybe yellows and i don’t know i just think these len greens are kind of fun so let’s just turn my hair into like a rainbow testing ground of colors okay hair tip number one after you made sure that you have your gloves on for dark hair you want to make sure that you can wet the hair first so the color will attach to it if you have

Blond hair you may not need to use the wet step and if you do it may make it last a little longer than you want so if you want a long-lasting color go ahead and wet it if not just try it dry so we’re gonna take our first section of hair i’m just going to take this and i’m going to spray it with a little bit of water do you like my water accent there any day now

You can eat i bought this water bottle as a dollar so i’m going to take this section of hair and now that it’s wet we get the white piece of chalk and i’m just going to twist the hair and color the white crown really well now i kind of love this green color you see how messy that gets very messy see the messiness i’d like to go in downward motion if you scrub

Back and forth you’re gonna get kind of like a dreadlock going and you’re gonna knot up in that you’re there now we’re going to grab another piece this is now this time i’m gonna try like a lime green i’m gonna make myself look like a bird just for you guys so you can see beautiful it’s already dripping on the floor ha ha i’m gonna take turquoise foods one of

My favorite colors and i’m going to go over the tips in the turquoise too you can layer as many colors as you want you can just do the tips one color then you can grab a section up here take a little bit of my turquoise and then i’m going to show you just could be fun showing you how to do a whole strip from the root of the hair so just take a little section and

I’m just going to twist him and spray him with my spray bottle my hands are really actually pretty wet like i didn’t think i needed to spray me again and i want to use it right red so i’m going to take the bright red chalk and we’re going to color him all the way to the end twisty cannot see her what i am doing and then you can just let it air-dry but i’m i

Don’t think there’s a need for that just take a blow dryer and just go blast it with your blow dryer to dry it a little bit so i’m going to blast mine with the blow dryer and then we’ll come back and show you what it looks like are you ready okay now as you can see we are done blow drying and you can see it really against my black shirt you can see how it really

Colored my hair so to lock it in we’re just going to take a curling iron or a flat iron and shape it and the heat will kind of help set the color into your hair and we roll it right now now our flat iron is warmed up and we’re ready to do steel and some shape okay you know here’s my final word in tips for hair chalking your ombre chalking your hair you may want

To wear a shirt similar to the color that you’re putting because it is kind of messy and it kind of does come off as you can see on your shirt so this is fun temporary but it may be a little messy make sure you do this over the sink because again when it drips you don’t want to be staining your floor or getting it all over your clothes i dark shirt may be a

Little better and then wash it and be prepared it’ll probably come off on your pillowcase but it’s super fun just to play around and have like a fun look if you’re going out or just something fun to try so i hope you guys like this i’ll also put maybe some more pictures and instructions on my blog you can click there but i would love to see your pictures so tweet

Me your pictures of your hair chalking your ombre talking that you do i would love to see it my twitter’s at candy johnson and we will see you in the next video from my bathroom to yours lots of hugs and puppies love your coloring bye you

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How To Do The Hair Chalk Trend | Kandee Johnson By Kandee Johnson