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How to :Hair Chalk Part 1

Interested in getting the hair chalk go here.

Right hey guys so i wanted to do a video on hair colored chalks so basically if you are a person who wants to have funky colors in the hair but doesn’t want to commit to those college for the amount of time that it is going to take for them fade oh and um you know just you like to change your hair up a lot personally i like to change my hair a lot are you guys

All know and i like to have different things but i changed it so much that it’s kind of damaging to my hair and i just you know what it’s kind of you know so no this like i just wish there was something else i could do so this is where this comes in its hair color chalk and basically i have it in my hair right now you can see it’s pink they look like little eye

Shadow palette like a little ah shuttle shadows i find they’re really cute and um look at that and they all look the same just different colors really cute packaging really really really really like them looks like that so basically what you do is you open the container okay and it tells you to grab a piece of your hair and you can gently bring it down now that’s

Not what i did for this talk part because i find it was a little bit more easier to take like a synthetic brush like this and i took the chalk like for bangs and stuff i took the chalk and i actually just put it on the brush okay and i literally just went in and did this okay so and that’s how i put it on now with the pink i’ve tried all the colors and everything

Like that the only one that i noticed that takes a couple of washes if you have light hair the pink one does stay in the hair a little bit but that’s nothing that’s you know i like it i think it looks really nice it’s almost like that pastel color when it washed it a little bit which is really nice because i know that’s in trend down other than that so i’m just

A couple washington that comes radio for every other color i find it washes right out right away but just the pink one does stay in the hair a little bit if you have a slight as hairs i do um but yeah overall i really loved you you guys is super simple and it’s just you know you can do so many things with them so i’m going to go ahead and show you i’m going to

Put a little bit of this in other areas of my hair and i’m going to show you guys how you can do it yourself okay so what you’re going to want to do is grab some just bobby pins or something like that and you’re going to find the areas that you want the pink so personally i like it a little bit underneath or a little you know other random places like over here or

Place like that for this i’ll just put a little bit on this side underneath my hair because i don’t want it to be on top okay and you don’t want to take too thick of a layer so that way it will still peek through so i’m just gonna grab a little thin like that i’m gonna just pin it over here so i can hold that up and then i’m gonna grab about this much hair that

Much okay and open the container ah ok and you’re going to put this underneath okay get it close and you got to put your finger over top of it and you’re going to drag down ok so just drag it down and you can keep turning there and drag it down ok super easy and just i just do it from the other side just was like that full pink so you’re going to get a nice bright

Pink okay now i just what i do is i just go ahead and mess it around there get it the way i want it if i have to straighten their do whatever the style that are no meadows now it does get on your hands like this but no worries it’s just like you just take a little some water and it’s off in like 10 seconds so now what you can do is undo this little bit of here and

You’re just gonna pull it down here like that and there you go brush you do okay look how simple that was okay and you can make it brighter by adding more and if you guys want this chalk um then you can go to hair colored chalks calm and get your very onset they have really good prices on the chalk and stuff sir hit up this place bye guys thanks for watching so

I’ll also have a second video on another set of hair chalk and use a little bit differently so that should be up around the same time as this video but check that video and i hope you guys enjoyed thank you

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How to :Hair Chalk Part 1 By Amber Bigelow