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Hangers Pack of 80 Pant and Shirt Velvet Hangers

Is the way to give you i want to say about 75 more closet space without having to hire somebody to give you a new closet without having to hire anything do any organization just with the hangers these are one of our most popular items they have been for years and years and years they’re called huggable hangers why because they hug together no because i could

Practically hug them they’ve given me so much more space in my closet they fold beautifully they kind of hug together and the storage that you’re going to get the space that you’re going to reclaim in your closet is incredible the deal we have today lowest price i’ve ever seen on the huggable hangers you get 80 hangers for 39.95 that’s 50 cents a hanger and you’re

Getting the pants hangers and you’re getting the the shirt hangers beautiful velvet we’ve got great colors at this price we have four colors remaining for you we have black we have navy we have a beautiful gray almost like a a khaki gray and then we have it in the blush i want to show you our before and after closet and then i wanted to introduce you to our

Very special guest this if this is what your closet looks like oh there we’ve got a great before and after there look at how beautiful it looks it’s like pinterest ready that’s what i talk about when i say more space available in your closet you can find everything your closet looks beautiful every nothing’s falling off the hangers you can find everything honestly

This if this is what your closet looks like this every single item in this closet is in that closet look at how pretty it looks and not just does it look pretty but take a look at this you ready for it you guys ready for this okay here it goes whoa look at all the extra space you have i can give you lots of ideas what to fill that up with my guest dev byers is

Joining us deb you know when i first got my huggable hangers um they said oh you’re going to have so much more space in your closet so of course what did i do i bought more hangers and i bought more clothes well that’s the right thing to do shannon that’s exactly what you should be doing because huggable hangers actually create space in your home you saw with that

Demonstration that’s a real deal but the best part is with this 80 pack that you’re getting today 80 you’re getting 40 of the shirt the pant hangers those are the ones with the bar and you can double up on these by putting the pants on them and then putting something on top and then you’re getting 40 of the shirt hangers but the best part is when you’ve transformed

Your closet from other hangers to your huggable hanger closet everything is at eye level nothing falls on the floor because of that gorgeous velvety coating and a huggable hanger closet stays neater longer so you’re going to minimize the amount of steaming or pressing that you want to do every time you get dressed in the morning because everything is organized

And the secret is the uniformity of all the hangers you’re actually having a hanger that’s a quarter of an inch thin but super super durable that creates the space that you’re seeing on the screen right there so this is a great time of year to stock up if you already have them and you know and if you’re the one person out there in the world that has never seen a

Huggable hanger demonstration and has never tried them before these are the original and these are the ones that you want color fast beautiful use them for your fine washables to hang them up to dry no more shoulder bumps take those sweaters and t-shirts out of the drawers and free up more space send them off to college with the kids because they’ve got little tiny

Closets but the best part is we’re going to be moving from summer and spring and summer clothing into fall and winter clothing transform your closet do a little shopping and have a closet that’s going to be absolutely awesome with this 80 pack of hanger shannon it’s a perfect time of year and a great great value 80 hangers everything that you’re seeing here all of

These hangers it’s hard to even tell how many hangers because they hug so nicely together 80. you mean this may be your entire closet i think i might need about three sets but it’s a great time when you’re saving 20 off today to be able to get the all uniform colors i have a different color of huggable hangers for each one of my family members so that my daughter

Doesn’t steal my clothes but it really is a perfect solution for you we’ve got black we have navy this is the gray i think on your camera it might look a little bit olive it’s kind of a warm gray and then the blush this is last call on the blush we have fewer than 200 sets in the blush at 39.95 maybe this is your chance to get two sets you might not think that you

Need more but this is your perfect opportunity to completely redo your closet if you like me take up so much space in your closet and maybe your husband gets just a little bit you can hang suits on these you can hang pants here you can hang you can hang jackets each one holds up to 20 pounds and deb we know we’ve been in other stores there are a lot of copycats

But they are not as durable they are not the same quality they don’t have the color fastness and of course they can’t certainly hold up to 20 pounds each these are the original these are the best these are the tried and true shannon you’re absolutely right there are imitators out there but you do want the original and this is a great opportunity to go ahead and

Stock up on them because to your point once you trade you trade changed your clothes over to huggable hangers in my opinion they’re the only hanger that you want and they’re great for every member of the family the guys love them too because they actually replicate the human shoulder so you don’t have to worry about those dinks and dimples that you can get from

Other hangers you’ve got that extra long hook so you can go ahead and now we’re going to be going into colder weather hang your turtlenecks on them they are color fast so use them for your fine washables i happen to have the black and i love it wear a lot of white tops no worries the colors never ever run and if you’re traveling with a garment bag you can take two

To three times as many garments when your garment bag and all you need to do is grab your clothes right out of your closet into your garment bag on the hangers and off you go so there are so many wonderful attributes about these they’ve always been a customer pick the value is huge when you consider the fact that you’re getting 80 gorgeous velvety coated huggable

Hangers and it’s a great opportunity to go ahead and change over your closet because the seasons are changing or to send them off to kids with college or maybe a senior in an assisted living anyone that’s got a little closet now can have the opportunity to have a big closet with these great hangers it’s an absolute win for everybody shannon it is and of course

Have you been here at hsn for years and years we have and just already knows we have a place that the employees can shop discounted items we have for a long time it’s been closed during covet but whenever the huggable hangers are 50 cents a piece all of the employees would go to that store and be like oh 50 cents a piece on huggable hangers so this deal today this

Is the deal that long-time hsn employees know is a great deal it’s like a friends and family discount it’s like an employee discount at 50 cents a hanger and i don’t usually say stuff like that you know i just want to let you everybody know this is the insider deal while we have it in stock it’s 50 cents a hanger you literally cannot beat that whether you worked

At hsn for 30 years or you’re just joining us and watching right it’s uh we do have four colors available for you that we have black remember you’re getting 80 for 39.95 40 of the pant and 40 of the shirt you’ve got the navy we have the gray which is a really warm gray almost like a khaki gray and then we’ve got only about and twenty remaining in the blush that’s

It those will sell out at this price so if you want that blush go for it but just like you were saying deb these are completely color fast so if you if you have the black because you like that beautiful deep color you’re not it’s not going to transfer onto your white clothes i love too that these don’t need you know a lot of times we have hangers and we’re like oh

This is my tank top hanger right or this is my delicates hanger because it has a little divot here and then you have to sort of hang it and make sure that the thing nothing falls off of these everything it hangs just perfectly you never have that one you know tank top hanging by one thread um it holds up to 20 pounds a piece so you’re getting an incredible value

Today you’re absolutely right i love what you said about the fact that you don’t need to have any sort of little dip here because the velvet that gorgeous velvet is going to keep all your little slinky tops on and your heaviest winter coats so you can put these in the coat closet confidently and know that you’re not going to open up a closet when your guests arrive

And have their coat on the floor so it doesn’t matter whether you’re a size 0 or a size 3x it doesn’t matter what fabrication you choose to wear whether you like soft delicate fabrics by the way this velvety coating is not going to snag anything so even your fine nylons aren’t going to be a problem on this gorgeous gorgeous hanger and the fact that you’re getting

80 today is going to transform a regular walk-in closet and remember it’s not a project it’s a fun thing to do because when you change your hangers off from your conventional hangers that you see to your huggable hangers you see the magic happen after the first the second the third one and it becomes an absolute pleasure to have your closet transformed with the

Huggable hangers honestly an amazing deal so with all of you on the phone that blush will sell out really quickly treat yourself to a brand new closet for 50 cents a hanger i’m so glad that you’re with us deb thank you so much for joining us always my pleasure shannon terrific enjoy everyone congratulations absol honestly if you’re tuning in right now it is it’s

A big congratulations you happened in at the right place at the right time so if you’re on the phone you like to talk to a representative go for it you can also go to and just so you know this is coming up because when we talk about storage you want a storage solution that

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Huggable Hangers Pack of 80 Pant and Shirt Velvet Hangers By HSNtv