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How to make a custom knife sheath out of cardboard and duct tape

In this video I demonstrate how to make a knife sheath out of duct tape and cardboard. In the video I keep the sheath very bland so when you make yours feel free to design it and decorate it any way you want.

Hey guys what’s going on it’s chris back with another video and today i’m gonna be showing you how to make a knife sheath out of duct tape cardboard yeah duct tape and cardboard and this is really good for if you ever lose your knife sheath ain’t just have the knife open so this is really just a last resort so what you’re going to need is your fixed blade knife of

Course one square cardboard big enough that your knife can kind of be shaped around duct tape and scissors so the first step is going to be to take your knife out of the sheath and to line it in here here you want to kind of get it as close to the fold as possible and you want to fold it over and when it’s at that point here you can just let it go for a little bit

You want to take your duct tape if i can find the end here it is so you want to take your duct tape get a decent sized piece coming off and you’re gonna want to cut it off the roll you can use scissors to cut it if i want to be to look really precise but you’re gonna share it if you want and how your knife is in there right now you’re going to want to tape it so

It stays in that shape and that’s good enough and by the way you can really use any colored duct tape out of shoes gray because it’s kind of the main color of duct tape but like the duck brand makes all sorts of different fancy colors and stuff if you want to use them so you want your knife to be in there in that shape and feel around for the blade so i can tell

It’s like right here start so it’s on the end and then you can also look through if that helps but once it’s kind of in that shape you want to hold it in place really firm it be careful when you’re doing this you want to cut the sheath into the shape of the knife okay we’re good hey let me show well the other one’s gonna be thicker so okay i’ll get back to you

Guys once i get this cut out in the right sheep hey guys so now that you have a cut out to the shape of your knife you’re gonna want to fold it back over always make sure there’s space for the handle to hang out to as you need to group your knife nor you know the sheath and now here’s one we want to kind of actually first we’re gonna want to line the inside with

Tape so i’ll show it once and then i’ll edit that part out to save you guys some time so you’re gonna want to take your piece of duct tape and you’re just gonna want to keep lining the inside put those pieces of duct tape until it’s covered okay i’ll see you guys once i have that done have the inside lined with duct tape and you want to keep folding it a little

Bit and squishing it together to make sure all that tape is secure and this is real edition gonna allow a smoother exit for the knife once you pull it out as it won’t scrape against the cardboard and it’ll help protect the cardboard from getting cut a little bit if the knife is sliding out on angle so now that we have that done like it’s repeating the same step

When we did it the first time so we’re gonna want to get another piece fold it over and then just tape it and you’re gonna want to do this all along here until it’s quite secure here’s my recording yep okay so now the this is done you can really decorate the outside however you want one thing a lot of people miss is this tip right here you always want to construct

This as much as possible and reinforce it so that way the knife won’t really slip out and it’s pretty tight in there and by the way lining the inside with duct tape helps a lot because that texture i don’t like that weird fabric you texture that helps keep it in place so yeah this is basically the knife sheath and you can decorate it put a whole bunch of put rub

To tie it to your belt or whatever but that’s about it so thank you guys for watching like if you enjoyed the video subscribe if you haven’t already to be to become a member of the chris crew and comment any ideas on videos for the future thank you

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How to make a custom knife sheath out of cardboard and duct tape By Chris’ Culture