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How to get instant SHINE in your hair | K-Pak Luster Lock Therapy Routine

Instant SHINE in your hair

So hey you guys welcome back to my channel i am so grateful that you’re here with me today’s video is all about having beautiful silky hair and the products that i’m using in my current routine i have been using the new joyco kpak color therapy it is beautiful the entire formula the technology that’s gone into all of these products is amazing my hair has

Never looked this shiny and strong and just overall the health of my hair has improved so much and i wanted to show you my routine so the first thing that i do is shampoo my hair the formula is so good you need a little bit of product you can lather it through give your hair a nice shampoo i like to use lukewarm water on my hair rinse it out completely it’s

Luxurious it has african mancetti argan oil it’s also got rose hip oil all the things that i love just to make your hair soft i use that and after i use the conditioner the conditioner is huge look at the quantity i actually take a fair amount put it into my hands work it into my hair i avoid my roots because i generally i have oily roots but i go from about

Here all the way down i keep it on the hair for a couple of minutes just working it through and you can tell how soft your hair is once you’ve rinsed it out and if you thought that was a treat you’re in for a further treat because there’s another mask it’s called the lustre lock from k-pack this mask is the cadillac of moss because it leaves your hair looking

Repaired ultimately shiny i keep it on for about three to five minutes i actually just blow dried my hair yesterday and you can tell that it’s got very much a mirror-like shine the hair is stronger every strand feels so much stronger it’s unbelievable and my color is popping my color was nice when i first did it but after a couple of washes you know how it

Gets like really dull and it’s the worst part because i want my hair color just look awesome all the time this is going to get you there so i have to say if you’re looking for one stock treatment this is for you um after i’ve come out the shower i’ve let my hair air dry just a little bit or i’ve towel dried it and then let it air dry i use a product that you

Are going to thank me for later the kpac therapy oil this oil is a glossing oil it is amazing it’s called lust lock as well you just put two pumps in your hand so i’m just going to show it to you just like this take it through silky again and i just work it from the underneath of my hair on the ends just getting it all the way through and i don’t know if you

Can tell but it just helps tame all of those fly aways i can put this on damp hair and dry hair it’s recommended and look at this the ultimate routine thank you to joyco for making this product because i was looking for products so hard over the last year and i needed something that would just give me that wow effect and i think that i found it so if you have

Tried the product you’re going to try the product you have questions please send me a message i’d love to answer all of your questions i have become the hair queen recently at least i’d like to think so um but i have a lot of hair and you know it’s very hard to find products that actually work and i have to say i’m finally a happy girl so until next time we’ll see you again you

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How to get instant SHINE in your hair | K-Pak Luster Lock Therapy Routine By Joudel Janoska