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How to wash SILK hair accessories | MYK Silk Pillowcase & Bonnet

Properly wash your SILK PILLOWCASE and SILK BONNET. How you care for your silk accessories is very important. You MUST use the right detergent when washing silk, not just “a gentle detergent.” An unscented, hypoallergenic, all-purpose detergent will destroy silk just as badly as a regular if it contains the wrong ingredients.

So about two months ago i got my very first silk bonnet and silk pillowcase and i was so excited to get these because i’ve been wanting silk hair accessories real silk hair accessories for a very long time i got my items from my case soap and this is mulberry silk really one of the finest types of silk so after about two or three weeks of using the bonnet and the

Pillowcase every single night i knew that it was time to give them a good wash and my first instinct was to just throw them in the washing machine but i realized you know this is silk so i need to take a little special care in how i treat the fabric so if you have silk hair accessories and you’ve been wanting to know how to take care of them watch the next steps

That i’m showing you because there are a few major rules that you need to be aware of when maintaining your silk your silk is special so remember to treat it that way you never want to use bleach laundry pods or stain fighting detergents these are highly damaging to silk so stick to specialized delicate detergents you want to treat your silk hair accessories

Just like any other delicate garments now i’m hand-washing my in cold water but you can hand wash and cold to lukewarm water or machine wash cold on the gentle cycle so i rinse my items twice in cold water just to make sure i got all of the suds and all of the were light out and you be careful because you never want to wring your silk to get all of the water

Out i am gently squeezing to remove the excess water and the reason you should not wring your silk hair accessories or your silk anything is because when you wring it and twist it like that it could damage the shape of your hair accessories or your silk clothes whatever it is that you’re that you’re taking care of so just remember not to wring and as far as drying

Silk is very strong when it’s dry but it’s pretty weak when it’s wet so i am just going to hang my items up to dry let them hang hang out overnight if you choose to put them in the dryer you can certainly do that just make sure you put them on the lowest setting that your dryer has oh let me give this disclaimer so you may not want to put your regular silk items

In the dryer however the my case silk website clearly states that you can put these items in your dryer on the lowest setting now you also have the option of taking your items to the dry cleaner me i’m all about saving my money and just taking care of my items at home using my wool light so i hope that you found value in this video and if you like this video give

It a thumbs up and leave me a comment and let me know how you maintain your silk or any of your delicate items if you use wool light and what other gentle laundry detergent is out there because wool light is all that i know but i’m pretty sure there are other gentle laundry detergents out there thank you for watching and until next time keep it natural a corporate

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How to wash SILK hair accessories | MYK Silk Pillowcase & Bonnet By NaturallyCorporate