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I Put a 7 Foot Derrick Henry in Face of the Franchise Mode – Madden NFL 23

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What’s up boys today i’m going to be on madden 23 and seeing if they copy and pasted this year’s face of the franchise mode while simultaneously making a mockery of the sport they went off in this year’s game you have 10 face options to choose from you got fat and depressed gigachad gigachat in black probably asian pretty asian pissed off black guy and psych ward

Escapee but i want my player to be a bbw so i went with the fattest face possible and made him as dark as possible he already has freckles so we’re gonna keep them and run with the whole morgan freeman look we got going on to avoid being cancelled i decided to make him look ultra diverse i gave him bright blue eyes made him a little jewish he has white woman lips

And to top it off i gave him the widest haircut i could find in this game it makes him wear a headband 24 247 which is a great opportunity to add a powerful social justice message on my athlete i’m going to name this handsome fellow here mario freeman from jerusalem this guy is perfect my adsense money is going to be through the roof in this video we have three

Physiques to choose from agile balance and bruiser wait i could make him seven feet 400 pounds say less if the brain damage doesn’t kill him the diabetes sure will none of this muscle size stuff ever matters so i made his upper body massive while giving him spongebob legs now what’s the point of this game allowing me to make this unit if i can’t have a career as

An offensive lineman let me put ray rice as a kicker all positions matter but from the five options we have i think the clear choice here is to be a tank at the running back position and it’s time to sign a contract and see who has a budget for feeding me 20 000 calories of kosher food a day so i’m going to assign to a team purely based off who offers me the most

Money third is the commanders that definitely would have fit with the wokeness of my character second with 1.74 million should have ran the ball and the new york jets 1.76 million this might work out if i can keep zack’s hands off my mom i could run the ball almost every play and i don’t think it could possibly make them any worse it’s a win-win who bets on the

Jets uh who have you not learned anything about betting the jets are gonna come back no they’re not three they’re never gonna come back they’re never gonna come back we get our first cutscene which madden has a history of being awful at i’m no longer seven feet in this but i’m still fat so i just look like the new i.t guy we meet andy and i don’t even need to say

Anything madden you dirty dogs i don’t know if there was anything said there of substance because andy’s hips made me hearing impaired but i’m choosing my gear and since i’m going to be playing a bruising old head style of play i decided to look the part head protection is for my player is so tall i’m having trouble seeing him but we’re taking out the mouth guard

It seems unnecessary another cut scene but andy wasn’t in it so i wasn’t really paying attention all i got out of it is that mario looks more like a contestant on the biggest loser than a pro athlete in the preseason we won one game and tied one but i was able to level up mario and all i’m going to invest in is power moves he now has 87 trucking 87 stiff arm and a

Silver trucking badge our first regular season game is against the ravens and like i said earlier we are going to run the ball as much as possible the only player i know on this team is zack wilson and our star player is quinn and williams who looks like he should be my backup what’s up you pig you don’t see where you’re going i wasn’t even driving shut the up

You piece of bacon why did i get picked it’s my first game and no one is able to stop me one-on-one i was spamming the truck button on every possession sometimes i look dumb doing it but sixty percent of the time it worked every time we’re down seven and i can’t get into the end zone before the end of the first half but i get us in kicking position after going

For 184 yards on 19 rushes still down seven in the third but yeah let me just fall through three guys for an extra five yards thank you madden i’m jumping i’m joking first and ten i get us to the 12 yard line but jets are gonna jet holding on us i finally give the milf hunter an opportunity to throw here i’m wide open but he throws an incomplete pass at a covered

Wide receiver the defense actually gets a stop so i get another shot with two and a half minutes remaining i got a first down after nailing a few guys third and nine i need zach to throw but this time i spam for the ball i catch it and run over the defender for another first down get stopped at the 40 but i’ll just let gravity take over and get another four i get

A big run on the left but there’s a flag i was worried that jets culture wasn’t going to take over again but they call unnecessary roughness i don’t think they should be able to call this for mario i’ve been going helmet to helmet all game we go to overtime ravens have the ball but we get a stop and i go on to run over the whole ravens team for a touchdown and the

Win all i had to do to beat the ravens was break the single game rushing attempts and rushing yards record i now have 91 trucking and i added the reach ford ability game two is against the browns and they’re letting the massage connoisseur playing this one does your mom know that you’re playing with a sex offender right now this doesn’t matter to mario he’s a bit of

A violent criminal himself i’m facing miles garrett on defense but i was the only one swinging helmets the browns were able to score 35 points but zack wilson never threw the ball in this one i ran for 542 yards against the bengals we won 17-20 the jets always had the lead and i had a modest 289 yards on 47 carries down seven against the steelers i break away from

Three defenders i tried shouting out the gays but it didn’t work out i forgot i’m 400 pounds i threw a flying knee at the goal line for a touchdown and i was dominating the steelers backfield throughout the whole game jets won 38-24 the dolphins never had the lead mario had 350 yards were 5-0 and already have more wins in last year’s season my power moves are now

Maxed out so from here i’ll start dumping my skill points into breaking tackles we’re playing the four in one packers i felt like a fat cheerleader in this one i was getting doubled and triple teamed every time i met the line of scrimmage my offensive line was looking like biden’s border we were just letting everyone get through the jets defense never got to stop

And before the end of the fourth quarter this game was out of reach regardless of my new maxed out ability our perfect season is over we lost 14 to 31 and i had a season low 249 rushing yards maybe mario threw that game for a bit because right after i moved into my new mansion this next game is for the rushing touchdown record in a season i’m too away from tying it

We’re playing an elevation at denver hopefully we brought out an oxygen chamber for mario i was looking gas before scoring my first touchdown tying touchdown for the record i do a little celebrating before getting in and there’s no special presentation or anything just frame loss and for the record on the one yard line i brushed past a few defenders again nothing

Special for madden i tried celebrating with the fans but i forgot i was on the road but we won this game by five and mario broke the record after rushing for 454 yards the patriots put up a good fight but they weren’t able to stop me from tumbling for extra yards 55 carries 556 yards i think madden found a new way to make players take a break from their game if you

Don’t get this thick piece of white chocolate off my screen for god’s sake after the morale booster from andy there was no way we were gonna lose against buffalo bills if the sexual tension in this game wasn’t high enough already in comes brayden man him and mario check each other out mario is using two hands to press down the tent in his pants next up we play

The patriots again and i tried to celebrate being black but madden kind of ruined the moment this thing is ugly we have to play my favorite team in real life and i can’t bulldoze this team with a good conscience zack wilson is going to have to take the reigns in this game turns out i’m a pretty effective blocker although i was begging for a penalty after every

Play zack was doing pretty well so i was going to try to distract him in his ear i never thought he’d throw it to me but madden you never cease to amaze me i’m not a receiver on this blade just a very aggressive blocker turns out you can’t block from behind i honestly never knew that before this play cupcake ass league second and gold this plays verticals and

Zach decides to throw it to me and ruin my stats i tried telling zack two can play this game but this doesn’t even try to pick up the ball so i’ve got to get this game closer which apparently isn’t very difficult against the greatest franchise of all time roquan smith picked me up above his head and threw me down i thought brayden mann was the only player allowed

To do that to me third in inches with nine seconds left i almost scored on accident i even had a foot in the end zone but go jets holding on the offense we go to overtime and justin fields leads them to a touchdown we take our second loss of the season i took care of business against the vikings but i think it took a toll on mario’s health touchdown chance taking

It in from a yard out and the gents are able to strike for six so he had the nice run to get him dead they shocked me back to life and the cute thing about mario’s memory loss is that he keeps falling in love with brandon mann over and over again the next bill’s game was a blowout they started to headbutt me just to take me down we could have shut them out entirely

But i decided to let our kicker try to break the field goal record and of course i can’t have our punter braided man jealous he rarely gets a punt anyway the lions game was not pretty i started to target the safeties just for fun we were blowing out the jaguars until i got bored and sent out the kicking unit every time they put me on offense i went for 580 yards

On just 48 carries versus a seahawks last game of the season versus dolphins and everything was going my way i love that the solidarity celebration is supposed to be you kneeling for black lives matter but sometimes your player decides to do the macarena in a backflip that’s not going to earn him millions of dollars in the name of social justice here is a look

At mario freeman’s stats after completing the season on 838 carries he had 7 121 yards for 90 touchdowns no one else on the entire team even scored a touchdown we are matched up with the colts and the afc divisionals the bengals and chiefs were taken out in the first round somehow the commanders are the second seed in the nfc so it looks like the cardinals have a

Bye week and i’m now into 84 overall which makes me the second highest rated player on this team i also added increased strength and i added more powerful truck animations other than aaron rodgers nothing can stop me the colts are also led by a freight train except i have 14 inches and 173 pounds on him we have the home field advantage and of course we start the

Pre-game with a helicopter show the last time there were jets doing a flyby in new york it looked like the avengers had a boss fight downtown the first possession took us three minutes before i was able to roll in for a touchdown the second drive took us two plays the third drive ended with me running over a linebacker causing two players to collide and i almost

Messed it up by spamming buttons but i was able to waltz in past five defenders second half and the colts are keeping up on offense but defense is a different story i ran past two backfield defenders their star player had two attempts to take me down but i still got in by the fourth quarter i decided to put this game away and burn as much clock as i could i kept

Sliding after i got the first down and this play probably should have ended like the blue chase rangers brawl the jets won 35 to 28 off 471 rushing yards zach wilson did his job by throwing zero interceptions for zero passing yards we have a rematch with the ravens in the afc championship we beat them in overtime in our season opener but mario has been forcing his

Way out of every drug test since then we’re down seven and in our first couple of plays i lose my best blocker on the team but not to worry i’m pretty much a one-man offensive line on first down it’s freeman i have an easy touchdown before the end of the first but screw that guy in particular down seven with a minute left and a half i probably had another 15 yards

To gain on this play but that’s what i get for spamming trucks every time i touch the ball another big opening for mario but i possess a footwork of a paraplegic i can’t imagine how dominant mario would be if i was capable of anything else besides running through a brick wall we were up seven but the jets offensive line showed up late in the third the ravens stopped

Us in three and tied the game at 28. i was trying to burn the clock for the rest of the game but the downside of being this big as i get a lot of injury timeouts and i’ll accidentally fall for an extra 10 yards through contact so i ended up having to score with two and a half minutes left in the game they tied it up again at 35 defense doesn’t really matter when

You have shaquille o’neal as your running back they needed three guys just to shove me out of bounds mario started walking on them that came out of nowhere this man was raised in a jewish household late in the fourth and i get an easy touchdown i think the ravens defense learned their lesson from last time but we won 42-35 and we’re going to the super bowl i don’t

Know why zack wilson is celebrating all he did was hand me the ball all game here was a super bowl cut scene presentation i noticed something in it none of these companies actually exist why would they skip out on making money here they were so focused on making andy’s ass have jiggle physics that they forgot to cash in on the background ads but it turns out we

Are playing the arizona cardinals in arizona they beat the bucks 14 to 7. my game plan in this game is to avoid jj watt at all cost i had a 33 yard rush on the opening drive after trucking buddha baker i then had a guy try to ride my back and i fell down at the 13 yard line after this i was able to score with ease but the cardinals immediately tied it up i get a

Decent run here but they call holding and if they accept a penalty it’s first and three i don’t know football’s super well but that doesn’t seem right a couple more runs and we get a first and goal but the cardinals defense holds up i messed up on the third down i thought they stopped us but it turns out we still scored i looked it up and apparently zach wilson

Threw it to me for a touchdown why would they not involve me in that play we get a stop and the ball back i could have had a touchdown on this run but instead i spun out of bounds i probably deserved that and mario was so upset he started to truck through his own sideline we had to settle for a field goal and starting the second half it’s a four point game my

Linemen here are double teaming a guy and he still gets through we get stopped on downs and the cardinals have a three-point lead in the fourth i don’t know why i was avoiding jj waddle game turns out i can truck him one-on-one i’ve been wasting clock this whole drive so we can safely tie it up if we need to but it all comes down to this possession third and five

Three minute tailback he’s got him i got pummeled on that play jj was trying to lawrence taylor me we got the first but he’s still celebrating in front of my injured teammates on the next play i tried to avoid the end zone but i scored with a minute and 10 left in regulation we barely stopped them on defense we get the ball back on the 22 yard line with 12 seconds

Left in the game obviously the smart thing to do here is to kneel it but if mata 23 has taught me anything it’s to think with my second head we’re going to let brayden punt it and 50 50 will play for the win we get the stop we need and the jets are champions for the first time since we put a man on the moon not a bad celebration sequence we’re up on the podium

With the trophy i don’t see mario up there but there’s brayden with his hands on his head so hans are i’m putting my pants to work right below him mario was a league mvp offensive player of the year best running back and solely because of my playstyle seven out of ten best linemen were from the jets including two 69 overall players i was looking for tom brady in

The retirement list but i guess his son’s lips are safe for another year he’s staying in the league my contract is up the giants offered me the most while the bengals and chiefs offered me the least but that’s a good stopping point for mario freeman’s career if this video gets 10 000 likes i’ll continue his career in another video nba 2k 23 is about to come out

And only a few things make me want to keep playing this game so it’s up to you guys uh go football i don’t know what else to say bye the jets are gonna come back no they’re not three they’re never gonna come back they’re never gonna come back

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I Put a 7 Foot Derrick Henry in Face of the Franchise Mode – Madden NFL 23 By Frosti