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How to unclog a bathtub drain | Dad, how do I?

How to unclog a bathtub drain.

So i had a couple of my subscribers ask how to clean out a bathtub drain just yesterday and i thought well i’ll try to squeeze it in to get this video out tomorrow for you anyway so here we go okay so here’s what we want to do the way my brain works my plug my stopper just actually just sits in there so there’s so many varieties of this of these that you might have

To try a few different techniques to get it out usually the ones i think the ones that are most common have like a little button on the top right there and you might have to hold this and screw there might be a screw on the side to get it out then you might have to look for you i’ve seen where if you hold it up halfway and setup all the way up or all the way down

And you just hold it and then pinch it um so you just might try a few different things so that thing will come out of there you just might have to try a few different ways to do that okay and then so here you have crosshairs here and there’s a tool to remove that some mine actually works a little bit different than that but this is a more common way this tool just

Fits in inside here and then you take a screwdriver and there’s a hole in the side and you just put it in there and unscrew it if you need to go that far okay well you might try this first once you get that stopper off try one of these it’s kind of like a zip tie almost got a bunch of hooks on it and odds are you probably just got a chunk of hair right there so

You just put it down in here and fish around and pull it up and see what you get see what you catch okay mike my dream is not clogged right now so i’m not going to catch anything if i do that but the way he actually removed my drain my my drain assembly here is there’s a nut right here so that tool doesn’t actually work on mine you actually have to pinch this and

Screw it okay lefty-loosey righty-tighty right left unscrewing it that just comes out like that and then this guy just pops out okay and then now i can see down there even even better and just dig around hole stuff up right again i don’t have i don’t know anything and if you don’t have this you could also use like a hank of coat hanger and then just kind of bend

A little hook on the end and just fish around and pull something out odds are you’ll be able to fix it with just that okay yeah you have to go any further this is a snake and the snake just all that does is you just loosen this nut here there’s a nut okay you listen that pull it out stick it in tighten this back down okay and then you just and there’s a handle here

And you just spin it around until you get the gunk out and then you just pull it back out right work it wait and work your way back out okay so if you do remove this you want to make sure you have plumber’s putty okay okay so how you want to work with plumber’s putty and again and this is only like a couple bucks little thing like this it’ll last you forever i think

I’ve had this for probably 10 years because you don’t usually eat a whole lot of it but what i’m doing is i’m basically just going to roll some in between my fingers and then you and i’ve already done on some of it but basically i’m just kind of forcing it forcing it in there just it’s just another way to kind of make sure water is not getting getting around okay

So i’m kind of forcing it in between the floor just to make sure this is an extra barrier okay and then i’ve already pre rolled this one too okay i just rolled it out and then i’m gonna actually put it around my drain just gonna go right around here like this okay a little bit extra and it’ll just mush out the top when i tighten this thing down okay so i’m just

Gonna do that let’s squish it around it’s just feeling it filling in any of the cracks could he you know water can do a lot of damage over time so then we’re just going to put that right down in there and just kind of push it okay push it in and then mine like i said so you have to use this tool right then you you just tighten it down okay mine works like this so

I’m going to put this in and don’t forget the plumbers buddy though because if you do you might be sorry it’s just even a little bit of water over time gets down in there it could do a lot of damage buddies kind of seeping out there and put your stopper back on and you’re you’re good to go you got this

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How to unclog a bathtub drain | Dad, how do I? By Dad how do I?