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How To Incline Dumbbell Press – The Right Way! (GROW YOUR CHEST)

How to Incline Dumbbell Press The Right Way! (GROW YOUR CHEST)

Welcome back to mind pump tv i’m your host adam schaefer what we’re gonna go over today you guys are incline bench press with the dumbbells i’m gonna give you guys some of the best cues that i’ve ever given some of my clients let’s start off with the angle of the bench press so you’ll see some gems they have a fixed incline then you have some benches like the one

I’m on right here that’s adjustable there is no wrong or right way to do this the higher you go up okay so as you start to increase the incline the more shoulder recruitment that you’re gonna get so if you’re somebody who’s trying to build the upper chest and maybe your shoulder caps going up really steep on an incline good idea if you’re not if you don’t want a

Lot of your shoulders involved you’re gonna go lower so the lower you go towards the flat the more chest is involved the higher you go up the more of your shoulders are involved when you start off with dumbbells they’re independent and this can be really challenging for people so you want to start off with a light weight that you can control so we’re gonna start

Off for me this is 45 pounds this is really light i should be able to do somewhere between 100 120 pound dumbbells so for demo reasons i’m gonna start with light weight then you want to find your points of contact which are just like a normal flat bench press you’ve got your four major points of contact which are your feet you want planted firmly on the ground

Which are gonna be underneath your knees then you have your button hips which are gonna be on the bench your upper back and then your head so when i lie back into that position to grab get in that position to press i want my feet planted firmly on the ground because i’m getting a lot of leg drive to press i want my butt against the bench i want my upper back and

Then i want my head so and then i once i get into this position the next thing that i want is i want to make sure that my retract my shoulders back okay this is going to be one of the most important cues because people that struggle with doing a dumbbell press or a chest press or any chest press for that matter is they have a problem with keeping their shoulders

Peeled back and in order for you to keep it in your chest and not it kick into your shoulders and arms we need to keep them peeled back so shoulders are peeled back chest is up high but as he gets benched you’re gonna have a natural arch and your low back that’s totally normal you don’t want to excessively arch where you can feel it in your low back you want a

Comfortable arch because you’re raising your chest up and you’re squeezing your shoulder blades back all right so let’s talk about how we get up into the position to do a dumbbell press so a lot of people actually neglect even discussing this what i want to do is i want the dumbbells to start off in front of me i’m already in my seated position i’m gonna reach

Down with support i have a support on one side i pick up get that dumbbell up on the 1/5 pick the other one up on the other thigh now from this position i’m gonna kick the dumbbell up so you see that i use my legs to kind of throw it up into this position and the reason why i want to do that is i want to keep the dumbbells close to my body so when i lay back down

They don’t want to dip away from me so a lot of times you’ll see people they’ll lay back and they’ll open up their arms and the dumbbells want to fly their side and that’s how you tear a shoulder so i want to kick up kick up close and then i lie back now what’s great about the path that you take with a dumbbell is the dumbbells are you can actually mold to your

Posture in your form which is going to be uniquely different to each person so i don’t want to flare my elbows way out i don’t need to bring the elbows way in it’s gonna be very comfortable for me so i’m gonna have a nice about a 45 degree bend in the elbows notice my dumbbells when i come down they should be about 90 degrees so when i come down at 90 degrees the

Dumbbells don’t want to you don’t want to weigh in you don’t want to weigh out so you want to write it with my elbow you should see about a 90 degree bend i press all the way up keeping a slight bend in the elbow still i don’t want to lock the joints out if i lock the joint out that’s also gonna roll my shoulders forward so i want to keep those shoulders peel back

Slight bend in my elbows come right back down so i have about a 90 degree bend in my elbows and then i press up and i want to focus straight up so i want to keep my neck my cervical spine nice and aligned with the rest of my spine so i’m gonna be looking straight up as i dumbbell press and you’re tempo nice and slow and controlled about a 4 second- so 4 seconds

On the way down slight pause and then press back up for one second as far as breathing embracing goes as i come down i’m breathing in i tighten my abs up at the bottom and i exhale out as i press up breathe in brace my core so squeeze my abs and exhale press out when you come down from this position i’m gonna bring my knee up knee up and then i can rock up into

That position so let’s talk about the depth like how far down do i drop the dumbbells now this is gonna be different for everybody and it’s based off of your mobility if you have really good thoracic mobility meaning that i can pull my shoulders back i have good shoulder mobility so i can actually bring it all the back then you actually want to go as deep as you

Comfortably can so if i can actually bring the dumbbells all the way down to where they’re lined up with my chest and i have good range of motion it doesn’t hurt my shoulders to do that that is a great place to press from now the thing you want to be careful of and be cautious of is a lot of people do not have that range of motion and you know you’re doing it wrong

Is when you pull down in this position and you no longer feel the chest now you feel it stressing in the shoulders or you start to feel the back working a lot so that’s your signal that you’re probably going too deep and you want to shorten your range of motion up now ideally we want to be able to at least get to a 90 degree bend and the elbow in the shoulder so

I would like to be able to get down in that position which if you look at where my hands are placed right here that’s a good 4 or 5 inches from actually getting down to my chest so some people may only be able to get this deep those of you with good mobility that can actually bring it all the way back down you want to keep those good habits and patterns take it

Through full range of motion if you can but the caution is make sure it feels right feels in my chest if you start to feel in other places you may be going too deep listen if you guys liked that video it helped you out make sure you guys like subscribe and share the video if you have any questions regarding the video just leave in the comments below we’ll be coming

Back periodically and answering your guys’s comments also if you guys want more information regarding on how to build a chest we actually have a free guide that we’ve created for you just click the link below

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