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Huggable hangers

Re-doing my closet and decided to try these hangers

Hey everybody so as you can tell from the title i got some new hangers today every fall as well as spring i clean up my closet and i try to organize and condense on things and i had saw these in target and wanted to give them a try and they are those velvet hangers that are supposed to condense everything in your closet and make more things fit and i do have a lot

Of clothes so i figured this would be a good idea now the ones that i picked up are the huggable hangers this is the container the box that they came in and it came with 10 of the suit hangers and they’re just i got them in white they’re very thin they have a little logo on top and they’re that velvet material so i had 10 of those came with 14 of the regular shirt

Hangers and that’s without the bar on the bottom it also came with c4 of the cascading hooks they look like this same velvet and what these do is you hook them on to a hanger and then you can double up or even triple up hangers and that way you can fit more in one space if you have a small closet these are great ideas and then they also came with six of the little

Hooks and these fit on the suit hangers and they’re meant so if you have pants or anything that you want to hang up in the closet dress pants or skirts clip them onto this and you can hook them right on to this if they are suit you can put the jacket over the top and everything stays nice and neat and together this holds set and this was a 34 piece set this was for

$20 $19.99 at target and then i also got a set of 10 additional of the suit hangers for $8.99 so i ended up with c34 hangers altogether and then the clips and the cascading hooks so i do need to get more i need to get a lot more probably two or three more of these sets because i have a lot of clothes but so far it has taken my closet and kind of squished it down

So i can fit either i could probably fit all of my winter jackets and things in the same closet we are in the process of redoing our master bedroom so my fiancĂ© and i are sharing a closet right now so this these have worked really well because if you put them next to each other they’re almost the size of just one hangers so they really don’t take up any space at

All they really condense everything i did get the white like i said and then for my fiance i plan on getting the black so eventually when we have our own separate closets he has black in his closet i have white in my closet and everything is nice and organized i do like these so far like i said i plan on getting some more and i will show you the done version of

What the closet is after both of our clothes are on the new hangers and i will keep you updated on that but i just wanted to give a shout out to these these work really well i know they have a bunch of different brands and things of that nature they do have other colors i just got the plain white i know other brands probably make different colors and stuff but these

Work really relevant very excited about them so i hope everybody goes out and grab some their life savers especially for dorms a lot of kids are going back to the dorm rooms and these would be great for the dorm room closets because i know there are tiny tiny closets so you can fit a lot more if you have some of these so i hope everybody has a great day and i will talk to you soon but

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Huggable hangers By SuperJsand