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I Got A Second MYTHIC! With A LEGENDARY TRAIT Noob To Mythical EP 12 Anime Adventures ( ROBLOX )

Episode 1:

Welcome back to another anime adventures video and in today’s video we’re going to be doing noob two mythical episode 12. so let’s not waste any time and dive straight into this episode so basically this is the banner right now we got white beard we got okay i’m not gonna summon that one anyways anyway so i also i do want the skin firmada here i gotta buy a lot

Of these because it’s an epic skin and the chance again epic skin 16 i think mata is like the only epic skin so i am probably gonna grant some of these and i’m also gonna do the story i think i’m on the ghoul city gold city should be a breeze because with the new madonna above and all and when everybody has skins and i want a skin what all i’ve gotten so far is

These crappy desu skins can i even use i can use the luffy skin can i um give me a second skins if i equip this one onto luffy do i also get the skin oh i do have a skin okay i like the style though i like the style because it actually suits what i’m wearing it actually kind of suits what i’m wearing if i’m being honest why is bro hey yo what’s going on okay but

For now we’re gonna equip this and we’re gonna use madara because obviously this video is pre-recorded so i that’s why the map looks like this so the update you flip this out they’re nice i’ll probably stream it or whatever tomorrow because this video is going to be dropped this video is gonna drop on saturday i’ll probably stream it on sunday or make a video

On sunday i have no idea but we’ll see anyway let’s get into this um i think i’ll start off with the story first or um the money just changed stuff roots tank enemies and star fruits okay we’re gonna go ahead and check this as well okay we could probably get to this one i don’t know about the rest i’m gonna do the start free challenge now anyway guys so the last

Comment challenge on the last episode was for you guys to guess what my favorite trait is and i’m gonna go ahead and let you guys know it is indeed nimble three obviously for my favorite traits it would obviously be the best trait ever but i kind of just like like the icon for the book three it’s just so cool so yeah it is number three so a lot of people did guess

In the middle three so shout out to all the people i guess number three if we want to today’s comment challenge which is going to be for you guys to guess what my favorite anime is and if you get that right you’ll get a shout out in the next video and you get pinned on this this video yeah that’s the way it works anyway let’s go ahead and quickly get past this

Gosh to help me have one it’s kind of loud okay i’m gonna actually put this on the front here just so like to get goodbye quicker place kind of slow i’m placing back here i have no fast units that’s the thing that’s the only bad thing about my entire team i might want to get dod it was really good fast unit but i think what i’ll do is i’ll wait for the new update

And see what legendaries there is or even mythics there isn’t a new update and i’ll see if i want to get any of them look how far modern tackled and these range is literally up to here like that’s a scumbrow so attack goes all the way back here uh boys would just be a technician of time one rainbow yes yes two i need the red ones because you need a lot of red

Ones from i don’t know okay it’s a new i’m sure okay there’s a new banner as well i use actually a really solid unit he’s an air defense unit i what is wrong oh i actually do not know i think it’s the game iso not the best scene ever i bet if there’s someone on this i’ll probably iso just because he’s not good mythic he’s better than nokia he’s not better than my

Dad anymore he used to be bad about it but now he’s not okay no baba i actually kind of do want but again i think i might wait till next update to summon just go ahead and do the story all right i think this one’s gonna be quite easy i kind of i want to set up here but both my units are really really slow i don’t know where i want to set up i kind of want to set up

Here or here because i need time because my units start off really really slow and in the end really slow as well so i kind of need time so i’m thinking i set up here for this round just because i know i can like easily solo just with murder that but always like i got to set up for my dad wait why am i patient is back here this is why i would usually okay whatever

Okay so i think there’s one tokyo can pretty much carry until we get these guys almost maxed but the speedy guys are the the fast stones so the decelerate should run through anytime soon okay one shot one shot doesn’t one shots okay nice boom okay 5k let me check the hp okay we’re still chilling right now we’re still chilling yeah we can watch out these guys

As well okay cool next wave i’m actually have to do one upgrade on this guy but yeah so far so far so good it’s very very easy okay one toku is enough for me to max out my speed cards so at least that’s good to know i’m gonna place this i’m gonna place his mind right here on i think his range should reach about here okay we’re gonna place down this erwins here

Just to take out this guy that’s running back here yeah he’s gonna one shot if i don’t take him out what is this range bro it’s so bad i should have placed him here then if this was if i i thought this range would reach all the way here i should have placed him here if this is the case perfected susano 9.8 i don’t even think i want to do this is it worth it is the

Extra 2k down is really worth the extra like three seconds no five seconds uh no it’s not it’s not worth the five seconds all right boss is approaching i got 33 grand i could i could get this guy just up just so i can one shot this boss 40 000 yeah i think i’m just gonna do uh well that’s it that was not worth the upgrade at all i’m not even gonna lie i’m dead

Ggs clear planet namek act one well don’t mind if i do all right clear planet now i’m actually doing more challenges just so i can get one a singular pumpkin i can’t even do any i might do twitter pack actually yeah surprisingly we’re actually doing really really well okay i want to max out this guy or max out mada right here boom hopefully more bosses spawn we

Need i think we need it like max out these earnings as well just so the horses can come through and they can take care of the shields because i don’t have anything to get shoes um what else we got back here okay taking care of the shoes is the head part okay cool i think i think we’ll leave one matara and we’ll start placing our togus here ‘s the togus nah we’re

Dead oh gg whatever oh it looks like the worst food you did juice kill five enemies cool i know we’ve got a new challenge here what is this extra gold that’s like the worst thing you can possibly get they actually got nothing we do have 360 candies we might go for that but i feel like i’m just gonna go ahead and actually we know what we’ll go for this because

If we get we even get one oh i don’t know this one looks a bit i don’t know about this one guys we’ll just leave it for now no chance it’s gonna be something like that we’ll buy one stack and we’ll see what we’re getting this one today come on what do we get oh oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god no way we got a tree on it as well oh my

Gosh this is the best one as well i need to evolve this unit i actually need to evolve this unit well guys i guess i’m gonna go ahead and grind some candies i’m so shocked man i wish i had my face count right now i wish i had my face coming right now mythic mythic unit why does the pity restart before the like what what is that what is the pit of your side when

You get a mythic that’s not the way it works on the banner so why does it work like this what is this anime adventures you want people to spend more money huh i don’t care if it’s trash it’s five percent and the music itself is 0.25 no no way no way i guess what we’re gonna remnant in in a former store right now i’m gonna go ahead and buy one of those but out

First is by this and should we rewrote coloring should we should we re-roll culling i don’t know if i want to reroll cuddling right now uh this unit deals more damage to low health that is trash bro that is trash okay i don’t know if okay we might say that for another episode right now i’m just gonna go ahead and grind anyone want to carry anyone want to carry i

Need to get as many of these pumpkins as possible i can get about a thousand right now um open event shop i don’t i need to we need to buy this one five thousand um i could buy it with robux not this this is so expensive 1600 robux nah bro i’m not buying this no way oh my gosh guys look at this this is sick i need to evolve peruna bro why did bro leave how am

I stuck in the what is going why is this game laggy this bro won’t happen now yes let me join why did he start yes what is this glitch it’s a glitch like the game is really glitchy like we can get in but like we’re not actually like in the mission like what is this so every that against this joint yeah i’m gonna play with this guy although when we’re 15 now let’s

Go ahead and sell all our speakers i still oh we have 9k okay we can max it okay boom we maxed out two perunas bruno is quite cheap as well yeah easy right work we didn’t get full level wow oh my gosh guys i’m actually so happy okay so 30 gems okay so we need to do two more missions clear any story mode to the stage five times so we’ll probably do our actual

Mission that we need to do and then we need to do okay this is gonna change in a bit so i’m gonna have to do these quests as well to maximize as many candies as possible so what i’ll do is i’ll pick up one of these and okay i can’t do anything so in a minute a new one will come and then i’ll do that and i’ll do the mission and i’ll get the story mode mission done

As well then i’m gonna need to grant third pack as well so i’m gonna run a ton of candies today a ton of candies and we plus we have the 50 bonus candy uh event going on just because it’s about to end on saturday so oh okay cool boom and then boom and then we go to events boom okay we need 4 000 more candies we need 4 000 more candies i think what i’m gonna do now

I’m gonna go ahead and do some off-camp grinding so i hope you guys did enjoy this video if you did make sure you guys drop a like on this video don’t forget to subscribe and yeah i’ll see you guys on my next video and hopefully by then i should have enough candies to evolve uh peruma i’ll see you guys on my next video peace

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I Got A Second MYTHIC! With A LEGENDARY TRAIT Noob To Mythical EP 12 Anime Adventures ( ROBLOX ) By Moz King