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How to: Jump Higher In Only 5 Minutes

This video shows you some secret “hacks”, exercises, stretches, and techniques to allow you to gain inches on your vertical jump in only 5 minutes.

What’s up everybody in this video i’m gonna show you guys how to add inches to your vertical in only five minutes so for the first whole minute we’re actually gonna focus on doing is the descent to the jump just a standing vertical jump everybody’s all worried about the ascension okay a quick descent can actually help your ascension and the power you put out down to

The ground why because you’re using your muscles elastic potential right if i if i squat down like this and wait a second i’m slowly losing that elastic rubber band-like effect in my muscles because they’re kind of they’re already elongated and they’re getting a little bit tired what you need to do is you need to contract the muscles right here down up and then and

Then spring up okay but back bend at the knees and throw your arms back so and once you do this fast oh yeah moving on to minute number two there’s something called post activation potential that’s basically where if i use a group of muscles intensely over a very short period of time just very intense that those muscles actually adapt very quickly to that activity

And will be like waiting waiting to like fire again so you want to build that post activation potential like samus you know so you can like let it all go at once so most popular way to do this is honestly probably the deadlift and a lot of athletes train this so you want to do about 90 percent of your one rep max to really get that post activation potential built

Up and then you rest a couple of minutes and then go to your vertical jump now if you don’t want to use weights if you don’t have weights another great way to do this is a sprint now i’d only recommend going about 50 yards about 90 percent of your maximum effort okay so you want to start you know sprinting position there at like a 50-yard dash and then you’re gonna

Wait a couple of minutes before you do your vertical so for minute number two you want to activate your post activation potential next minute this is key what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna stretch out certain muscles that will help increase your vertical jump a lot of people like to stretch the muscles working the jump out right so people are like okay i stretch

My quads i do the runner stretch you know stretch my back blah blah blah alright that’s alright but if we want to cheat and like mack a cheat it’s not cheating but if you want to like maximize your vertical jump you got to think opposing muscle groups as i jump up like this yeah i’m using my quads i’m using my calves i’m using my lower back mostly i’m using my

Shoulders to drive myself up stretching what it does is it helps relax muscles for the most part static stretching so you want to actually stretch the opposing muscles so look at this i crouch down like this and i go to jump up as i jump up through my vertical i actually want to be loose in the front here okay because if i’m tight in the front that’s gonna stop me

I also want to be kind of looser in the hamstrings because i don’t want it to stop my my quads and maybe also maybe a little bit looser in the shins because i don’t want to stop my so you can actually take care of this all in this next minute right here go on the tip of your toe like this see the tip of the toe go like this and you’re gonna stretch the shin this

Hip flexor right here and then put your arms up like this i want you to hold this stretch for 20 seconds okay 20 seconds this way 20 seconds other leg this way stretching out these hip flexors triceps what not 20 second abdominals stretch in the front right here boom hamstring stretch down here like this you can choose to do it like this just hold any variation of

This for 20 seconds so by stretching out these opposing muscle groups they’ll actually be relaxing the muscles resisting the jump so you’ll be able to more food lee jump through the entire range of motion if you’re gonna do a standing still vertical on that’s pretty much all i got for you but if you’re gonna do a running vertical like if you’re going for the hoop

Or if you’re going for like a running flip there’s a very very very beneficial technique that you should definitely learn right now if you guys watch a lot of my other videos i talk about this all the time so you probably what i’m gonna say blocking what the heck is blocking think about it like this if i run up to this point where i’m gonna jump and then i jump

Like this and i jumped as high as i can i’m gonna continue going this way horizontal look at nba players before they jump look at it like gymnast before they do a flip what’s going on is they will put at least one foot out in front of them on an angle like this even if you come in like this you still want to have one leg on an angle so you actually want to work on

This work on running up to the spot and putting your feet out in front before you jump basically don’t go maximum yet you just want to work on getting those legs out in front of you before you jump it’s a little weird at first but trust me when you make it second nature it’s gonna make all the difference in your height you’re gonna immediately see an increase in

Your vertical jump last little part here you want to visualize yourself being able to jump super high think light like a feather having a mindset of being light being agile can actually play into your physical performance i know that’s kind of like hippy pseudo science but for real if you feel light if you like imagine yourself jumping high it actually can make

A difference five minutes is up it’s time to perform all right you’re gonna notice before the five minutes your jump is gonna be a lot lower than your jump is after the five minutes all right so in only five minutes you just increased your vertical good job you guys are interested in the full body training program to help yourself get better with your bodyweight

Check out bodyweight beast it’s my calisthenics training program that means training with your bodyweight only only kinds of fitness calm with that being said guys thanks so much for watching don’t forget to subscribe upload sunday through thursday peace y’all have going i’ll see you in

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