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Huggable Hangers 60pack Pant Shirt Velvet Hangers

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Want to save space in your closet if you want to reclaim that closet space there’s no better way to do it than huggable hangers why well for one they are ultra thin so they’re going to give you all that space back for two the way they are designed and their velvet finish is going to help to kind of protect the integrity of your garments whether it is a big large coat

Whether it is a delicate blouse all of that is going to be able to stay right there on that hanger all at the same level that same eye level all of the hangers are exactly the same color you’re going to bring that organization back to your closet while in this seasonal change while we’re changing out our clothes this is such a great opportunity and today you get

The opportunity to pick up either the 60 pack or the 40 pack now depending upon the pack you pick up either one half of those will be the shirt hangers and half of those will be the pant hangers and you’ll see the difference there you have a couple of colors to choose from as well the black the blush the gray and the navy but what i want to show you is the effect

It’s going to have on your closet immediately and for me when my closet is more organized when my clothes are organized and i can see them and they look great and they haven’t fallen on the floor take a look at your screen look at this before and after not just talking about the space that you’re going to get back but talking about the look of your closet and i’ve

Got a little demonstration here just to show you because we’ve put the exact amount in both of these closets today and listen a lot of us have messy closets it happens we buy these hangers that we think are going to be they’re going to be magic like oh that one must be the best i’m going to get that one and then all of a sudden we have five or six different types

Of hangers in our closet so come with me let me show you so take a look here this is what a lot of our closets look like because we’ve tried different hangers and they all hang a little bit differently and some don’t hang very well at all they end up on the floor so we took the exact same amount of clothing that we have in this closet and all we did was put them

On huggable hangers and i want to show you what it’s going to look like so imagine now in the morning walking in and seeing this look how organized look how streamlined this is how beautiful this is and then if you want more room then you just slide them all down now you have just reclaimed half of your closet space back that’s why these are so popular that’s why

These are on every top 10 list so today their 40 pack is 29.95 your 60 pack is 39.95 that means each of these hangers is coming out to pennies it consents to 67 cents a hanger couldn’t be an easier quicker more efficient way to claim back some space our guest this morning is deb byers always lovely to see dev hi deb good morning tai and you’re absolutely right

Today is september 1 and it’s a perfect time to get the number one selling item on on hsn for over 20 years the huggable hanger because we are going to be swapping out our clothes from our summer and spring clothes to our fall and winter clothes even down here in florida because it gets cold here too but this is the opportunity for you to get either 20 of the shirt

And 20 of the pant or 30 of the shirt and 30 of the pants for 40 or 60 pack to change over your closets and take back the space that’s taken away from hangers that just aren’t working effectively for us and the in the it happens because each one of your hangers is a quarter of an inch thin but don’t let that size fool you because they are sturdy enough for your

Heaviest winter coats and they are delicate enough for your finest lingerie because they’re coated with that gorgeous velvety coating and each one of these four gorgeous colors whichever one you choose are going to be color fast so you can take your fine washables your white t-shirts your favorite sweaters out of the wash wet and hang them to dry on your huggable

Hangers and because of that sloping shoulder design the integrity of the garments are going to be maintained and as we’re swapping over our clothes to fall in winter the extra long hook is going to support those turtlenecks so it’s a win-win for everybody teens or seniors guys or gals because ty i know you’ve got these as well and this is a great opportunity to

Stock up because once you’ve tried them they’re like potato chips you always want more and these sets are perfect well you know you make a really good point because at this price today if you love huggable hangers great opportunity to stock up if you’ve never tried huggable hangers a great opportunity to try it we’ve been here at hsn for over 20 years one of the

Most popular items we’ve ever had here that’s why we keep bringing them back and you’ve probably heard about them over and over again you think what is it what makes these so great well this is your opportunity to try it again you can choose either the 40 pack or the 60 pack now when you’re thinking about 40 hangers or 60 hangers i want to mention this this is what

Happened to me i had things that i hang in my closet and then i had my drawers full of things that i fold even like like t-shirts and stuff and even some long sleeve shirts i didn’t have room for my closet and i would fold them right and then they would get wrinkled well because of the safety the space that you are saving you are able to hang far more items so i

Was able to hang all those t-shirts that i like i was able to hang those up some of those long sleeve shirts that i had to fold and put in my drawer you’re going to be able to hang all of those now so when you think about 40 or 60 you may think wow 60 that seems like a lot but when you think between you and maybe whoever you live with maybe you and your partner or

Whoever it is or the teenagers in your house 60 will go very quickly i am telling you because you will want to hang everything and now you will have space to hang everything let me show off the colors real quick again this is your beautiful blush right here you have that color to choose from in both sets this is your black all right you’re kind of classic black

This is your steel gray you’ll see all of this at if you head over there you’ll be able to choose between the two sets and your color and this is going to be your navy and you can see the slope how beautifully they are designed you’re not going to have those little shoulder bumps at all and i’m going to turn it sideways to show you i may not be able to

Show you with my sweater but look just how ultra thin they are that’s why you’re saving all of that space and you can see that soft velvety finish on there so it’s up to you choose the set 40 pack or 60 pack but i’m telling you that 60. once you hang up with the 40 pack you’ll see everything else that you want to hang up because now you have all of that space your

Item number is 076910 on that’s going to take you to the site to the page where you get to choose between the two and you get to choose your color for that today they are on flex pay as well so take advantage of that flex pay if you take a look at your screen right now that’s what’s going to look like when you search and you when you search the item number

That i just gave you that’s on your screen now you can choose the pack that you want and then choose the color that you want um and you know deb it’s not just saving space the way these are designed uh like you said whether it’s that turtleneck whether it’s that heavy coat whether it’s that delicate blouse it kind of helps keep the integrity of that garment which a

Lot of these other hangers don’t do you’re a hundred percent right be tied because what you were saying about these shoulder bumps no more shoulder bumps to your point you can take all those favorite sweaters out of the drawers and free up all that space and hang your clothes confidently on their huggable hangers but the other thing that we need to talk about is

The teens going off to college so all those little tiny closets you’re going to be able to maximize the space in those small closets or if you know someone who’s going to an assisted living you’re going to want to go ahead and give them huggable hangers because of the velvety coating nothing can fall off so there’s no more bending down to pick anything up because

They’re going to stay on and by the way this is the original huggable hanger there are imitators out of there imitation is the form the greatest form of flattery but you want the original the one that we’ve sold nearly a billion here and i keep saying nearly a billion because whoever is counting has lost count before you know we’re pretty close to a billion and

They’re always a customer pick so this is a great day to grab them and i agree with you ty the 60 pack is really the way to go because once you’ve changed over your closet you’re going to realize wow i can do my husband’s closet my kid’s closet my mom would love these you’re always going to want more and this is just going to give you a boutique like look in your

Own home and maximize your wardrobe because remember your clothes aren’t mushmush like in the other closet that we were showing earlier they’re organized so you’ll be able to envision outfits together and maximize the clothes that you already have so this is a great addition to your closet if you’ve never tried them you can always use more in my house i’ve got a

Box because every time i buy something new i put them on my huggable hangers and the value today is terrific so i’m thrilled that everybody’s going to be able to grab these today yeah it is stock up value and it’s also tried if you’ve never tried it value it’s the way to go and i love that deb says it’s that boutique look that’s exactly it that’s the feeling you

Get like when you walk into that high-end boutique and everything is perfectly at eye level it’s all the same level all the hangers are the same color and you just feel good and organized you can see everything beautifully that’s what your closet is going to look like not to mention you’re getting half of your closet space back what a great opportunity this morning

Deb always good to see you thanks for being here with us this morning always a pleasure ty congratulations everyone all right we’ll see you again soon zero seven six nine one zero jump on that you just choose between the 40 of the 60 pack and choose your color you are gonna love them all right we’re gonna keep moving on but before we

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