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How to Replace a Leaky bath tub Overflow Drain Gasket and Trip Lever Stopper

How to Replace a Leaky bath tub Overflow Drain Gasket and Trip Lever Stopper – My tenant complained on a water leak to the first floor bathroom ceiling whenever she took a bath in the second floor. The bathtub in second floor is directly over a bathroom in the first floor,where the leak is. Face Plate = Drain Linkage assambly =

Oh this is my year bus travel i’m actually having an issue i will lick the ceiling under with ability in order to find what is the problem in the bathroom here i see this level and nothing happening when i fill it up to this level ned up seeing the dirty d scale lick on the spell of the toilet under this bathroom shower so i figure out there is a leak here on

The other floor perfection the where the ceiling under this is the second floor and the first floor we are sitting and we have a leak of water to the ceiling so the first thing i wanted i’m going to open it and our two screws here it has to remove unscrew them depending how i want to see what is going on that i believe the rubble silverado is actually before more

Actually looking older never been done for paying you second school this is one school i was actually two schools indicating you can sing but i’ll sitting here it is the system here okay i went to put it here on the floor and here is their bubble okay i’ve seen already i’m going to get you close to me to see how the lovely that should inform him is really

Interesting you can see here the sign also lasted which mean water coming here and going handle let me show you getting close to it okay what you can see sitting interesting look at that there is a lab area but look how the latter look like completely deformed so i have to remove this rubber somehow using this cool value i show you how i’m going to remove it well

You see that i already move it lady i can remove it to my fingers here and i’m going to put another w you have to clean it also here this place is to clean it also with a power utility knife let me show you i’m going to do it okay so what what i want to use it on my jesus cool bible yes whatever i do not remove it i have to do it here is it giving myself because

But we need to do it okay look at it it is really not the right one to put here so this is the other one you can see the locks it like i’m going to show you a little odd around the waist look like okay now the things i want to do is just to commune on this time because that is actually metal okay now in the silicon alarm is also okay well i’m going to put the

Rubber bit and probably i’m going to put silicon also to protect it it’s no leak on to happen hello so is the other i bought from them on depot you can see it’s called overflow plate all right that’s good and i want to show the different between what of them this is the original one and this is the one it should be this is different this is by far more heavier and

You can see actually a thicknesses here it’s got like that but in this going to be auctioning down let me show you what spotted a tree you’re getting closer fish are you can see this shallow almost fled the world here which mean doesn’t go like with the tilt and if you look here there is come from a bump here so this meaning that probably there i think is here i’m

Going to put like that which means in a circle like this not like this not like this i’m going to put negative in this which mean they’re the thickness one is the thickness one will be on the side of fear then i will lock because i think that will work perfectly for for danger let me show i’m going to do it so the first thing i have to put in challenging really

Fast you have to push it through they put it in my finger olive you can do it because the autotroph type here can move a little bit but don’t push it too much equally unlikely what’s important is it to get the rubber that i showed close close proximity i was going to move like i’m going to add a little bit of silicon here also just to make sure this one is going

To be locked forever not you should okay it’s good now so i want to take you for a crosswalk symmetry if you see what’s happening here you see i put a new one and then what happen is they will call me two scores easy one score zero second one is either i got to push it okay when they push you can see here that is a hole see here there is a space between these two

Dead so we need to push it actually seal it but i’m also going to put your silicon into neutral silicon here around this place it’s going to help this one to stick also and to fix this problem forever let me show you what silicon going to put here it’s going to be a natural silicon from ge so i’m going to use this silicon if you look here you can see these two bars

And started setting this silicon is neutral between cannot have anything you can only see yourself you don’t need me to pull it but in this situation because either lasted staff agree that we still also will have the pacific going to give me a better result we shall make it if i could push silicon inside or so this will help seal the void spaces it does he won’t

Be void spaces may be seamless you see me coming pretty is written or planned complication in the best now with the lovely with the silicon this one you’ll be extremely see that’s a good day now the only thing left you just to pull back and to close these overflow protection so i want to show you what happened when actually do it you see this is so old it will

Be getting the last 50 converge from here you can see this one very important thing so if i put this code here this is the school i’m going to put it inside and the cut-open going through magic so i went and i bought another one like this overflow bug unloads on the show this is the bar here and what is reality way this is about the patient well just now for

Face plate and it’s coming screws and pins and that’s a way to look like and it is the barb it is called face plate okay and visit the bottom so i’m going to a person i’m not sure how i’m going to get a place the vault wat be dis fun it is the way it’s going okay if you’re going to see here there is a pin you see this change should be alone by pi this you can see

It’s been separated now and i’m going to put now the new one you look at it is the new one apply the new one place you have to go here with his own thing i’m going to put a pin on show spoke so this is the new pin here your pc can see it see it there put definitely here okay taking this pin put it inside and these are to be flipped like that see here in the after

Going just take part of it on just before me say is this apply or here you can just remove it a point to a is that one can walk forever you see how exposing to this is the proof i’m using this to clamp it i’m going to put it back in and i close it but you can see i’d like to put a screw here if you go here to never touch let me show i’m going to put it before i’m

Putting you i want to share from cross boxers you look like you can see here the silicon right in the lodi i’m going to la when i went to lowe’s to buy the pop you can see i already got that ethic minutes in life because y’all nice ui here now it’s gone up and we literally going to force it to push it on me and this will resolve the issue i believe forever you see

The pattern here it is actually a russet here and that’s why i put silicon and silicon is all over here and the silicon is actually between the lado sill of a two piece of metal here also you see this piece this dollar floor protection here what it should go to it to going get out from here again this is the stuff now that we’re going to do rewrite it with the

New scores just want to see if in your school with the same side of the earth to the sun panic study i think bigger where do those with more pop it’s a it’s safe i just put mainly this to school with push in the overflow pipe to where the face plate can you know school either a now at eight o’clock is probably reattach it properly that type of muscle magis both

Of them stand tightness now left is i have to put silicone on top of this because you also need to see the faceplate to the face of the tub but take it as a guarantee because water can go even penetrate inside and sometimes other issues also so remember one really won’t you want to maybe just start here it’s not even necessarily because you can say what they’re

Coming here i’m going to overflow but it’s nice pockets because really water to go in from here enough for it smoother and deep water go from here you go out for some spinning it’s nice to seal it so i’m going to see it also it’s not you think is the bottle just maybe then just remove it that’s it you know my nexus is simple from okay using these a lot of love

Oh you think just let secret thing done thank you for watching this video

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How to Replace a Leaky bath tub Overflow Drain Gasket and Trip Lever Stopper By Joseph K