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How to Put on Compression Socks EASILY – for Running AND Recovery

Quick video on how to put on compression socks easily. Check out the running and recovery compression socks I use in this video here:

So you went out and got yourself a new pair of running compression socks maybe you heard about how they can improve your running performance or maybe you just want to enhance your recovery so you can get back to your workout with fresh legs the problem is these things can be such a pain to put on because they’re so snug on today’s video i’m gonna show you the best way

To put on running compression socks without a fight stay with us hey what’s up jordan here with forever run providing you with some of the best tips and tools to keep you running happier healthier and for longer and on this channel i do a lot of running shoe and gear review videos as well as some tip videos just like this one to help make your running experience

A little bit better so if you’re new to this channel please consider subscribing alright let’s get with the video so one tip before you start putting your sock on is you want to make sure that you’re actually sitting down it’s really difficult to put on a compression sock when you’re standing up you have a whole lot more control when you’re sitting on the floor on

A chair it’s just a lot easier keep control and balance when you’re putting your sock on first thing that i like to do is you’re gonna slide your hand inside of the sock you want to come to the heel you want to find this little seam right down the center of the heel right through that center and you’re just gonna poke it in you’re gonna pinch with your fingers and

Make a little puppet hold on tight to that heel and you’ll pull the sock inside out that’s still pinching the heel of your sock want to get your thumbs in the opening and you’re gonna slide your foot in slide your toes in and you’re gonna pull the sock up as far as it’ll go your toes are gonna hit the end you want to pull that inside out heel just over your heel

So that is covering your entire foot next you’re gonna pinch the outer layer of your sock at the toes and this is what you’re gonna be pulling up over your foot and ankle so you’re just gonna grab it you just pull it all the way up as far as it’ll go just pass the ankle about the center part of your calf or just as you start to to go up to the bulk of your calf

Muscle and then the last part of this is grabbing the of your sock which is still at your foot you’re just gonna bring it up the leg you don’t either pull it tight you just want to lay it up your calf and up your lower leg until it sits just below the kneecap you don’t want to do this where it comes over your knee and then you also don’t want to roll it down like

That because that creates some kind of a tourniquet effect where it’s gonna prevent circulation and so you don’t want to do that just want that sock to lay nice and smooth just below the kneecap and that’s gonna give you a great comfortable fit and feel alright question of the day when do you use your compression socks do you use it for performance or do you use

It for recovery comment in the comment section below i want to hear all about it all right well that’s it i hope you found value out of that video and if you haven’t had a chance yet go ahead and hit the subscribe button and if you’re looking for a pair of compression socks you just want to learn a little bit more about them check out the link in the description

Below it’s my favorite pair of compression socks so i think you’ll like it too stay tuned to this channel for everyone where i’m gonna give you some of the best tips and running gear reviews to help keep you running happier healthier and for longer we’ll see you then

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How to Put on Compression Socks EASILY – for Running AND Recovery By FOREVERun