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How to Relieve Neck Pain in 30 SECONDS

Dr. Rowe shows how to relieve neck pain in 30 SECONDS!

In this video i’m going to show you how to relieve neck pain in 30 seconds stay tuned hey everyone dr o here at spinecare in saint joseph michigan so in this video let’s tackle neck pain which is a big problem for a lot of people let’s face it we’re all guilty of having very bad posture especially with rounded shoulders from everyday use of cell phones computers

Driving you name it so i’m going to show you a very easy step-by-step guide that’s going to offer very quick neck pain relief maybe in as little as 30 seconds the great part about these stretches and exercises they don’t require any special equipment the only thing that i’m going to be using are a towel and an everyday broomstick so hopefully you have those laying

Around also you can do these pretty much anywhere at home at work anytime that you want they’re just very easy exercises and stretches that are going to give very quick pain relief so let’s get started with them so with the first part i’m going to go over two exercises that are going to focus on instant neck pain relief they’re going to really target muscle

Knots tightness stiffness all that stuff that’s going on into the neck possibly even into the shoulders so i’m going to sit in a chair for this one let’s get really good upright posture let’s start off with a base of the skull exercise that’s going to take a lot of muscle tightness off of that very quickly what i’m going to do is i’m going to take two fingers and

I’m going to make hooks with them and then i’m going to go right at the base of the skull if this is pretty tender just start to massage it by putting a little bit of pressure into those muscles and just going in circular motions for about five seconds just to you know help loosen it up from here what we’re going to do is i’m going to slightly tuck my chin and

Then i’m going to then use my head and push back into my fingers while i continue that circular massage and i tell you what this can be very tender so only go towards your comfort level this is a very good way to just target muscle knots and tightness that builds tension and maybe causes headaches possibly even migraines you want to do this for about 10 seconds

You’re just going to simply relax and then you’re just gonna repeat that process up to three to five times so this next one is one of my favorite neck pain relief exercises because it can target pretty much anywhere into the neck even into the upper part of the shoulders what we’re going to do is we’re going to take our fingers and we’re going to make a hook with

Them again and go over a spot that you feel a muscle knot or there’s just a lot of tightness and pain that needs to be released what i do is i just massage that for about five to 10 seconds to loosen the muscle up and then from there what we’re going to do is turn the head in the opposite direction of the pain so if i have a left-sided spot i want to take my head

And look towards or i should say over my right shoulder continue to apply pressure on this when you turn or rotate your head it’s going to intensify that massage and make sure only to go to your comfort level 10 to 15 seconds for that massage and then what you’re going to do from there is intensify it even further by then taking the head and then i should say the

Chin right here and looking down towards the floor this feels great what i like to do is apply pressure in a circular motion 10 to 15 seconds and then what i’m going to do is relax and you can repeat that until you feel that muscle tightness or that muscle knot finally start to go away and then from there just go over different spots as you need so i want to go

Over a very easy postural exercise that works wonders for the neck upper back and shoulders you can pretty much do it anywhere this one is perfect to do at work what i’m going to do is go into good upright posture take your fingers drive the chin back a little bit until it feels like a very good stretch into the neck hold this position this is the second part

We’re going to take our arms and we’re going to wean the elbows back like this until it feels like the shoulder blades in the back are starting to pinch you should have a very good neck stretch but you should also now have a very good shoulder and in between the shoulder blades stretch what we’re going to do from there is slowly start to raise our arms up like this

So we’re touching our fingertips hold this for a couple seconds start to come back down and then from there take your chin drive it back a little bit further and we’re going to also try to bring our arms back a little bit further and then we’re just going to keep repeating that process and you want to do this about five times just keep going back as far as you’re

Able to nice slow controlled movements what this does is it helps stretch the front the pec muscles it’s going to hit in between the shoulder blades the neck right here to loosen everything up while also promoting better posture in our upper backs and neck it’s a wonderful exercise give it a try so for this next part we’re going to focus on increasing neck

Flexibility and one of the easiest ways that you can do that is through using a towel so if you feel like you just have a lot of locked up tightness where you’re just not able to move the head from side to side this one’s going to work perfectly just use an everyday hand drying towel place it on the back side of the neck and go over the level that you feel is

Really the one that needs the most amount of attention grab the two ends right here and pull them forward so they’re very or i should say the towel is very tight against the back of the neck and then what i’m going to do is whatever side that i’m having difficult turning towards so like let’s say i’m i can’t turn towards my left i’m going to take the end on the

Opposite side and then i’m going to then start to turn my head with the towel while i hold the other end locked and what this does is it helps build nice slow rotation in there into a very nice passive stretch that you can control also the towel is going to help massage those neck muscles at the same time i go to a point where i feel comfortable and i’m going to

Hold that for up to 10 seconds before relaxing and then do that five times you can continue to do this until you feel like your motion is starting to come back and it’s helping to relieve a lot of that neck muscle tightness also when you do this make sure to do it on the other side so even if it doesn’t hurt you always want to keep everything balanced but then

You can just lower it or raise it as needed and hit other spots of the neck let’s say that you’re having a lot of pinching sharp pain going on to the neck also so let’s do this same stretch but build a little bit of traction into there so what i’m going to do is cross my arms like this and then whatever side that i feel like i need to really just stretch out i

Lift that end up towards the ceiling and then i’m going to turn it 45 degrees kind of like almost right towards my eye and i’m going to lift up at that point while the other end stays locked and i tell you what this feels like it just opens the neck up in a nice stretching traction like a pulling motion hold this one for 10 seconds relax and then just repeat that

One up to five times but you with this one you can really just target certain spots do you feel like you might have something like a pinched nerve going on in the neck traction is wonderful for opening up those so give that a try so this next one we’re going to focus on building a lot of mobility into the neck but also into the upper back i’m going to be using a

Broomstick for this if you don’t have a broomstick you can use anything that pretty much is long and sturdy pvc pipe people have used toilet plungers before if you really want to go that route go out in the yard grab a stick it all works so what i’m going to do is palm side up put my elbows onto a flat surface you can do this on a desk or even on a chair or a bed

Works perfectly what i’m going to do from there is take the stick and then bring my arms over my head and try to touch the stick to the back of my neck what i want to do is build into a thoracic or upper back extension exercise this is how we’re going to do it with my butt i’m just going to start to take that to the floor or i should say towards my heels and

Then what you should feel is a very good arch starting to be formed in the upper back this right here it just helps open up everything between the shoulder blades all the way to the neck should feel like a great stretch sometimes you’ll get a pop crack or self release into that area completely normal you’ll want to hold this position for 10 to 15 seconds relax

And then repeat up to five times but this is a great exercise that will help build mobility more flexibility into the upper back and neck that may relieve tightness stiffness those type of things that may be causing your neck pain give these a try i really do hope they help so if you got a lot of relief please show us your support by giving this video a like and

Maybe subscribing to our channel too if you have any comments or questions please leave them below i’ll get back to you as soon as i can thanks for watching

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How to Relieve Neck Pain in 30 SECONDS By SpineCare Decompression and Chiropractic Center