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I found Spongebob Squarepants pineapple house IN REAL LIFE!

Oh yeah so i started running off the roof and i climbed down this antenna jumped off and then ran all the way over to the thing i just threw guys right here we have this beautiful luxurious package that we just bought from the store and this thing is super expensive and i’m about to show you guys what it is so here goes nothing the thing that i just bought from

The store is this wait this isn’t what i bought no you must have accidentally grabbed somebody else’s groceries dang it guys the thing that i actually meant to buy was like a lasso because in my last video if you don’t remember i said that if that video got a certain amount of likes that i would actually go and buy a lasso and unfortunately i accidentally bought

The wrong thing so we do not have a lasso for today’s video so i guess we’re just stuck with whatever this thing is so let’s unfold it to try to figure out what it is so i started unfolding it what in the world oh my goodness look at this my dudes my dudes it looks like it’s some sort of floaty or something like this is a place where you can blow it up at let me

Use my super manly lungs to blow this thing up real quick i got this so i started blowing it up with my super manly lung muscles but unfortunately it made me cough and i thought i was going to die you know what we’re just going to use the air pump to blow it up because apparently my lungs need some more cardio training before i can do that what so we’re gonna

Head over here to the air pump and blow this thing up real quick to see what it is come on guys watch this that was legitimate that was legitness all right anyways let’s do this for real a few moments later oh my goodness guys this thing is literally a ginormous dragon it literally spits out fire now this thing is literally a floaty so let’s take it out to the

Pond and test it out so i ran as fast as i could all the way over to the pond but and then i saw something wait a minute guys remember santa cam he got popped the other day by the boat because we literally had one of the boats in the pawn and sandy king was in the pond at the same time and he got absolutely demolished by it so rest in peace but you know what in

Memory of sam the cam we’re gonna name the ginormous dragon sam as well so introducing damn number two welcome to the torg fam sam wow wow that rhymes i should be a poet all right make sure you go smash the thumbs up button right now because we’re about to throw sam the dragon in the pond and i don’t know if he can flow delicious look i’m gonna get him out into

The pond be free see him the dragon okay guys so he does float so it is now time for me to try to ride sam the dragon let’s see if he can hold my super fat body hey wait i don’t have any swimming trunks on or anything and i really need some so i’m gonna go put some on real quick i’ll be right back that hurt the next day all right it’s now the next day it took me

Forever to find my swimming trunks but i finally did it let’s go now i got this super good cookie right here thanks mom give me super high energy oh wait damn you want some of the cookie oh yeah okay here you go that didn’t work all right so it is now time for the moment we’ve all been waiting for i’m gonna jump on to sam the dragon right now let’s do this let’s

Do this full sin so i gave sam a drink of water and then i laid down on him and took a nap a few moments later guys you know what i’m gonna try to backflip gainer on sam here i go so i tried my first ever backflip okay so apparently backflipping is not my specialty so i went all the way over to the other side of the pond to the trampoline all right are you guys

Ready for this i’m gonna jump off the trampoline on the sand come back guys thank god for my super manly muscles because without them i wouldn’t be able to pull myself back up on the stand but you know what guys i’m super exhausted now after all this swimming we’re gonna come back out here tomorrow and do even more swimming because we’re gonna be searching for

Spongebob squarepants in our pond so yeah i guess i will see you guys at today’s main part of the video peace out until tomorrow i’m just gonna chillax out here on the water for a little while i’ll probably just take another nap this is super comfortable 801 pm yo guys so torga’s literally been in bed like all day and i have no idea why let’s go in his bedroom

To see what he’s doing wait talk why are you still asleep torque wake up dude what are you doing what time is it it’s like 8 p.m oh guys something super sad actually happened to me yesterday when i was out swimming and i tried to do a backflip off of sam the dragon i hit my back super hard on the water and apparently the impact was so forceful that i actually

Broke my back so mad and angry because i literally can’t move plus now i have ten thousand dollars in medical bills so i’m pretty sure i need like one year of therapy or something before i can do the heck sir you’re actually gonna be paralyzed for why what for the rest of my life i’m not living with this crap for the rest of my life i don’t need it back anyways

I can do things without my back see i don’t need it 2 000 years later no seriously toy fam what is up and welcome to today’s main part of the video now um my back is actually feeling pretty good now it turns out the only reason i thought it was messed up is because i played 20 hours of fortnite straight so i’m actually good in today’s main part of the video what

We’re actually going to be doing trying to find spongebob squarepants in real life like in our pawn because if you don’t remember in this video right here which was just a few videos ago we actually stole him like inside of our pawn and today we’re gonna be trying to see if we can find him and actually capture him this time because last time we saw him he actually

Got away so i got my gopro right here in my swimming goggles and i’m going to be going swimming in the pond to search around for spongebob squarepants to see if we can find him all right so it is now time to go looking for spongebob squarepants inside of the pond let’s do it do it so i did a few stretches first oh not again all right i gotta go in super slow

Because this water is gonna be really cold and i gotta get my body temperature used to it yo guys watch this i’m gonna push torg in super muddy and nasty well i guess i’m used to it now let’s search around for spongebob so i dove into the depths of the ocean searching for spongebob but i wasn’t seeing anything it’s so dark you can’t see that good even though

I couldn’t see that good i was not about to give up that easily so i continued searching around for spongebob squarepants in the pond all right let’s search in the last area that we stole spongebob at which is just right over here in front of me i’m not seeing anything so far yo what the heck guys build something what is this oh my goodness guys look i literally

Just pulled this out of the water it’s like literally spongebob’s house no way well involved house was literally just inside of our pawn i mean look at this thing this is like his pineapple that he lives inside all i was doing is looking around the area where he last saw spongebob at and i literally couldn’t see anything because the water was so dirty but as i was

Trying to search around and stuff the gopro actually hit something whenever i reached out and grabbed whatever it was that it hit it was literally spongebob’s howl so guys this is super crazy spongebob squarepants house was literally inside of our pawn so he must like literally be living inside of there or something but i wonder what he’s gonna do now now that we

Have his house maybe we could actually use this against him somehow and build some sort of trap or something to try to capture spongebob with so guys make sure you go in the comment section down below right now let me know what you guys think about this and what it is you guys think it is that we should do next like should we try to capture spongebob or should we

Just let him be yeah but anyways i really do hope you all enjoyed today’s video i’m pretty sure our next move with spongebob is that we’re gonna try to set out a trap to capture them unless you guys think we should do something different well that’s gonna be for another video so i really hope you all enjoyed today’s video and if you guys did enjoy it and please

Go absolutely destroy the subscribe button and ding that notification bell as well if you guys are brand new that way you guys do not miss any of our future youtube videos because they’re gonna be super lit so yeah i guess we’ll see you guys next time on a brand new video with t-o-r-g aka that one random ginger peace out now i’m gonna go try another backflip what

Actually i’m gonna front flip this time oh i think i hurt my back foreign

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I FOUND SPONGEBOBS HOUSE IN REAL LIFE! *We Saw Him Too!!* By ThatOneRandom Ginger