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How to fit Pandemic + 2 Expansions in 1 Box On the Brink, In the Lab [Insert]

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Today we’re going to be looking at pandemic and how to fit the base game plus two expansions okay so right here we’ve got everything the on the brink and in the lab expansions and i’m going to show you how to put everything in one box. now, if you only have the base game of pandemic you may not recognize this plastic

Insert lab or on the brink expansions so if you acquire any of those you’ll get this nice plastic insert that fits everything really nicely. as you can see, i have most of the components already in the box here, there’s slots for the research centers right here on the sides as well as spaces for all of the

Character pawns. i don’t and then there’s an extra spot right here for the in the lab expansion go right there and everything else is pretty self-explanatory so you have the purple disease right there and then the last ones can just go in here the rest of the disease cubes can just go right there in

Their place, and after that it’s time for the cards now obviously the solution will only work your cards you will likely have to either now on the left side here i like to keep followed by the epidemic cards both the like so. and that is followed by this the rest of the cards like that. and on the right side

Here that you can shuffle in the appropriate are bonus cards that you use when playing in the lab player aids followed by the in the lab sequence cards. cdc for one player games the bioterrorist. and these are both in the lab cards so i just have those separated because the regular cards are all right

Here just the rest of the regular rolls like so. and you may have noticed this little slip of paper, since once you get all three stacks of cards in here it’s kind of difficult to wedge your finger in there and get them out, so this is just a piece of cardstock that i have cut and you can just put it around the

Cards like that and they should go right in there like that, and that way you have a nice easy way of pulling that out and getting access to the cards. instructions so you can fit the in the lab board right there and then the main board on top next is the on the brink bioterrorist pad. now this like that and

Everything will fit fine if you’re okay with having a slight gap or crush the components or the box in any way, can simply take out the bioterrorist pad as you can see here i have a laminated copy of the pad that way i won’t run out. just do that and it’ll be pretty much flush and that is how you fit

Everything in the base box. hi it’s aaron thanks for watching the video if you have any thoughts or feedback feel free to leave them in the comments below i do read all of them and if you’d like to see more content like this well you already know how youtube works so

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