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How to get an even and moisturized skin 2022 #vaseline #biooil #skincare

Hi how are to all doing, welcome and back I hope you enjoyed this video, pls comment if you have tried and of this product.

This oil this body gluing oil like this oil will help your skin hey i’m mimi lu welcome back and if you are new go ahead and subscribe like this video so that i can make more videos like this in the today we’re going to be talking about how to get an even and moisturized skin before i start this video i really have to say this if you haven’t start exfoliating

Your skin you need to start exfoliating your skin you need to scrub your skin get yourself an exfoliating glove i’ll leave a picture of it or a scrub that you would use on your skin because for you to get an even skin tone you need to do those things why is one of my eyebrows eyelash different well so you need to exfoliate your skin okay get an exfoliating scrub

Or sponge like i have um if you don’t have money to buy all those already made scrubs you can make a diy scrub by yourself at home i have a video of um of a diy coffee and sugar scrub that i did check my videos my past videos you see i’m currently using that um sugar scrub and it has been helping my skin a lot and if you like coffee this is a scrub for you just

Check i’ll leave the link of that video down below so guys my all time and favorite body lotion is this vaseline this is the new packaging okay this is like new packaging it wasn’t like this as you can see it’s clearly show that it’s a new packaging and i like the shape of the bottle like it’s so cute and yeah this is the body lotion i am currently using now

And this is my all-time favorite like even if i have other lotions i still go back to using this vaseline um i also made a review on this lotion this body lotion guys vaseline helps with dry skin and it moisturizes the skin if you have a dry skin this is the perfect body lotion for you i so much like it it smells so amazing so sweet so fresh this is the pure

Cocoa and shea butter so this is how it looks and also guys this is the body oil i use alongside with this like i also have a video of this oil that i have made this is the bow oil it also helps with dry skin and it gives your skin an even tone i don’t know if you can see it yeah i also use this body oil like i use this from head to my face my body i use this

But i like to focus this on the parts where i have stretch marks this bow oil so good now another thing i do is i mix almond oil and this vitamin c serum i mix it with almond oil and this other moroccan argan oil and mix the tree together as you can see so i can use for my skin because i have a very dry skin favorite dry skin this is the almond oil that i

Used to mix this to make this this oil this body gluing oil like this oil will help your skin to glue if you can’t get this power oil get yourself almond oil add vitamin c serum and that moroccan argan oil and mix it you would you would thank me later like okay guys this will not really change your color but it will tone your skin in a very nice way not in a bad

Way you’re gonna you’re gonna look bright you’re gonna glue with this oil vaseline cocoa blue so guys this is pretty much what i do this idea body oil and lotion you can give this a try guys and i promise you you would not regret it so if you like videos like this and you want to see more videos like this please leave a comment down below subscribe please you need

To subscribe and like this video so that i can make more videos in the future i’ll see you on my next video bye

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How to get an even and moisturized skin 2022 #vaseline #biooil #skincare By Mimi lu