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How to remove bathtub drain with broken cross members/ missing members /cross bars

Kids Bathroom makeover :

Hey guys so i wanted to quickly come and show you guys how i took out a um bathtub drain that was missing the t that cross thread that’s inside without a special tool this is what this video is about it’s not about buying going out and buying an overpriced tool it’s using what you already have okay so if you have a needle nose plier or pliers you know regular pliers

And a small hammer like this one take it put it inside of the drain and then use the um pliers to put between the hammer and the inside of the drain to create resistance it should kind of jam it like it should be a jam and this way you’re able to turn it you will need to turn the drain counterclockwise okay and just just as i’m doing here just counterclockwise

This will be able to take the drain out this drain was installed about 12 years ago and the person who installed it used caulk underneath the drain instead of plumber’s putty which also made it really really hard to get out this is not a video to show you how to go buy a tool this is to show you how to use what you got all right you guys so this is how the

Drain looks when i took it out it has a lot of calcium buildup you could see the caulk around the threads of the drain you know um that’s not what i have seen done before or what i’ve researched so that wasn’t correct anyways you’re going to need a hammer like i said a pair of pliers and when you put it in the drain you want it to jam okay you want it to have

Like resistance where if you try to turn it it can’t turn so this way you re you push on it and go counterclockwise and you should be able to take the drain out without using a special tool that you bought again this video is not for someone who wants to go buy a special tool this video is for someone who doesn’t have an extra twenty twenty five dollars to buy

A tool once to use once okay just use what you got and take the drain out all right to install a new drain you’re going to need plumber’s putty and it’ll come out it’ll look like putty like almost like play-doh okay and you’re gonna roll it and get like a good maybe something smaller than a one-inch thickness roll and you’re going to put this on the base of

The new drain and put the drain in don’t worry about what squeezes out you want that to happen this is going to seal off the space between the drain and the tub and create a waterproof seal okay so as you guys can see i’m actually using my pliers to put this drain back in i opened my pliers put it in between the t thread um excuse lucy and turned it clockwise

Installed it took off the excess amount of plumber’s putty okay and put in the um the pop-up stop i ended up replacing this drain not because anything was wrong with it i accidentally let um bathroom toilet cleaner drip on it and it tarnished the finish on the chrome so be careful with chrome and toilet cleaner because it will mess up the finish on chrome okay

But i did replace it with a similar one they didn’t have this pop-up one anymore i was sad but i just replaced it with one similar that you just have to use your hands to pull it up and down so this is the before of the drain okay no thread no no t no nothing this was the new drain that i absolutely loved i messed that up it’s okay i messed it up by accidentally

Letting toilet cleaner go on it so to finish off the tub i had to take the drain back out that’s fine i painted the tub i did a whole makeover on my kids bathroom if you guys are interested in that video i’ll have the link down below right on the top check it out let me know what you think but it was a pretty affordable um makeover it didn’t cost a lot okay so

Yeah i hope this video was helpful again all you need is a hammer not a fancy hammer you could get a cheap dollar store hammer a cheap dollar store pliers if you have to go buy one and just create some resistance in the drain turn counterclockwise and you’ll get the drain out if your threads are you know messed up like these were this is how um the drain came

You know when we got the house so yeah all right and you could even use the pliers um to take out a drain that arm still has its thread so you don’t need the fancy fancy tool drain removing tool but if you want to buy it go ahead knock yourself out i love you guys thank you for watching and i’ll see you all very soon in another video bye guys you

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How to remove bathtub drain with broken cross members/ missing members /cross bars By LifeWithQueenii