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I found my vintage Tamagotchis from the early 2000s.

Almost 20 years later, I found my OLD Tamagotchi collection (all 5 of them)! I have some Tamagotchi V1’s, V2’s and a V3. Come with me as I replace the ancient batteries with new ones and see if they still work after all these years. They’re like time capsules!

So something really exciting happened i found my old tamagotchis they have been lying dead somewhere in the attic for several decades now like they’re almost 20 years old and i am going to attempt to bring them back to life i just want to activate them all at the same time have them mate with each other and just give them the best tamagotchi life that they deserve

So i have these circular lithium batteries and this allen key screwdriver that i found from some old ikea furniture that i built so let’s do this okay time to get to work i hope this works it does not work okay i have found an actual screwdriver and now it’s time for operation okay so while i figure out how to open up my tamagotchis here is a brief tour of the

Five tamagotchis that i own please ignore my fugly looking nails um so this first one is a tamagotchi version one it’s a tamagotchi connection with an x which according to the internet means it’s a european model i have no idea how i got it i think it was gifted to me at some point but this same model was released in the us in 2004 making it almost 20 years old

Now fun fact tamagotchis were created by the company bandai and they were released in japan in 1996 and quickly spread all around the world to what we know today as one of the biggest toy fads of the early 2000s and late 90s and you can still buy tamagotchi today there are some revamped modern remakes of the classic toy a link get down below if you’re interested

Now according to bandai the word tamagotchi actually stems from a combination of two japanese words it’s a combination of the word tamago which means egg and ochi which means watch sorry that was probably a really bad pronunciation but yeah i read online apparently the story behind the games is that tamagotchis are a small alien species that deposited an egg

On earth to see what life was like and it’s up to the player to raise that egg into an adult creature and depending on how well you take care of your tamagotchi it develops into various characters that’s a little bit of tamagotchi facts for you the more you know also one more thing there was a flash based website called tama town at one point i vaguely remember

Going on this website it was so much fun obviously does not exist anymore okay back to my tamagotchis next up we have tamagotchi v2 version two so i have not one not two but three version twos and these ones were released in 2005. if you saw my kinder egg toy video you know that i really loved things in abundance as a kid i swear i was not this rich spoiled kid

I just i don’t know i was really fixated on certain toys and i just had to get multiple of them lastly we have the tamagotchi v3 this one was released in 2006 um as you can see this one stands out from the rest it has this little antenna on the side and i’m pretty sure this is the one that connected to that flash game tama town that i mentioned earlier and this

One was definitely i had the most fun with this one i did it so i have successfully replaced all the batteries on these old tamagotchis broke a few nails even further in the process but leave your guesses down below if you think i was able to restore all of these or did we lose some in the process leave your guesses down below also if you aren’t already please do

Subscribe to my channel like this video your support really means a lot okay time for the big reveal they all work wow i am so surprised especially the oldest one i was having a bit of trouble with that one because when i initially replaced the battery it didn’t work and then i pressed the little like restart button back here using the screwdriver so you can see

They all have the little bouncing egg that’s ready to hatch um i mean let’s just go ahead and hatch them all at the same time um okay let me just press the middle button on all of them oh it has my old tamagotchi saved oh my god i don’t know what to do i wish you guys could like vote right now but okay i think i think you guys would want me to download my old

Ones to see what they look like so i’m just gonna go ahead and do that download it’s a little like pikachu guy okay i’m definitely downloading all of them here we go oh they don’t look very pleased oh my gosh it has a skull on top i think he’s dying not surprising okay next to this guy he’s like a little alien looking fellow and he is currently sleeping and

Then okay this is my oldest one i’m very curious about this it’s just a baby he’s just a baby okay and last but not least what does that mean these are all of like my time capsuled tamagotchis as you can see they are all different one of them is dying one of them just woke up from a nap and here we have the navigation i don’t know what any of these mean so i

Feel like i need to tend to this one first because it literally has a skull above its head also it’s really dusty okay so he is not happy at all um we need to fix that it’s a girl and it’s generation 12g this is the 12th generation i’m so glad i clicked download okay so let’s navigate to this one meal snack you know what snacks always make me happy did luna

Just say no to a snack suggestion okay how about a meal guys this is so stressful i don’t know what to do she have a baby by the way what is going on okay health oh my god i healed her she just needed medicine oh that’s awesome okay oh this one is hatching oh my god toilet okay so this one is my oldest one let’s try the jump game gamer status what i really

Want to do now is i want to play around with that um what is it called the infrared i think that’s what it is this thing if you ever played with tamagotchis you know that if you had friends or in my case you just had five tamagotchis at home and you were your own friend you could connect them like this and they would play games oh it’s not working it’s not

Working guys oh wait connect oh okay okay it worked okay that was really anticlimactic okay this one just pooped so i just cleaned that this baby tamagotchi just won’t stop pooping like i’ve cleaned its poop like five times within the past 20 minutes that i’ve been sitting here playing with these tamagotchis man this is a lot of work okay so tamagotchis iconic

Okay iconic nostalgic legendary but i think it’s time to remove their batteries again we’ve cleaned some poop played some very very mediocre games but yeah these are such a staple of my childhood but but also it’s just so crazy to see how much you know toys and just gaming in general has progressed um this is so boring and this was so fun when i was a kid but

As a keychain as an accessory so cute what do you want okay there we go yeah a little anticlimactic but i hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did be sure to give it a like and subscribe to my channel i’m gonna remove the batteries again because i am honestly fed up with these needy tamagotchis but i’ll see you guys next time bye foreign

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I found my vintage Tamagotchis from the early 2000's. By Jess Delight