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How To Play Pandemic

This video tutorial will teach you how to play Pandemic

Hello and welcome to how to play pandemic presented by this video will cover how to play the board game pandemic the video will start with the general concepts and gameplay and then get into more of the details for the game the game is played with two to four players to play you will need the pandemic board game lay out the game board

Between all players next to the board create four piles of diseased cubes one for each color set five research stations to the side of the board and place the sixth research station in atlanta on the board place the outbreaks marker on the zero space of the outbreaks track on the board there are four cure markers with a blank side and an eradication side the cure

Markers are placed blank side up on the board near the discovered cure indicators place the infection rate marker on the two space of the infection rate track shuffle the infection cards and place them on the infection deck space of the board flip over the top three cards of the infection deck place three disease cubes of matching color on each of the cities of

The cards flipped these infection cards are placed on the infection discard pile on the board three more cards are flipped up from the infection deck place two disease cubes of matching color on each of these cities discard these three cards three final infection cards are flipped up from the infection deck place one disease cube of matching color on each of these

Cities discard these three cards shuffle the roll cards and deal one to each player the remaining roll cards are set aside and not used in the game each player will play a colored pawn that matches their roll card all pawns start on atlanta on the board take the six epidemic cards out of the player deck and set them aside for now shuffle the player cards and deal

Each player their initial hand the amount of cards in an initial hand depends on how many players are in the game for this game each player is dealt two cards the game difficulty can be determined by using 4 five or six epidemic cards for an introductory game four epidemic cards will be used the other two will be set aside and are not used in this game divide the

Player deck into equal piles matching the number of epidemic cards being used shuffle one epidemic card into each pile once done stack the piles together to form the player deck place this deck on the player deck space on the board the game is now set up the object of the game is to discover cures for all four diseases pandemic is a cooperative game which means all

Players are working together as a team players will win together or lose together a turn consists of three phases in the first phase the player will do four actions in the second phase the player will draw two cards from the player deck in the third phase cities will be infected a player will start their turn by doing four actions there are eight possible actions

A player can choose from a player can move their pawn by traveling to a city connected by a white line to the one they are in a player can fly to a city by discarding the matching city card a player can fly to any city by discarding the matching city card of the city they are currently in a player can fly from a city with a research center to any other city with

A research center in it there are four other actions a player can choose to make a player can build a research center by discarding the city card that matches the city they are currently in a player can treat a disease by removing one disease cube from a city they are currently in players can share knowledge by giving or taking a city card that matches the city

You are in players involved in the card exchange must be in the same city lastly a player can discover a cure for a disease by discarding five city cards of the same color to cure the disease of that color the player must be in a city with a research center to discover a cure the medic player will start the game by taking four actions the first action the medic

Takes is playing the algiers player card and flying to algiers the second action the medic will take is to treat the disease in the city the action for treating a disease is to remove one disease cube from the city but each role player has special abilities that will improve how an action is taken the medic has a special ability to remove all disease cubes from

A city location as one action when treating a disease the third action the medic takes is to travel to paris the fourth action the medic takes is to treat the disease in paris once a player has taken four actions they will draw two cards from the player deck the final phase of a turn is to infect cities this is done by flipping over the top card of the infection

Deck and placing one disease cube of a matching color in the city on the card flipped the card flipped from the infection deck is placed in the infection discard pile the number of cards flipped from the infection deck depends on where the infection rate marker is on the infection rate track here two infection cards are flipped after the infection phase play moves

Left to the next player to start their turn when an epidemic card is drawn from the player deck three actions are taken first the infection rate marker moves forward on the infection rate tracker second the bottom card of the infection deck is drawn and the city is infected with three diseased cubes lastly the cards in the infection discard pile are shuffled and

Placed on top of the infection deck a city can never have more than three disease cubes of the same color at a time if at any time a city with three disease cubes in a color is infected with the same disease an outbreak occurs for an outbreak the outbreak’s marker will move forward one space on the outbreak’s track then place one disease cube on every city

Connected to the outbreak city it is possible for a city to have multiple colors of disease cubes in it once all the disease cubes of a cured disease are treated the disease is eradicated here the quarantine specialist is able to treat the last of the yellow disease cubes to eradicate the yellow disease the yellow cure marker is flipped to the eradicated side any

Yellow infection cards drawn will have no effect for the rest of the game if players are able to discover cures for all four diseases before the game ends they will win the game diseases just need to be cured not eradicated to win the game the scientist’s improved action causes her to only need four matching city cards to discover a cure here she is able to cure

The final red disease to win this game players will lose the game if the outbreak marker reaches the last space on the outbreaks track players will also lose the game if they are unable to place a disease cube on the board because they are already all on the board or if a player cannot draw two player cards after doing their actions there are five event cards in

The player deck when in a player’s hand these event cards can be played by any player even if it is not their turn playing an event card does not count as taking an action there are only 6 research centers in the game but they can be moved from one city to another city if needed a player can have a maximum of seven cards in their hand if a player’s hand goes over

Seven cards cards must be discarded players can cure a disease in any city with a research center the city color does not have to match the disease color being cured that wraps up how to play pandemic if you found this video helpful give it a thumbs up and find more game tutorials by subscribing to the channel gather together games thanks for watching you

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How To Play Pandemic By Gather Together Games