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How To Use A Boston Shaker | Bartending 101 The Craft Cocktail

Let’s learn how to use a Boston shaker to shake a cocktail. There are bartending 101 tips around shaking and cocktails. There are some shaken cocktail recipes that integrate better with a cocktail shaker so let’s learn how to use it.

Welcome to the craft cocktail i’m derrick shomer this channel is all about learning how to best craft cocktails for over 100 years cocktails have been the thing that brings people together to share stories to create stories to create rumors to create new history so we’re here to hopefully get you to create some new history today we’re going to talk about the boston

Shaker for some reason this shaker is extremely intimidating to new people so what we want to do is give you the shaky basics to how you could use this boston shaker to make a good cocktail what we’ll do to practice is just use water and ice that way if you do anything wrong no big mess it’ll dry and you don’t waste precious alcohol there are two different styles

That you’re going to see in the market from a boston shaker perspective there’s the glass and 10 and the 10 and 10 this is a 28 to 30 ounce 10 this is almost a standard pint glass it’s standard by measure but this is tempered and what tempered does is it gives it a structural reinforcement so that when it shifts from cold to hot it doesn’t create as many micro

Fractures it’s going to last longer sustained longer and has a less chance of breaking when you start beating it with your shaker tin however it does have a greater thermal mass and what that means is when you’re trying to chill down your cocktail the cold is going to be absorbed into your glass first the court really gets through the whole cocktail in a tense

Situation the tin chills extremely quickly and it doesn’t absorb as much as the chill from your cocktail giving you a cocktail that’s cold they’re just a little bit faster but on the upside of using the glasses especially if you’re doing this in front of an audience or potential customer is they could see it being built so lastly you have your julep strainer and a

Hawthorne strainer or strainer with springs it’s fancy name to say this is what you’re really going to use this strainer is going to be able to catch some of the bits of whatever happens to be mint cucumber ice all the other type of particles so let’s do this with the glass so you get to see the action happening pretend this is our cocktail pure vodka i usually

Add my ice to the shaker tin itself typically about 3/4 up filled with ice is usually good if your drink is really big that might make it more challenging to shake so you can kind of play with the ratios shake it a little bit longer if you need to get chilled down also use a spoon or tongs when you’re playing with ice don’t use your hands if you’re serving for

Other people if you’re at home making yourself a drink free or watch orange is the new black do whatever you want now we’re going to do is take this ice pour it on top of this glass and shake just a slight hit you don’t have to get crazy you don’t have to hammer that sucker down it’s going to make it very hard to scrape the seal on this glass if you spent your time

Hammering it together plus there’s a higher potential you’re going to break a glass especially if it’s not tempered or if it has little small micro fractures you can tell it’s already got a good seal to it it will seal even better once the ice chills the air within that shaker it’s going to create a vacuum making it very hard for it to come apart physics turn it

Around shake the glass towards you tin towards your customer your fan or whoever else is you’re making a cocktail for and then give it a good shake i like to shake between 10 and 15 seconds 20 seconds especially if it has a lot of granulated sugar now if you do have any type of potential leak especially when working with egg whites is going to do with dry shake

And we’ll discuss that in another video you want to make sure that when that if it does break open it coach you rather than anybody else since you’re now first learning to use it all you’re going to do is cook yourself with water not a big deal now once you’re finished what i typically do is i find where the rock happens it should have a slight lean to it look for

The frost line right at that frost line right where the skew begins right where the seal begins right here you’ll be able to give it a little firm tap and the glass comes off if it doesn’t come off the first time give it a couple more taps you don’t have to get aggressive if you didn’t hammer the thing on to begin with it’s going to come off a lot easier take your

Strainer put it on top one finger on the strainer two fingers around the tent and you could pour your cocktail or water you can buy a boss a shaker at alotted from places i suggest you go to my store awesome drinks calm where you can get the ten or ten or tune on glass and the glasses that we if all our tempers so it gives you the structural reinforcement you’re

Going to need the other thing i highly recommend is you check out liquid intelligence dave arnold has an entire chapter on how to use your bar equipment he also is a nice layout of what you should have to start up with bar equipment what are the essential pieces you need and you could find that and a link below along with the joy of mixology which has another

Little chapter on how to shake how to how to serve guests the proper etiquette to utilize your boss’s shaker those links are below along with some links that you can use to pick up a boston shaker to prepare yourself for the cocktails that we’re going to be creating on the craft cocktail now go make yourself a drink

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