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How To Easily REMOVE STUBBORN Rusted Bathtub DRAIN SHOE (DIY Install Improvement Replace Leak Nut)

I came up with this video idea after I tried to remove the drain shoe for very long time without any luck even though I have strong hands. Internet search did not give me any ideas on what to do, so I used my brain to come up with that life hack. I decided to share it here on YouTube so people who face the same issue could easily do it on their own.

Hello in this video i’m going to show you how i remove that rest and nasty bathtub drain shoe i try to use regular adjustable wrench and the screwdriver using them both as leverages i tried for like 30 minutes did my best used all my power but that thing didn’t move at all so here is what i did of course you need to have some kind of top drain wrench i purchased

This one because i still have those crossbars leftovers of the crossbars inside of that drain shoe also the trigger clamp used it as a jack so in order to do that you have to take that little part of the clamp and put it on an opposite side of the rail so this way you’re not fastening the abject you you basically can use the clamp as a jack i’m using only one hand

Because i need to shoot the video but it just shows how easy it is to unscrew the drain shoe you can do it even with one hand using that method which i came up with you don’t need it probably but i used the piece of plywood just in case i didn’t know how strong the the pressure would be on the bathtub side so i decided i’ll just put the plywood and use it as a

Shield i have to set the camera down to set up the clamp here we go now i’m doing i’m shooting it in real time i didn’t try it before so unlike other videos where you can clearly see the people unscrewed something and then they showing how they did it this is happening in real time you have to once you move it a little bit you have to reset the adjustable range

I’m trying to do it here just with one hand so it’s all happening in real time i’m sure you already got the idea but i am still showing the whole process because i personally like to watch those kind of actions on youtube it looked like it was good so i just set down the camera and try to use the wrench and started moving as you can see it was so stubborn because

They had a good amount of plumbers putty to seal the drain and it’s not necessary but i’m still show you the new good-looking drain show the shiny one and thanks for watching leave me a comment subscribe if you’re interested in my channel and good luck with your projects thank you

Transcribed from video
How To Easily REMOVE STUBBORN Rusted Bathtub DRAIN SHOE (DIY Install Improvement Replace Leak Nut) By Max Tetsoshvili