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I Tried Olaplex Bonding Treatment on My Natural Hair AND…

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What’s up guys welcome and welcome back to my channel i’m your girl ambition writes so the whole olaplex i think that’s how you say it phase i wasn’t part of that phase but now that i feel like i need a little protein in my life i’m not trying it or protein bond whatever this is i don’t know what this is we’re gonna figure it out together like i said i got the

I’m ashy but we’re about to hop in the shower don’t judge i got the olaplex intensive bond building hair treatment so i got the number one so it says primes repair strengthens and protects all hair types let’s just read that real quick because i don’t know what i’m doing um you know i don’t think it’s gonna make my hair fall out or anything so this was 28 for

5.2 fluid ounces number zero intensive bond building hair treatment contains the highest concentration of the patented bond building technology of any olaplex at home products okay so we’re going to be bomb building both the builder okay so that’s cool so we’re going to do this first and then i picked up like i said the number three so this is also 28 but as you

Can see this is a little itty bitty thing for 3.3 fluid ounce this is two to two uses concentrated treatment that strengthens the hair from within reducing breakage and improving its look and feel so addresses damage and compromised hair strengthens and protects hair structure restores healthy appearance and texture so it says not a conditioner it’s an at-home

Treatment that contains the same active ingredient found in all professional olaplex products okay that’s what we need i have been noticing my hair has been um like shedding a little bit more um so i felt like i needed like a different type of system um so i did film a bun tutorial upon request so go ahead oh and check that out am i the only one that gets so

Impatient when i’m taking my scrunchies out so the number zero applies to dry hair okay leave on for 10 minutes do not rinse and then apply number three to saturated hair for 10 minutes why just 10 minutes or longer okay that’s what i like um it had it’s it recommends that i use the shampoo and conditioner but considering that they’re all 28 dollars i said no

So we’re actually gonna use like some products like uh i think i might use niche i don’t really know what to expect of this product i didn’t really watch any reviews because many of the reviews were like comparing this to another product and i feel like it wasn’t fair so i just ignored it but hopefully this doesn’t smell okay um why am i nervous what does this

Even do let’s see is it coming out oh okay yes it is should i be wearing gloves i feel like i have to close my eyes because it’s kind of sprouting everywhere i’m going to actually put some gloves on only because i have eczema on my hands and it’s kind of like burning it so i’m this nozzle sucks if you have thicker hair than me just pour this in something else

But i don’t have the patience okay so it’s been 10 minutes with this product and i used it up up to i know super bright in here it’s right here for my whole head so not bad i could probably get like four like four more uses out of this so that’s cool all right oh my stuff delivered my nail video is about to be so much better y’all like okay sorry off topic um

I think my hair is damp i don’t know who knows god’s hoping and let’s try the number three now i’m nervous of this being so small and i smelt it actually smells really good surprisingly i thought it would smell but i’m also just start off with that because i don’t know it does saturate very well so that’s cool i don’t have to put a whole bunch you know i

Think the number zero is definitely needed to try this out just because it’s gliding together very nicely if i was to only do this one on damp like you know hair which is water on it i don’t think it would have felt as nice as it does right now but i also have gloves on so who knows what my hair really feels like right now and it says to leave this on for 10

Minutes i’m not doing that at least a good 30. so i did take off my gloves for a quick second to kind of just fill my hair to make sure it’s saturated and everything my hair does feel very soft it feels very nice so far i’m liking this process better than like the apogee treatment um i know that’s different that’s protein this is more of a bonding treatment i

Understand the difference i’m just saying you know iphog two-step protein treatment is death okay um and the smell of this is not as bad as that at all it’s actually like it’s very light it still smells like a treatment but um this one balances it out i don’t know where this is or i could see it now to light i thought i used a lot but it’s only right here so

I could definitely get two more uses out of this so i actually don’t hate it as much if i end up liking this i will probably be using it every other week you all know that i like to use my chebe clay gloss as my pre-poo and stuff like that so i would still want to incorporate that you know what i mean so i would alternate it if i end up liking the system so as

I mentioned before it says leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes longer if desired longer is desired and it will be at least 30 minutes 45 minutes yes and then i’m going to just shampoo with mich regular deckless stuff and then i’ll come back and see if i see anything okay y’all so ignore the plastic bag i’m deep conditioning but let’s talk about these olaplex

Products this is one of those times when i wish bae was home so he could just like fill me in the shower fill my natural reaction to how this felt because just telling you how this felt is not enough so when i washed this out my hair felt a little scary in a good way um it felt like i had a texturizer or it felt like i had a fresh perm meaning my hair was

Silky like it was like no frizz in sight it was like flat to my head curls was popping swimming everything okay i had an out-of-body experience and i feel like i was actually kind of annoyed at myself in the shower i was like why haven’t i tried these sooner i was upset so i shampoo like i mentioned i use my miche regular shampoo the me shampoo is already

Very moisturizing so i don’t have this issue but i was able to like get my fingers at my roots and my roots is my trouble area like i can never really get my fingers in there this is before detangling y’all saw what my hair looked like beforehand it was very dry well it wasn’t extremely dry but it was like you know the roots you can’t put your fingers through

I was able to put my fingers through i was able to shampoo with the breeze i washed the shampoo out my hair felt great again misha is always great so that always that also contributes to it but it just felt amazing put the deep conditioner on by niche amazing experience this was a beautiful wash day beautiful and this is going to be part of my staple routine

When i initially washed this out first as well there was barely any shedding um in my hair catcher it was like literally like this much go pick this up links in the description bar try it i don’t care i don’t care it’s pricey i get it but you went to wendy’s twice this week that is the cost of one of these okay i will read all the comments below of when you

Guys pick this up and you guys tell me come back to the video and tell me you also loved it because this is interesting this this this this i thought this was only for you know certain type of hair type that is not mine but no sis love it don’t let the price point fool you a little bit of each does go a long way so don’t think oh i got to be heavy-handed you

Don’t you really don’t i think at the price point you also won’t be heavy-handed you know what i mean so i have nothing else to say just go pick it up i’m going to finish my wash day because i’m enjoying my wash look look at look at my curls back here like what oh my god my my kitchen’s happy my edges are hot my edges needed it because y’all keep asking me

For edge control videos and my edges are crying and needed all the flex and needed it don’t forget to hit that subscribe button though and that like button because you know you like this video and that’s it peace you

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I Tried Olaplex Bonding Treatment on My Natural Hair AND… By Eisha Taylore