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How to paint plastic with spray cans.

How to paint plastic with spray cans and get a glossy finish.

Hello welcome to another episode of custom spray mods now unlike this car most cars these days have plastic bumper bars so today i’m going to show you how to paint a plastic bumper straight from the factory so let’s give it so the first thing you need to do is get some time i’ve gone down to my local paint supplier picked up the color blender pump in this break-in

From okay now here the things you need for job reveal my past but the bar we’ve got some grace got quite pads so any set of cleaner with uh some plastic primer i’ve got some scuffing placed don’t hire two new spray cans color with my two spray-painted clearly clear i’ve got some buffing pads and drilled put the buff pads on almost like a some cutting compound and

That’s about it i’ll also use in polish but that’s up to you you make sure we please buy anything out of this break-in and shake it up for about thirty or forty seconds la make sure you get the same color every time straight it’s not open to lighters and then this can be first now if your color isn’t a metallic then you don’t need to put clear coat on it you can

Spread of the color let it dry then buff it once again when you’re applying quicker try to do some even heavy coats that way when you get to sand it it won’t take as long by travelpod the can put three coats of the plastic primer on i put three coats of color now i put three coats of clear coat on it now i’m going to leave it for about a week then come back sanding

Sand table under grit sandpaper and then give it a buff that way i’ll get a fully gloss finish okay i let the paint dry for a week now that the sand it with some 1200 grit sandpaper and some water see that there’s parts that are still glassy then you really need to sand it some more to get a perfect image you can see here it’s not sanded properly so i make sure

You get all those little spots out when you sandy okay now you’ve got a buffett so just use your mr. buff compound and your butt pad on your drill bit and just buff it where your buffing don’t push down harsh make sure you don’t go too heavy over any edges because you leave it on those edges for too long then it will rub that paint off when you’re bumping you

Don’t need too much compound just do it lightly and then go back and do it again until you’re happy with the finish you a bird on the bar okay alright check this out as i was buffing it a bird flew over and shut on it and how’s that for luck well maybe i need a half tank plastic cup do is get that hussy chroma down you pretty much paint any classes make sure

After a week you’re buff it and you get a nice glossy finish next time on custom spray modes i’m going to show you how to buff off this paint make it brand new again you

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How to paint plastic with spray cans. By customspraymods