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i told him not to dive there.. (BIG MISTAKE!)

In this video, we count down the top 10 times people got stuck in sticky situations. From people getting stuck in plants, waterslides, ice glaciers, and more. We showcase 10 incredible, amazing moments people got stuck in weird situations. Some of them are fails, and some are just downright unbelievable, like people getting stuck in ice or even black holes in the earth. But you guys have to see the ending for a huge surprise!

Hey what’s up guys perplexify here and in this video we’ll be counting down 10 times people got stuck in sticky situations but make sure to watch till the end because there’s this guy who accidentally falls in an ice pond and this guy gets stuck in ice it’s actually insane you guys gotta see it to believe it in quick disclaimer don’t try anything in this video

Cause they could go very wrong but anyways in the first clip of this road that has a pothole so big that a whole car could probably fall right in and i guess it rained and it filled up the pothole to look completely normal but when a kid jumps into it it’s like he dove right into an olympic-sized pool and disappears this is just unreal like and subscribe or else

This spider will appear in your bed tonight number nine we have this whole family that decided to go into quicksand yes i know guys this already sounds like a horrible idea which it is because the group of people actually end up getting stuck in the quicksand and it could go very wrong if the firefighters or something didn’t come rescue them quickly never try

This guys but you have to see how this ends on your mark sit go oh my god so they’re gonna get really stuck and need help soon but keep watching put this on youtube okay that’s good number eight we have this group of friends who are playing around the mud until one guy decided to jump into the shallow looking mud pit but the problem is this mud pit was probably

The size of a black hole as he completely disappears when he jumps in don’t jump into these things guys cause you might end up disappearing from earth like this guy did you ready there’s no hole right here how does that feel nick number seven we have a clip that will probably make all the claustrophobic people uncomfortable as this guy was trying to get into this

Very thin cave until he literally gets stuck trying to get in his body was right between the rocks and it looks really scary actually and eventually he needed professional help to get out but watch till the end guys because the last clip is even crazier oh oh i’m moving down oh at least you’ll get that just through i would be freaking out and panicking if i was

Him and comment below how scared you’d be if you were this guy about the kids that in the show that’s all at work oh yeah just go from beneath from that side just grab the gear number six we have this girl who pranks his boyfriend by making him fall into this deep sand pit so i guess the guy was swimming on the beach and as he wasn’t paying attention this girl

Was speed digging a deep hole in the ground and then put a tarp over it so the boyfriend couldn’t see and as he’s walking back to get his towel he walks right over the tarp and falls right in luckily he was alright but don’t try this guys here he comes oh number five we have another clip that might scare the claustrophobic people as this guy actually gets stuck

Inside a water slide so this water slide is the tube water slide that at the start the floor drops down and then you go right down the slide but i guess the opening was malfunctioning and never opened and even the exit door wasn’t opening too so this guy was just stuck in there until rescue came but you guys gotta see what they say um so he’s just stuck in there

And the door won’t open but keep watching and comment below if you’d be scared too yo put your hand up like that you’ll be fine okay i believe in you number four we have this guy who thought it’d be funny to jump into this jumbo sized plant pot and pretend like he’s a plant i guess but it completely backfires when he tries to get out he was definitely regretting

His decision and it’s actually pretty funny because his family was laughing at him but you guys gotta see this i don’t even know how to help let me just put my trousers number three we have this girl who tries to cheat the claw machine by going right inside of it so i guess this person was little enough to crawl into the opening where prizes are won and jumps

Right into the machine but it backfires because she ends up getting stuck and you have to see what happens when the workers come to help out one one so she thinks she’s smart but keep watching because the workers had to literally take apart the machine to get her want me to call the out department because they’re going to have to get you out of here get out

First balloon boy now this i know it all happens in four colors yeah that’s funny because number two we have this ice skater skating on this extremely thin ice and this is pretty crazy because the ice is starting to crack as he’s skating on it but instead of getting off when the ice cracks he skates even faster to the point the ice starts breaking but since he’s

Going so fast he’s not falling into the water until the very end you guys gotta see how this plays out but definitely don’t try this because he’s a professional at this point the ice is cracking like crazy but keep watching because he ends up regretting ever doing this so number one we have this guy who’s climbing this glacier and something unbelievable happens

So i guess as he’s about to go into this cave since it’s so cold where he’s at the ice freezes almost immediately and as his body is halfway into the cave some extra ice freezes him in place and he gets stuck this is really scary because he almost couldn’t get out but he ends up doing something crazy to escape you guys gotta see it you want me to go get help i

Don’t think you should try to get it you’ll never get out i can’t believe how unlucky this guy is but keep watching because he ends up escaping now how the hell am i supposed to get you out of there so close so stupid if you made it this far you are officially awesome thanks for watching remember to like subscribe and make sure to check out my other videos see you guys

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i told him not to dive there.. (BIG MISTAKE!) By Perplexify