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How to: Mini Twists Protective Style on Natural Hair

This is a tutorial on my updated mini twists hairstyle / routine. I washed my hair before styling and twisted on stretched hair. I banded and then used the Rev Air to blow out the hair to prepare for styling.These twists are small to medium size and took around 7 hrs to do but they last for at least a month. This is one of the best protective styles to grow out your natural hair and retain length.

If you want to see how i got this moisturized style that lasts for weeks then keep watching hi guys welcome back to my channel my name is curry and today i’m going to be doing a moisturized protective style mini twist on my natural hair i wanna be with you so i haven’t washed my hair in a month i’m gonna go ahead and detangle off camera then i’m gonna go

Ahead and wash it after washing i put the deep conditioner in and i’m setting it with the blow dryer please excuse me i was so tired because i was up late doing my hair last minute okay so my hair is all rinsed out i’m getting ready to start the styling process and prepping my hair foreign if you have been watching my channel then you know my favorite products

Are the shea moisture jamaican black castor oil line i’m using the leave-in conditioner and then i’m going to seal it in with my oil mixture i will put the links to my products and my bio so take a look okay so it’s super late at night i am twisting my hair up so i can get ready to do the banding method the banding method just allows for me to stretch my hair

Without using heat three braids in the making of one section so this is what it ended up looking like i ended up using two hair ties for each section of hair thank you okay so i got the two sections done and now i’m just gonna hurry up and finish the rest of my hair so i can get to bed foreign with the banding this is what it’s looking like now i’m

Getting ready to go to sleep and i’ll see what my hair is looking like tomorrow so as you can see it’s the next day and i’m taking down my hair wrap unfortunately i couldn’t quite show you guys the results of the banding method because when i took it down my hair was still damp and usually i would just leave it in for the rest of the day but since i had somewhere

To go i had to take the bands out and use a blow dryer in order to stretch my hair so i can start twisting it but yeah with the bending method all i would have done was taking my hair down like this except it would have been more stretched and then i would have combed it out and it would have been ready for me to start twisting fun i reached for the blow dryer

And i quickly realized i was going to need something else to help stretch my hair and done i used the rev air it’s like my favorite blow drying tool that i have ever used on my hair when i say it could give me a light blow dry it can get it super straight if i wanted to it’s just perfect it’s like so convenient to use um but for this style i was just aiming for

A light blow dry i didn’t want it bone straight and i was just saying right here that my hair felt super soft after i used rev air in between i will comb out each part just to make sure it’s stretched and then have any tangles it does require some arm strength to hold that thing up the nozzle when i say my arms are getting a little tired but i was making it

Through thank you when my blow dry is looking like it’s fluffy is pretty stretched out he’s looking pretty good and i’m getting ready to move on to the styling part of my mini twist okay so these are the products i’m using for my mini twist i’m using the elastic qp mango butter moisturizer as well as the shea moisture jamaican black castor oil hair smoothie

And i’m using my homemade flaxseed gel as well as some oil okay so i’m getting ready to part i’m putting my hair in four major sections and then i’m using smaller sections but i’m starting in the back each part does not have to be straight in the back i did use a mirror though just to take a quick look to see how things were looking thank you when i do my

Mini twist um i use double the product so i apply it first before i blow dry and then i apply it again while i’m twisting the hair this just make sure that the hair becomes very moisturized and soft and it locks in the moisture for the entire month that i’m wearing the style so i’m making sure i’m layering my products i’m starting with my creams and then i go

Ahead and put my oil and i coat it with my homemade flaxseed gel the flaxseed gel just helps to lock in the moisture and gives the hair a slight hold to it so it can last longer baby i’m ready for the answers let’s take a quick look at the back of my head as you can see the parts aren’t straight um because i want to make sure there’s not going to be a gap in

The middle of the back of my head and this is especially where the middle part is thank you foreign okay i’m finished up the back half of my hair and i’m getting ready to move on to the front i think the back so far has taken me probably like three and a half four hours usually i will make my mini twist smaller but because i was short on time i made them

Slightly thicker the smaller the twist the longer they will last mini twist is the style that i’ve used several years throughout my hair journey and i have seen a lot of progress in terms of hair growth it really helps to protect the hair so it can grow out in order for my edges to look very neat i end up flat twisting the braids in the front and if you

Have watched my other mini twist video you will notice that my hair looks slightly shorter and that’s because number one i have cut my hair recently and number two the gel does cause some shrinkage baby i’m ready for the answers okay so i’m on my last twist and here are the results my hair has came out so neat moisturized it’s soft it’s gonna last for

The month i’m so happy with the results this now took me a total around six to seven hours to complete thank you okay y’all so here’s me with my makeup on i was ready for the party feeling cute you couldn’t tell me nothing so i am nearing the end of this tutorial thank you so much for watching if you guys love this tutorial feel free to comment let me

Know your thoughts if you would try this out and stay tuned make sure you subscribe to my channel like the video and i’ll have more videos coming soon thank you bye anybody

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How to: Mini Twists Protective Style on Natural Hair By Creeative91