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How to sleep with Curls! | Silk Pillowcase, Hair Masks, and More Healthy Hair Tips!

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel my name is marissa lynnae and if you’re new here welcome if you’re not new here welcome back in today’s video i wanted to cover some really basic simple tips to help you maintain the health of your curls so some of these tips you may already know some of them you may forget about but these tips have really helped me make sure

That my curls stay healthy and stay shiny and i get the most wear out of them every watch day okay so we’re just gonna jump right into it the very first tip that i have for you guys is to make sure that you’re taking care of your hair even when you’re sleeping so you might be used to sleeping on a regular cotton pillowcase and to be honest that’s not gonna be

The best way to help maintain your curls while you sleep so the best thing that you can do for your curls is to make sure that you are sleeping on you can kind of breathable material preferably silk or satin so today i wanted to show you guys what i sleep on so this here pillowcase is what i sleep on every night and it’s from literally soaked so lovely silk is a

Place where you can get all kinds of soap materials so they have scrunchies that have been sheets they have pajamas really this sub pillowcase gets the job done when i’m trying to protect my curls at night it’s a great thing about lily silk and the sip pillowcase is mulberry so so mold lurie soap has a lot of great benefits not only for your hair but for your skin

So it’s kind of like a two-for-one but really it helps prevent friction when you’re sleeping and moving around so your curls are less likely to frizz up and less likely to split at the end so when you’re sleeping on cotton it’s really just causing a lot of friction and it’s not the best way to take care of your hair it also absorbs moisture because humidity and

Moisture in the air can also cause your hair to frizz up so buy the pillowcase absorbing it you’re really helping make sure that your curls last longer then if you were sleeping with something else it’s also antibacterial which makes me feel really good and just more clean when i just – and it’s just really soft and smooth so i love the feeling of laying on this

After i shower i really don’t even have to do too much with my hair like if i am just exhausted i know that i have mesophilic aches on and it’s gonna protect my hair anyway so i will literally just lay it down pull my hair over the pillowcase and it’s good to go okay so if you want to give your hair a little extra protection at night and i usually do you can also

Go in with a soap scrunchie so you’re gonna want to use a soap scrunchie instead of regular hair tight for the same reason that you want to use a silk pillowcase instead of a cotton one it’s gonna create a lot less tugging and pulling at your hair and overall it’s just a lot more gentle so i will show you exactly how i put my hair – pineapple at night so i just

Gather all of my hair i’m gonna flip my head over and just keep working it all the way up to the top of my head looks like almost touching my forehead basically so this olympia looks like it looks a little crazy i do not even like this anywhere but this is perfect for when you’re sleeping because you can literally just lay over so this is pretty much exactly

How i look when i go to sleep so it’s great because my hair is out of my face and i’m gonna roll around on it i’m gonna take this down so i don’t look silly so it’s super easy to take out in the morning and i only have to wrap it on once so i don’t get any kind of creases in my hair which is always a plus so if you’re gonna invest on anything when you’re first

Starting out your curly hair journey or whether you’ve been doing this for a while i would definitely say a silk pillowcase is the way to go so lily’s silk was kind enough to give me a discount code for you guys so i don’t make any money off of any cells or anything like that i just wanted to pass this along for you so take a look there’s a lot of great things

And it’s definitely something worth investing in the next way that you can help maintain really healthy-looking curls is to pay attention to the shampoo that you use honestly when i first started wearing my hair curly i didn’t think that the shampoo and conditioner i used made a huge difference on how my curls came out i honestly thought it had everything to do

With the products that i used and how i styled my hair as far as the technique i think i was using pantene at the time and i switched over to a more curly girl friendly shampoo and i could tell a really big difference and i was really surprised so the difference that i could tell when using a curly girl friendly shampoo compared to a drugstore shampoo that had a

Lot of sulfates and conditioners that how long silicone was i could tell it was a lot easier to detangle my hair and it didn’t it’s tricky when i was ringing it out after the shower so i always kind of felt like there was a residue on my hair afterwards and i really didn’t notice that until i started using more curly girl friendly shampoos so i think the biggest

Difference that i could see in my hair was that it was a lot shinier it was a lot easier to run my comb through and distribute products evenly so overall it just felt a lot cleaner even though you know sulfates are used to really strip your hair of all like dirts and imperfections and and kind of buildup in your hair so pay attention to the ingredients that you’re

Using in your shampoos and conditioners it might seem tempting to get a really big bottle that’s a lot cheaper than the curley girlfriend late shampoos and conditioners but i promise you your hair will thank you wouldn’t ever you switch over to more natural or or less harsh shampoos and conditioners okay so this next tip is for my girls that get your hair colored i

Am and your color and i mentioned this a few times this is not my natural hair color so in order to maintain the strength and integrity of your hair you’re definitely going to want to use a protein treatment right before you go into the salon use any kind of protein treatment so my favorite i would say right now is the palmer’s protein treatment there are a lot of

Other good protein treatments i like the shea moisture manuka honey and yogurt there are a couple of others and i’ll leave a list of those down below but the reason you want to do that is again just to make sure that your hair is strengthened and really strong before you go in and add chemicals because it can break down your hair just a little bit and then you’re

Also going to want to do the same thing after you get it dyed so i know that you’re not really supposed to wash your hair out for a couple of days but as soon as you’re ready to wash it out go in and use another protein treatment because again it’s just going to strengthen your hair it’s gonna help it kind of a spring back to normal because after you dye your hair

You’re like me kind of feels like my curls are a little limp and not as springy and bouncy as they were before and they need some time to readjust so the protein treatment is just gonna get there faster the next way that you can help maintain the health of your curls is to make sure that you’re not washing you too much so if you’re starting out it might feel weird

To go 2 3 4 5 how many days is that washing your hair especially because you’re adding a lot more product then i’m sure you’re used to and i would straighten my hair i would use a serum and that was it it was really hard for me to adjust to the filling of products kind of building up on my scalp and i wanted to wash my hair all the time but that is not really good

For your curls because when you’re washing your hair too much you’re really stripping your scalp of essential oils that it needs to make sure that it’s moisturizing and traveling all the way down the length of your hair but also it does depend on the curl type you have so the tighter curl pattern that you have the longer you can go without washing your hair when

You get down to weigh your curls your hair you can definitely get a lot more oily than girls with tighter curl patterns in you so i would still say try not to wash your hair more than every two days at the minimum so if you can try to go 3 or 4 you’re really gonna see a difference in how your hair retains moisture and just making sure that water isn’t drying out

Your hair ok and so i’m sure you guys have heard this over and over again but honestly truly truly the best way to maintain your curls is to make sure that you’re cutting off dead ends i actually need a trim but quarantine so what do you do but if you can’t make sure that you are regularly going into a salon and getting your hair trimmed every i would say 6 to 8

Weeks or just whenever you feel like you need it because no matter what commercials tell you split ends do not fix themselves so they’re gonna just really keep traveling up your hair so the best thing to do is just let them go so everyone’s hair is different and these tips do work for most hair types but you just have to adjust them to your specific needs so what

Might work for you might not work for your friend and vice versa so just play around with it but make sure that you’re paying attention to curls when you’re first starting out because curls can honestly be kind of high-maintenance when you’re first starting out once you’ve been wearing your hair naturally curly tomorrow i would say a year it sounds like it’s a

Long time but it really flies by but after that you kind of know the tendencies of your curls and what works and what doesn’t work so if you have any questions like always please leave me a comment down below if you want to ask something more specific please feel free to dm me on instagram you can find me at marissa underscore lemay i would love to see you guys

Over there as well if you haven’t already hit the little bell notification please do that i do plan to post a lot more videos these upcoming weeks so make sure to look out for that if you get the bell notification it’ll let you know when i have a new video for you guys hit the subscribe button and i’ll catch you guys next time

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How to sleep with Curls! | Silk Pillowcase, Hair Masks, and More Healthy Hair Tips! By Marissa Lanae