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I Tried OLAPLEX NO. 3, 4 AND 5 On My Curly Hair | The Ultimate Hair Repair System?

Hey you guys! So I finally, after watching many reviews, purchased a few items from Olaplex. Their Number 3, 4, and 5. Olaplex is a bond building system that is meant to help repair and strengthen damaged hair.

Hey guys it’s aliyah and i’m back with another video so today i am going to be using olaplex on my hair so i have seen a good amount of videos from other girls using olaplex and pretty much what olaplex is it is a line that is dedicated to building back the bonds in your hair as well as helping reduce breakage what strengthening your hair and just overall helping

With like the look and feel of your hair so i have some of the olaplex products here which i will get more into but i know there is a olaplex number one and olaplex number two so the bottles are numbered and from my knowledge you can only use those if you are licensed which is why a lot of girls usually get the number one and number to use on their hair when they

Go to a stylist or a salon so yep on the website you can’t purchase one or two and number one and number two focus on the bond building and what bond building is is pretty much your hair is made of bonds and so for example someone like me who has blonde hair if you color your hair you break down those bonds in your hair in order for your hair to take the color so

When you are breaking down your bonds you are making your hair more at risk to breakage to becoming dry etc that’s why you see a lot of girls with color here who their hair ends up falling off or not falling off but breaking and becomes really dry so that is why number one and number two they help with building those bonds back so your hair can you know become

Back healthy again and not only just coloring but straightening and things like that so i’m not going to be using number one and two obviously i’m not in a salon but i do have number three four and five there also is a six and a seven all right so i had to change the lighting but this is olaplex number three and this is the most popular out of all of the bottles

That you can get i’ve seen a lot of people only use this so number one and number two i don’t think is like necessary of course you would want to get the whole treatment but i’ve just seen a lot of girls who like to use number three so this also it says it’s not a conditioner it’s a bond builder and when i read online it pretty much says it’s a treatment um so

Yeah this is number three it helps to repair and strengthen all hair types it only comes in this 3.3 fluid ounce like er you guys and this thing was $28 all of the bottles are $28 so yeah hopefully i can get a good amount of use out of this but i’m super excited to try this out and then i do have number four and number five right here number four number five

So this is the bond maintenance shampoo it’s supposed to repair strengthen and hydrate all hair types and then the number five which is the bond maintenance conditioner and supposed to repair strengthen and hydrates all hair types so they do also have a number six which is a bond smoother that’s a leave-in treatment or something like that and then they have a

Bonding oil which is obviously in oil that’s number seven i decided not to get the leave-in in the oil i just decided to stick with three four and five to really have like a really nice strengthening washday okay so now that i have that all out of the i feel like i’m talking a lot so i’m sorry you guys i just wanted to give you as much info as i could before i

Actually get into using the products but i’ll still be giving you a little bit more info and then just also letting you guys know and see how you know the products worked on my hair so i’m going to start with number 3 so the number 3 the treatment you use before you shampoo and condition so it says to use one time per week for damaged hair use 2 to 3 times per

Week apply on damp towel dried hair apply generous amount from scalp to ends leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes longer if desired and then rinse hair followup with the shampoo and condition as usual and then i’ll be using these two shampoo and conditions so my hair is in this like thursday twist style i know it still looks good i still could get some you know a

Couple of days out of this but it’s sunday i like to start my week off with fresh hair and i don’t like having to restyle during the week so i’m just going to rewash my hair and then you know start the week off fresh so i can have my wash day back on sunday so um yeah it says work on damp hair so i’m just going to hop in the shower real quick wet my hair so that

It’s damp i don’t want to use a spray bottle because i feel like that’s just going to be too much work doing all that so i’ll be right back and then we’re just going to hop right into like the demo portion of this so the rest of this will be like a voiceover so you guys can just see how it works how my hair looks and all that good stuff so just keep on watching

So you just see me parting my hair and sectioning it into four parts i did work in four sections just so that it was easy for me to apply the olaplex number three hair perfector i did rinse my hair in the shower like i said but i did feel like it wasn’t as damp as i wanted it to be so you just see me spraying it a bit more with the with my spray bottle of water

Because the instructions said to work on damp hair this olaplex number three smells so good is like the laurel type of smell i loved it but like i said it comes in a 3.3 fluid ounce container so i started with like a small amount just so that i could see how it was feeling on my hair and you can definitely tell this is not a regular condition well it’s not a

Conditioner it has this like serum like silky type of feeling to it so you definitely can tell this is a treatment i did really like how my hair was feeling with this on my hair so i just went ahead and added a little bit more of the olaplex to my hair and that’s when i started to finger detangle this stuff has so much slip detangling my hair was very very easy i

Just raked it right on through so i really did like that and my hair was just feeling really soft and silky so i really really like this so i’m just going to speed pass and let you guys see me apply it to the rest of my hair so this is my hair completely covered with the olaplex number three my hair felt super duper good and soft when my olaplex number three had

Settled i could see that i only used about a fourth of the bottle i felt like i used a huge amount i thought i’d use at least half but see only as a fourth was really good so i could get a good 3 more uses out of this bottle so yeah i’m just going to put my hair into a low ponytail or bun and just let it sit for i think i let it sit in my hair for about 30 minutes

It’s only says to leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes so i’m guessing you can leave it on as long as you would like so after i let it sit on my hair for about 30 minutes i hopped into the shower and then rinsed it off and i know this was the first time me using this all applies number three but i personally could definitely feel that my hair felt strengthened

It felt really good it looked really good i’ve used strengthening treatments before some treatments they’ll just make my hair feel really really soft but some other ones you can just tell that it really helped to strengthen your hair so after i used the number 3 it was it was time to use number 4 and 5 to shampoo and condition so i’m using the olaplex number

For bond maintenance shampoo this is meant to repair strengthen and hydrate all hair types it’s super duper creamy smells really really good as well as the conditioner everything just smells really good so um it is made without sulfates parabens or gluten it’s vegan and its color safe so it’s also give you incredible shine and manageability manageability every

Time you shampoo and of course y’all i loved the lather i look for lather whenever i have a shampoo i just feel like it helps to get your hair super duper clean and it definitely had that going onto my hair it just felt so softening so it reminded me of like a what a what is it moisturizing shampoo like it’s so softening to the hair felt really good and it also

Felt cleansing at the same time so i just worked it in i didn’t even need to use too much i think i had one pump for each side and i just worked it all the way through my hair down to my tips and i loved it so when i went to rinse off a shampoo my hair was just feeling so good you guys it did not feel stripped at all it felt so moisturize clean refreshed i just

Loved it and i honestly didn’t know what to expect with this shampoo or the conditioner because i only have watched videos of people using olaplex number three so the shampoo and conditioner honestly was like something i just had to find out for myself but i really really enjoyed the shampoo so now i’m using the olaplex number five bond maintenance conditioner

It’s meant to repair strengthen and hydrate all hair types it’s super thick and creamy you guys like you know i love it it smells really really good so i just used a good amount of this for my sections and my hair just loved it soaked it on up it was so soft nning it had a ton of slip like detangling was already easy because i detangled was the hair treatment

Number three but yeah besides that even if my hair would have been super tangled i know detangling would have just been super easy because this stuff has amazing slip and just like the shampoo it’s free of sulfates parabens and gluten so this is my hair with the bond maintenance conditioner completely in it it does say to leave on for three minutes so i just

Decided to shower and stuff while it was in my hair and then i rinsed it off so just to give you a summary of how i feel about these products i definitely enjoyed them all number three i did really liked that treatment it felt really good going on and rinsing it off i did feel like it was strengthening to my hair as far as see number four and five the shampoo

And conditioner i would use these every time i wash my hair i’m probably going to use this the next time i wash my hair because it was so good so softening you guys so i haven’t used this enough times to actually like tell you it’s like i see a big change in my hair but as far as his first use i definitely enjoyed i would say go for it if you’ve been eyeing it

So let me know what you guys think about all the plex let me know your experiences if you’ve used it if you liked it or not don’t forget to like share and subscribe and i will see you in my next video

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I Tried OLAPLEX NO. 3, 4 AND 5 On My Curly Hair | The Ultimate Hair Repair System? By Hazel Goddesss