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Alphalete Amplify leggings are BOMB, but can we find some for a fraction of the price???

What is better than a pair of leggings that has you feeling sucked tucked and bubble butt it sounded better in my head before it came out well basically the exact same pair of leggings but instead of 72 dollars 38 or 14. welcome to my journey to find the perfect affordable alternative to my favorite legging the alphalete seamless amplify legging there’s a reason

I have every color this is only half of them they’re the legging that i put on and i feel incredible no matter how bad of a day i’m having how bloated these are they are worth it but the issue is 72 is a lot sometimes you just don’t have that kind of money to throw out a pair of leggings the other issue is they are frequently sold out let’s see what they’ve got

Online right now a lot of the colors are pretty picked over in size there’s quite a few of this twilight purple copper and then yellow gray and black there’s pretty much every color but most of these there’s just not much left by the way if you notice that it’s looking a little naked back here and you missed a couple chapters you might want to go watch my last

Video i got rid of all my leggings well not all of them i wear size medium in the awfully amplify leggings that is my true size right now and overall i would say these leggings are very true to size they have a pretty good size range unfortunately better than some of the affordable alternatives that we’re gonna be trying today that’s like one of the trade-offs

With dupes the reason these are so phenomenal is this seamless waistband has three tiers to it so it gets more snug the higher up you go and it creates this beautiful taper and it’s a very soft stretchy knit and the bum contour i’m not normally a booty scrunch fan but this one is so superior to any other scrunch out there like just look at it we’re on a mission to

Replicate all of this this first liking is from a brand that i’ve heard whispers of in the fitness community a bunch of you have commented or dm’d me about it it’s called camo fitness they’re a newer smaller brand and i’m hesitant with a lot of those but i decided to give this one a try and the dawn seamless legging is what we’re focusing on today i made sure to

Time this video the restocking these today like as this video is going live there are now some on the website because they’re so new they tend to sell out pretty fast the colors that they have right now are black navy gray and deep depths which is like an olive green these are 38.98 i’ve been wearing these to the gym over the past few weeks i waited to try the

Ultra cheap ones with you but i had to get a good wear-in on these and i have to say i am so impressed they nailed the fabric on these they are so soft and stretchy and just luxurious feeling dare i say softer like honestly i would say overall these run kind of big just because of how stretchy they are like i’m gonna try on the extra small small and the medium large

For you and i know i’m not an extra small person but the fact that i can fit into them says something and then as far as the actual design pretty darn similar to the amplify they don’t have that really subtle mesh contouring that the alphalet ones have but they do have the most important part which is that tiny bit of contouring on the back and then the phenomenal

Scratch detail you know some people don’t love it but i do and then of course on the waistband there is no branding at all on the camo leggings and then they don’t have that same like three-tiered compression structure but what is cool about this waistband is if you look really closely you can see that the front of the waistband is woven a little bit tighter than

The sides in the back the one downside to these leggings is they do only come in an extra small small and a medium large i’m not even entirely sure which size i like in them they’re such a stretchy legging i noticed that the extra small small is definitely tighter in the waistband and the rise is a little bit shorter so if you’re gonna get these i would definitely

Recommend basing off of your waist size here the squat scores for these they only have dark colors right now and they all do really really well there’s also a shorts version of these in all the same colors i’ve worked out in these a few times and i have to say they’re not holding up quite as well as the 72 dollar version i don’t know if it was the leggings or if

I did something but mine are definitely already starting to peel a little bit the other thing that i really really love from them are these tops oh my goodness if you’re a fan of long line crop top sports bra type things these tops are so great they hit like right at the top of the waistband of your leggings i would say they’re like medium support removable cup

Pads and they come in a bunch of fun colors i’m going to link all of that down below if you want to check any of it out but let’s move on to the super cheap leggings to be honest i don’t spend a lot of time on websites like aliexpress or wish because i’ve been burned a few times i’ve had so many items not show up or they’re just awful awful quality but i decided

To take one for the team i went on a deep dive in the aliexpress seamless leggings to find the perfect one and let me tell you i’m pretty happy with what i came up with both of these leggings that i found are from a store manufacturer whatever you want to call it called beauty angel store and they have a whole bunch of different ones so these ones have very specific

Very very long titles i’ll also link the specific ones below starting off with push-up seamless leggings women scrunch butt gym leggings yoga pants hip lifting sports legging workout tights there’s a lot of them so make sure it’s that exact one these ones are gray green they look pretty great to me to be honest but sure gray green they were 14.85 they have a whole

Bunch of different colors in this one i got the gray because i wanted to try one of the lightest ones the size range is pretty terrible but i was pleasantly surprised to see that there is free shipping and they actually have decent reviews if this is accurate all right aliexpress let’s see what you got okay a little tight so far yeah oh and they’re on okay okay

Wait a minute okay initial thoughts they’re definitely a little stiffer than the alphaletes i quite like this waistband it’s double lined slightly different knit than the rest of it and then these ones do have like a super subtle contouring on them and look at that bum here’s the actual like squat proofness test for them as far as sheerness goes the next pair

I got from the same store but this always happens the tag says miss shine these ones are the high-waisted push-up seamless sports legging woman yoga pants super stretchy gym workout tight sports legging running pants um and to be honest i think they’re the exact same thing half the reason that i got this one is because the photos are so ridiculous like you have

The nice generic stock photos and then you have these why like why once again same size range these ones actually have a better rating honestly the customer photos under this listing sells them way more than the weird photos that they have but i wanted to see how it compared to the elfly golden hour it’s definitely a little bit more orange to be honest i might

Like the aliexpress color better the alpha yellow is very very yellow i have to be like in the right mood to wear it this one it’s a little i hate to say subtle because there’s nothing subtle about the color orange but it’s really pretty here’s the squat score for this one not terrible honestly these ones were 14 57 28 whole cents cheaper than the gray ones even

Though they’re the same thing i don’t know why honestly i feel like i trust these ones a little more like they have slightly more stretch to them they’re still not like soft but i feel like i can trust them that they’re not going to rip open if i squat down but i mean same waistband same contour same booty scrunch just a slightly different feel i wonder if it’s

Something to do with the dye they’re not bad i would rather pay the 38 for the camel and just for like peace of mind i’ve just had experience with cheap leggings like this ripping and running and not holding up very well i mean they don’t exactly look like they do on the model as they do on me but pretty damn close so i’m pleasantly surprised by all of that maybe

I gave you some suggestions for some new leggings to try out maybe you’ll just go buy the athlete ones or maybe you hate seamless scrunch leggings and in that case it was just fun to hang out make sure to hit that subscribe button if you don’t want to miss out on future videos i’ll see you in the next video but in the meantime leo and i picked out these videos for

You to watch speaking of leo lee come here my little soggy dog this is your part say bye youtube

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